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From Here You'll Watch the World Go By
Legendary Pink Dots
From Here You'll Watch the World Go By
Genres: Dance & Electronic, Alternative Rock, Special Interest, Pop, Rock
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Accessible Psychedelica
T. Deus | Southwestern USA | 12/06/1999
(5 out of 5 stars)

"As any true LPD fan will attest, you can not gain an accurate understanding of this band's prodigious work from any one album. "From Here..." is just one piece in an amazing puzzle. It's a little more accessible than some LPD recordings; a blend of psychedelica with pop sensibilities. The experimental aspect of the band is softened on this recording in favor of some well-crafted tunes. Though the song structure can be unsettling to the uninitiated (not much verse-chorus-verse here), the brilliant lyrics and layered instrumentation give this album a welcome longevity. If you're unfamiliar with the Dots, this album is a good place to start as it forcasts a little of their current sound. If you are a Dots fan without this lp in your collection, ask yourself why."
Not one of their best
D. M. MATALLIN | Valencia, Spain | 07/14/2002
(4 out of 5 stars)

"I must recognise this work disappointed me a bit when I first listened to it. Mind, if you're new to this band, don't you think even for a minute that this is a bad album. In fact it is a very good piece of music; however, this band has made so many albums (over 20) and all of them so so good, that IN MY HUMBLE OPINION this album is one of their "less good".
This album is less electronic than usual, it's somewhat simpler sonically but not melodically: in fact, it's less catchy than 'The Maria Dimension' or 'The Golden Age', for example.
The album begins with 'Clockwise', a so-called folk song with guitar and some strange noises to accompany it. Edward tells us surrelistic stories as usual, but I find his voice in this song somewhat subdued, a bit muffled, and that's sth I don't like 'cos I do love his voice. (I love the way he sings in Tear Garden's 'Ascension Day', for example) It'0s not a bad song, anyway.
'Citadel' is more psychedelic, Edward screams stmes, spooky synth noises and percussion is the most important elements in the song. 'Friend' is a short acoustic ballad about an invisible song which is maybe the narrator himself, who seems to be in a nuthouse or sth. A strange song: it begins as an easy ballad but somewhat in the middle, and especially due to Edward's singing, becomes disturbing. I like it. 'A velvet resurrection' is the most electronic piece in the album. Ka-spel spoken voice tells us about what he would like to believe in, but we caught him in a bad moment. I like the song, but somewhat I expected more from it when it started. 'Kollusim' is a fragile ambient song, instrumental. Just a bridge which leads us to '1001 Commandments', a strange song. A bit retro, but somewhat original. And then comes the bluff: 'Remember me this way' is a rock song I don't like. Not even Edward's voice can make me like this song. It's so so unoriginal. 'This One Eyed Man is King': from such a title nothing could come out bad. It's a disturbing song, the first half with Ed singing in his most disturbing noise. When my mother heard it she asked 'is this singing?' yes, his voice sounds quite strange, and I like it. 'Straight on til morning' is another spoken song. I like it, but somehow I think 2 spoken songs are too much in the same album. This song goes in league with 'A velvet resurrection' or Tear Garden's 'With wings'. 'Damien' is one of the best songs i've ever heard , with a sweet piano making it more palatable,and a gilmour-like guitar at the end. I like the story, I like the voice, I like the song; it's flawless. 'This hollowed ground' is another folkish song, with acoustic guitar and birds' singing; I like it, Ed sings so sweetly.
As a whole, this album seems to me a bit unispired, but always following LPD standards , which are incredibly high. In fact, I can't imagine a band with so many good albums (and yet so unknown).
If you are new to LPD, I'd recommend you the following albums to start with: 'Any day now', 'The maria dimension', '9 lives to wonder'. Thn the rest, which are simply amazing, with special mention to 'The golden age' and 'The crushed velvet apocalypse'."
This album is a 4.5 star album i would say
T. Deus | 03/03/2004
(4 out of 5 stars)

"This is the legendary pink dots most palatable album. It is good for new comers. All the songs are easy listening ang thought provoking enough. It is a nice album but i must say it is not the legendary pink dot's best album. Clockwise is also one of their greatest songs if not their most palatabilicly best composed song. Some of the more poetry like ambient songs lack some of the ambient purposes but they are good enough. This is a nice album and has some mediocre songs but some great songs to back them up."