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It's Pronounced Five Two
It's Pronounced Five Two
Genres: Pop, Rap & Hip-Hop, Christian
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All Artists: Kj-52
Title: It's Pronounced Five Two
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Total Copies: 2
Label: Bec Recordings / Emd
Original Release Date: 1/1/2003
Re-Release Date: 9/30/2003
Genres: Pop, Rap & Hip-Hop, Christian
Styles: Pop Rap, Rap & Hip-Hop
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaCD Credits: 1
UPC: 724358426021

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CD Reviews

I would really make it 4.5, pretty good!
Kim | Brampton On, Ontario Canada | 05/24/2004
(4 out of 5 stars)

"KJ-52's album `It's Pronounced Five Two' is pretty impressive. The beats are unique; lyrics are creative, over all brilliant! Here's my review.1. Welcome to Five Two's - It's an interlude. It's ok but you know, we really only want the music.

2. KJ Five Two - Just a song about himself. It's ok, it's kinda funny, but it does set the vibe for the rest of the CD. 3/53. Whoop Whoop - Ok, a little nauseating. 2/54. Dear Slim Pt. 2 - I love this song! The song fades in with the beginning of the first `Dear Slim' and them goes instantly into a new beat that resembles the first one, but is perfect for the song. The lyrics are moving, and you can't help but love it. 5/55. So in Love With You - Very nice song, but then again, I didn't really pick up the CD to hear a rap love song. 3/56. Cartoon Network - Yeah! This is KJ! It's funny! Finally the good songs start coming! 4/57. Rock on - The title speaks for itself. It gets my props! 4/58. Back in The Day - LOL! Seriously, the first time I heard this song I died from laughing, it's hilarious. 5/59. Can I speak with the Manager/ Ya Bref Stank - LOL! More laughs! This was actually the first song I heard off the CD, and I fell in love with it. It's a great song to annoy people with, and to just get a good laugh. 5/510. 47 Pop Stars - Good. I had no idea that someone other then Eminem and Weird Al could fit so many celebrities in a song. 4/511. Pick Yourself Up - Pretty good. I like it, but in the whole CD it doesn't really stick out to me. 3/512. Don't Go - Sad song! Very Sad song! But sadder are to come. 4/513. Check yourself - This song talks about girls being slutty and gossipy (that's just my opinion) but in the song there are a few teenage girls going `OOOOOh, you better check yourself!' and then KJ fighting back to them. It made me laugh, even though I'm sure it's not supposed to be funny. Anyway, I like it so... 4/514. Infomercial - More little skits. It's just advertising the CD. 15. #1 Fan - My favourite song on the album by far. It just makes me cry. It's about a fan that emailed KJ when she was going to kill herself. It really captures the pain that KJ deals with from that day. Jubilee sings on the track and really just sends chills up your spine. I would pay the money for this CD for this track. 5/516. I Feel so Good - Oh, I didn't like this song. 3/517. I'm Guilty - Oh gosh. This song basically has KJ on trial for killing Jesus. Through times of the song, he screams, ready to break out in tears. You can't help but feel the emotion in his voice. 5/518. Outro/ Gimme Dat- Funny! This one talks about KJ's obsession with Mountain Dew. He goes to a support group for addicts. Great closing. 5/5
Over all, it was a great CD. I recommend it to hip-hop fans everywhere."
It's Pronounced 'Another Awesome KJ CD'
Michael Roark | Southern California | 10/24/2003
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I'm a dad, yeah, the responsible one of the family. So I grew up in the 80's (without a mullet haircut) I'm addicted to Mountain Dew and we're always watching Veggietales. Some people relate to KJ's word that he's spreading. Some have been there, done that, and some... well some are still trapped in that life, without a way out that's obvious to them.KJ was given a gift, and fortunately for the world, he's shared his gift with us for another 74 minutes. I really liked Collaborations, and although some of the styles of some of the song are similiar, I'll keep listening to both. The main message is the same in both of them. He's not trying to get rich, or popular, or compared to other rappers. He's trying to spread what has happened, and is still happening in his life.I love Pillar (Stay Up Rob, UG's raising ya!) and 'Rock On' is a must have to any Pillar or Hard Rock fan. There's some funny stuff in many of the tracks. I was rolling for a while off of 'Cartoon Network', 'Back in the day' and 'Ya Bref Stank'. It's the whole redneck from Florida sound that just leaves you laughing. Until I got to #1 fan. Then I just stopped. I didn't know how to react. KJ said it's based on several true stories, but it brings to life the harsh reality about the influence of artists in today's society, the power of prayer, and the love of Christ. Everyone that has heard this disc in my truck, or my house, has liked it. Even my stepson (who's 16 now) and I can get along when KJ's dropping the beat. I have heard some people expecting 'whoop whoop' and 'so in love with you' to end up in a club, I hope it does, this CD definately needs more exposure than just the inner circles that it's circulated in now. There are not many other CDs of this caliber that don't need a parental advisory sticker across the front. My youngest daughter is a parrot, repeats all lyrics that she hears. If you have a child that mirrors everything, this CD is hands down a must have for your collection."
Collaborations Pt. 2
benihana03 | Twin Cities, MN | 10/02/2003
(4 out of 5 stars)

"What has always impressed me about KJ is his distinct ability to just clown around. He's a very, very talented artist. Musically, this disc could fuel a dance club -- Timbaland and Jermaine Dupri take note. Every beat is a neck-breaker. The swirls of ala-80's style synth keyboards present on several songs add a very nice flair.I have to be honest, I put very, very high expectations on KJ. If an unknown cat had dropped this disc, I'd give it five stars without thinking twice. KJ isn't just any other cat. This whole disc plays like Collaborations (his sophmore disc) Part 2. The parallels are undeniable. "So In Love With You" is "Sonshine Pt. 2," "Rock On" is "Rise Up Pt. 2," "47 Pop Stars" is "47 Emcees Pt. 2," "Ya Bref Stank" is "The Mullet Song Pt. 2," "Check Yourself" is "Wait For You Pt. 2," "Don't Go" is "Where Were You Pt. 2," "Cartoon Network" is "Nursery Rhymes Pt. 2," and "Dear Slim Pt. 2" is "Dear 2" He continues his obsession with foods of the more destructive nature with his ode to Mountain Dew, much the same as his anthem to horrific fast food service on the hidden track from Collaborations about ordering a Coke, a fry, and a cheeseburger.If you feel as though I'm being a little hard on the poor guy, just give the two discs a few spins for yourself. I will say this, however, in spite of it's cloned nature, "It's Pronounced Five-Two" is still worth your time and's a very well put together album. KJ's word play will have you rolling on the floor in laughter...or at least cracking a grin as you try to be hard and not love him. "My Name Is KJ-52" is a simple delightful track with a chorus line that is simply to die for. "Check Yourself" has a snappy girl huffed up to sound like the cat on Ludacris' "U Got a Problem," but KJ's version is hilarious, whereas Luda's is just mundane.He has a cast of characters that has developed ever since 7th Avenue, most of which were molded during Collaborations. Mickey Cakes seems to be oddly absent, as his was the only character from 7th Avenue, and he was the drive-thru employee at Mickey Cakes (aka, Mickey C's) on Collaborations. Donny Dinkems, Krunchy Beans, and Bukaloo return - leaving only the "Thug Life/Abercrombie and Fitch" boy absent from the second disc. Each of these characters are well thought out, one being a hard-boiled southerner with an appetite for hot sauce (Bukaloo), one being the Absent-Minded MC (Krunchy Beans), and the final being a pomped-up prep (Mr. Donny Dinkems). My only complaint is that their resurrection was so short lived on "It's Pronounced..."Obviously, the connection between he and Mr. Mathers (aka Eminem) is never going to be dropped, so it's cool that he addresses the issue once again in the semi-inspired ("Dear Slim Pt. 2"). The track is hard, but it pales in comparison to the original. His chorus line full of "La-la's" is smooth...kudos to feeling it that well on both tracks. Why, though, would he write a track like "#1 Fan," when all of the connections between he and Eminem are being drawn? "#1 Fan" is a smooth track, and the events described may even have happened. I don't even fault him for putting it down - but was that the smartest move to make? It basically formulates like this: take one part "Stan" by Eminem, exchange the pencil writing sound effects for keyboard typing, and the negative for positive, and viola, you've stumbled across the formula for "#1 Fan." I'm not dissin' the actual track, however, because the song folds out like a mid-summer blockbuster, and just when you think...oh, just listen to it yourself.My final note is this: be wary of the radio hooks. Lines like "Here we go like whoop, whoop," "Ooh, aah, push `em up high," "Just do it, rock to it, put your hands up high and rock to it," and "Are y'all ready for this (rock on); pump your fists to this (rock on)" are prevalent throughout the disc.For every complaint that I've aired, the simple is still this: KJ-52's "It's Pronouced Five-Two" is, simply put, pronounced "amazing." Those who are against cloning should beware - we all know biters will not be tolerated in this hip-hop game. But is it really a crime to bite yourself?"