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Fencewalk: Anthology
Fencewalk: Anthology
Genres: Jazz, Pop, R&B, Rock, Latin Music
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All Artists: Mandrill
Title: Fencewalk: Anthology
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Label: Fontana Polydor
Original Release Date: 2/4/1997
Release Date: 2/4/1997
Genres: Jazz, Pop, R&B, Rock, Latin Music
Styles: Latin Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Funk, Soul, Latin Rock
Number of Discs: 2
SwapaCD Credits: 2
UPC: 731452966629

CD Reviews

Just plain sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Campbell Roark | from under the floorboards and through the woods.. | 01/27/2004
(5 out of 5 stars)

"OK. Here's the deal. Mandrill are (in one humble funkateer's opinion) the most unbelievably slept on band of all time. Funkwise at least. The drums hit so hard. The bass is thick and bubbly, The guitar (one of the more bluesy sounding leads you will find in funk bands) cuts nice. They vocals keep the song on point- you won't hear references to John Donne, or lines from the Iliad. But then did you expect to? C'mon, This is funk, not Lit class... The instruments play off each other masterfully, building groves. And of course there's the harp (blues harp, I mean, not what angels carry around under one arm). Some of the foonkiest harmonica work I have ever heard. I mean for real! It's up there with the *ish* that Lee Oskar cooked up with WAR. Mandrill build up a groove. They take it up. And UP! AND UPPPP!!!! UP! UP! UP! If you have heard any of their songs then you know this. AND, unlike many Funk bands that stick to a nice, mellow groovy simmer, Mandrill can rock. They rock like Buddy Miles. They rock like Funkadelic. they Blast like Sly and the Fam, from around 'There's a Riot Going On,' era. They do it all and more. And for quite the modest fee- you get 31, full-length tracks. damn. I almost wish I had never heard them so I could discover them again for the first time with this anthology!!! 'Oh to see again with dawn's rose gaze...'...Maybe you're here cuz you're building a tight little collection of blunt funk nasteeness. Maybe you're just bouncing around from review to review and happened to end up here. Maybe you got the 11 track 'Best of Mandrill,' compilation and couldn't stop blasting 'Fencewalk.' Repeatedly (I did). It don't matter- I don't care who you are or what you dig- Mandrill will turn you on your head. I kid you not. If this music don't make you move your butt, nod your head, tap your feet, or crack a smile- well, check your pulse because you may be one of the living dead that I see driving around listening to bland-ass, VH1 crite. I'm shocked that so few hip hop/dance producers have touched on Mandrill for a lil' sampling work. The beat from 'Mango Meat'... You could do albums off the drums from that song... At any rate- This anthology is one of the centerpieces in my lil' funk collection. I can't believe that people denigrate Mandrill, they often get labelled as a second-tier funk band. I can assure you this is not the case- They are damn good, damn tight and hella funky. And they're not one-dimensional at all. So they weren't as experimental as Sly or Funkadelic... They still dropped some of the thickest, meatiest, bone-crushinest, slamminest, jamminest, wham-bam-thank-you-ma'aminest albums that you will ever find. Guaranteed. Tell ya what- At least check out the cheaper 'Best of Mandrill,' comp- you can find them used in here, about and around for 5-8 bucks usually. well worth the chance..."
Comprehensive and enjoyable greatest hits compilation
O. J. Dean | Texas, USA | 05/25/2003
(5 out of 5 stars)

"One of the most influential funk-rock groups to emerge out of the 1970's, Mandrill, has just released its most comprehensive and enjoyable greatest hits compilation to date,entitled "Fencewalk: The Anthology." Unlike any greatest hits compilation to come before it, "Fencewalk: The Anthology" provides any Mandrill or classic funk-rock fan with a listening experience that is unmatched. Not only does "Fencewalk" embrace the depth and scope of the band's career but it further illustrates their contribution to rock n' roll which started in the early seventies and continues even today. Unfortunately, it is missing some gems from the "Beast From The East" album, and this would have been an excellent opportunity to let the Mandrill faithful get a few live versions or even some alternate takes of songs. Start your Mandrill collection here!!"
Every track is hitting straight through ! ! !
Eddie Landsberg | Tokyo, Japan | 05/28/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

"At the risk of offending some readers, I think the best way to describe Mandrill is...
The Godchild of Santana *only gone ultra funky and...
more HARDCORE than War...
or how about 1/3 Latino Rock 1/3 Afro Rock 200% Funk and definitely what some would have refered to in that era as "great" music to get high to." (- - sorry PC Police, that's what many people did when they listened to albums like this.) At times there's also a bit of early CHICAGO (circa their first few albums) thrown in.
And then there's elements of the East Bay sound of the early '70s with a bit of progressive Jazz/Rock thrown in... Actually though the band centered around 3 Panamanian born brothers living in NYC - - one who actually had a pretty nice paying day gig as a cardiologist.
Sadly though the Horn, Hammond, percussion and tripped out vocal harmony group never took off as they deserved. They had their moments (including some soundtracks and a few charting singles) they never got the "superstar" or even cult status they deserved... this is amazing when you listen to this chock-full-of grooves CD which NEVER loses steam and also realize the ample level of charisma and uniqueness they had as a unit, as well as their fantastically packaged and conceptualized productions.

In the end, if you're JUST getting into Mandrill (or you were into them back in the day but your old albums are totally scratched and beaten up) this collection is definitely one gem you DON'T want to miss out on... This is one of those "got it ages ago and its never gone too far from my player" type listens...

Side note - - If you like this sound, BLACK HEAT: DECLASSIFIED GROOVES, EL CHICANO and LAFAYETTE AFRO ROCK BAND might be the way to go... which reminds me... Will ICE ever come back in print ??? (Wish I could find a copy of that tune SUICIDE!)"