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Everything Is Wrong (DJ Mix Album)
Everything Is Wrong (DJ Mix Album)
Genres: Dance & Electronic, Alternative Rock, Pop, Rock
Moby is an ambitious man, both musically and philosophically, and that quality seeps into every aspect of Everthing Is Wrong, from the wunderkind DJing that stretches the genre limits of techno to the angry, antiestablishm...  more »


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All Artists: Moby
Title: Everything Is Wrong (DJ Mix Album)
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Label: Mute (UK)
Original Release Date: 1/23/1996
Release Date: 1/23/1996
Genres: Dance & Electronic, Alternative Rock, Pop, Rock
Styles: Ambient, Electronica, Trance, House, Techno, Dance Pop
Number of Discs: 2
SwapaCD Credits: 2
UPC: 017531606021

Synopsis essential recording
Moby is an ambitious man, both musically and philosophically, and that quality seeps into every aspect of Everthing Is Wrong, from the wunderkind DJing that stretches the genre limits of techno to the angry, antiestablishment manifesto on the CD sleeve. The record's opening salvo of dancey club music sets the listener up for "All That I Need Is to Be Loved," which, out of nowhere, bludgeons would-be club kids with tuneless, mad vocals and punked-out guitar solos. The same bait-and-switch formula repeats twice on the CD at almost regular intervals in the industrial shriek of "What Love" and the sudden, slow, and acoustic bent and folksy vocals of "Into the Blue." All three shifts are jarringly abrupt. However, dance-floor continuity is in Moby's blood, and he uses these songs as parts one, two, and three of the underlying rage that drives the record's concept. Without these three tracks, in fact, you'd have a moody yet convincingly cohesive danceathon, bouncing between house breakbeats ("Feeling So Real," "Bring Back My Happiness") and blissed-out trance ("God Moving Over the Face of the Waters"). Instead, Moby expresses his bewildered and desperate view of modern life by periodically yanking away the escape of blind, danceable ecstasy, using that discontinuity to express the eyes-wide-open ruminations of a furious idealist. --Matthew Cooke

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CD Reviews

Worth it's weight in gold!
Deborah A. Gottlieb | FL, USA | 07/11/2000
(5 out of 5 stars)

"After purchasing my first Moby album (Play), and attending a fantastic concert, I wasn't sure which of the numerous Moby albums to get! Luckily, I chose this one. This album has two tones. The first (1-7) songs have faster beats, and are more dance-oriented. The last (8-13) are slower, much more introspective tracks.1-"Hymn"- A nice opening song, neo-classical, fairly short (3 minutes).2-"Feeling So Real"- You can't help but move to this song! Sweet synth, catchy vocals, and a great underlying beat. If you like this song, try the Westbam Remix! 3-"All That I Need Is To Be Loved"- More on the rock side, scratchy guitars and Moby's classic scream/singing lyrics! A refreshing change from the rest of the album.4-"Let's Go Free"- A thirty-seven second "song." I skip this song.5-"Everytime You Touch Me"- A great dance song, with a touch of reggae. The singer has a fantastic voice. "Everytime. . ." is similar to "Feeling So Real."6-"Bring Back My Happiness"- Piano, synth, a throbbing beat and (should I say it again?), fantastic vocals. This is the fastest song on the cd, and a favorite of mine.7-"What Love"- Starts out bluesy, then breaks into a fast rock-genre song. The lyrics are screamed and just great!8-"First Cool Hive"- The first song of the "second set." (The word FIRST is in the title, I wonder if this is coincidental?) Hummed vocals, and a feeling almost similar to "Porcelain" from Play.9-"Into The Blue"- A female vocalist whom evokes a sense of deja-vu for me. A sweet song, but not one of my favorites. 10-"Anthem"- This track somewhat is a blend of the first and second set. A quick pace, but vocals similar to the slower tracks. Creepy children voices at about the minute and a half mark.11-"Everything is Wrong"- Piano, perfectly framed by synth. An extremely sad song. It has nearly brought me to tears at times. Beautiful, but depressing.12-"God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters"- My personal favorite. Neo-classical, with piano. It truly does remind you of water dropping, or waves cresting and falling. Just try to listen to this, watch the rain out your window and NOT be completely mesmerized!13-"When It's Cold, I'd Like to Die"- The female singer from "Into The Blue," is on this track also. It's interesting how both this album and Play both end with a slow song, similar in feel.All in all, this is an absolutely wonderful cd. At first I didn't like the almost abrupt change from the dance songs to the slower tracks. But after listening to "Everything Is Wrong" almost non-stop this weekend, I have gained a new respect and appreciation for Moby as not so mucha musician, but an artist. This album is worth it's weight in gold."
I Use to be alone, Now I feel so Glad !
iheartcrass | 06/25/2000
(5 out of 5 stars)

". .Ok. Get this album and read the liner notes. If this album was just a loop of pop corn popping, what he writes in the liner notes says more than 90 percent of the music out today. The fact that this album contains some of the best techno and neo-classical music you will ever hear is musical equivelant of winning the lottery and Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes in the same day. That Moby, he's got brains and beats!If you like classical music but want something more 1990's rather than 1890's heres your chance. If you love the beety-beat-beat of techno but wished the DJs had more of a voice and said something worth while, heres your chance. If you like PLAY by Moby and want to learn more about his sound HERE IS YOUR CHANCE!If someone were burning all the records in the world and I could only save 10, this would be one of the 10 I would choose to save. ITS THAT GOOD!"
It Paved the Way for Play
Manny Ramirez | 05/12/2001
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Everything Is Wrong which was Moby's 6th CD (counting the EP, Move) is a very important album in his career. It helped establish the fact that he's a very eclectic artist. Before Everything Is Wrong, Moby was primarily known as a techno artist, and a pretty good one at that. However, on this album, he gives the listener a variety of different styles: ambient, dance/techno, punk rock, and pop. As a matter of fact, his next album, the infamous Animal Rights would see him concentrate on only 2 types: punk rock and ambient. It is IMHO, though, that he's at his best when he does pop/dance/techno and ambient. Whether people like him or not, they have to admit that he's an incredible musician. This album with its different styles would definitely foreshadow his 9th and breakthru album, Play. Here's the best tracks on this CD:1) Hymn -- A great piece to open, it's a very soothing and ambient piece featuring the piano.2) Feeling So Real -- A very infectious dance song that will have you singing the hook all day long.5) Everytime You Touch Me -- Another infectious dance song that is alot like #2. It, too, has a catchy hook.7) What Love -- A very hard rock song that at times reminds me of a Beck song when Moby sings during the parts that are not fast. This type of song along with track #3 would dominate his next album, Animal Rights.8) First Cool Hive -- A great ambient and mellow piece, it may be the most recognizable track on this album because it was used in Scream as well as in TV commercials (VH-1 uses in their own ad for their morning mix). It reminds me alot of something that Enigma would do.10) Anthem -- Another mellow, ambient piece that is a little more frenetic than First Cool Hive. It has somewhat of a techno feel to it.12) God Moving Over the Face of the Waters -- A 7 minute plus masterpiece of visual music. One can't help but picture water when hearing this stunning tour de force of music. One of Moby's all-time greatest tracks.13) When It's Cold I'd Like to Die -- A somewhat eerie song and way to finish the album. The woman who sings vocals on track #9 also sings the vocals on this one and does a good job.A major music magazine hailed this album calling it one of the 20 most important albums ever. I won't go that far and say that because I feel Play is a better album and Moby's unquestioned masterpiece. However, Everything Is Wrong is no chopped liver. If you enjoyed Play then you will enjoy this album."