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Black Waltz
Black Waltz
Genres: Rock, Metal
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Fourteen years after their formation, deathsters Kalmah rise again from the swamplands near Oulu, Finland, bringing along their 4th album Black Waltz, which is a veritable feast of hectic tempos, vivacious guitars and over...  more »


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All Artists: Kalmah
Title: Black Waltz
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Label: Naula
Original Release Date: 1/1/2006
Re-Release Date: 4/3/2006
Album Type: Import
Genres: Rock, Metal
Style: Death Metal
Number of Discs: 1
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Album Description
Fourteen years after their formation, deathsters Kalmah rise again from the swamplands near Oulu, Finland, bringing along their 4th album Black Waltz, which is a veritable feast of hectic tempos, vivacious guitars and overall high standard of execution in the inimitable Kalmah style, which has already won over metal aficionados in all corners of the world. Boasting a sharp Tico Tico production and Finnvox mastering, The Black Waltz is a sure-fire hit among the old fans, having also tremendous potential for bringing in newcomers to the fold. 11 tracks. Spikefarm Records. 2006.

CD Reviews

The Black Waltz
D. Bridglal | England | 07/05/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

"This is Kalmah's fourth album, entitled The Black Waltz. The album cover is positively ugly! Despite the terrible artwork, the album is very good. Perhaps the most notable change of the music is the vocals. Instead of the usual higher pitched screams (used in Black Metal), we have much lower death growls. I actually like these vocals more, although they are rather incoherent at times. The album is Melodic Death metal, with Thrash parts thrown in. The keyboards provide a grandiose Symphonic sound. The song lengths range from 4 minutes to 5 and a half minutes. (With the exception of Svieri Doroga, which is a minute long). Comparisons to Children Of Bodom are ridiculous, because Bodom is more power/melodic death, whereas this is much heavier (less `cheesy') Melodic Death. The keyboard act as more of an instrument, and accompanies the guitar with the solos. As per usual, the twin Gothenburg guitars are present: one doing lead/solos and the other as the rhythm guitar.

Defeat is a strong opener with eerie Symphonic parts mixed with bombtastic double bass drumming and a guitar-keyboard solo. (A good band comparison would be Wintersun (minus the clean vocals), as Wintersun mixes a load of genres together, with a lot of keyboard work.) Black Metallic Side sounds a little bit like Bodom, but it is heavier. Time Takes Us All begins with powerful drumming, orchestral keyboard work and catchy guitar riffs. To The Gallows mixes minor/diminished chords in the verse with major/minor chords to powerful bass work. The keyboards are not featured as much, leaving a more raw sound.

Svieri Doroga is an acoustic/drum interlude. The Black Waltz is a slower song (well slow compared to the first four pounding tracks), with long drawn out death growls. Around the 2.50 mark a slow string/drum part is played, followed by a beautiful solo. With Terminal Intensity is very reminiscent to a Dark Tranquillity song, vocals and all. There is a barrage of drumming to the keyboards. It also has quite a cool Thrash-like solo. Man Of The King is a fast frenzy of instruments. I love the chorus in this song. The keyboards play a rather horror-like melody, empowering the chorus. At the 2.08 mark the drums pound out an intense rhythm and all the instruments come together for the highlight of the song.

Groan of Wind is a little slower, with a delightful almost folk-like tune played with the guitars. It's an epic, highly melodic song. Mindrust is a heavier song, with the best solo in the album. From 2.51 there is a rather distorted, heavy section. One From The Stands has a catchy bass-drum introduction followed by the twin guitars. Although it's the last song, it's my favourite. This song is also quite Dark Tranquillity like.

I'd give this 4.5 because some of the songs sound too similar. Nevertheless the musicianship is excellent and the guitar work on is top form. I recommend this to Melodic Death metal fans, or to anyone who likes Metal and doesn't mind death vocals."
Melodic Death Metals Manum Opus
Dos Equis | memphis, tn | 04/12/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I really like all of Kalmahs previous releases, but they seemed to be lacking in some way; like they were on the cusp of something great but just couldnt push it over the edge. Well now they have. This is the best Melodic Death CD I have ever heard! They simply took the best elements out of every band out there and forged them into something amazing. The synth are a not so in your face version of Children of Bodom, The lead guitar harmonies are a beautiful mixture of Dark Tranquilites fast stacato riffing mixed with the violence and melody of old in Flames. The softer parts alude to my personal favorite 'Insomnium'. This has been the only cd i have been listening to for several weeks now just because there is no reason to listen to anything else. Kalman has perfected the genre! All hail."
Hoh, this was awesome
J. L. Brown | 01/02/2007
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I loved this band the moment i got a song from swamplord. Their CD's all have a unique sound compared to each other, and this CD had massive changes in it, most good, and only one thing bad that i can think of.

The good is that the vocals uses deep growling in this cd, and it sounds absolute amazing with the deeper sound of the music as a whole. The deeper sound of the music was completely awesome too. The recording sound of this CD is fracking rich in how it portrays all the technical sounds of the guitar and the insane pounding of the drums. "Time takes us all" is my favorite song because of the sound. I don't know if it is because the band created this sound or if it is because the recordings are clearer and just plain more awesome, but whatever happened was incredible. This CD has amazing rifts that are unbelievably catchy and, heck, i'll say awe-inspiring. That is the hole reason why i love all the bands CD's as i have found all the sounds they have created to be awe-inspiring. But that leads to a point of negativity in the new sound of kalmah. I loved their old CD's because the guitarists created a sound that i would associate with fantasy movies/books. I don't know if i could ever describe it to you other than it sounds like fantasy music. It was unbelievably cool :) But they pretty much completely lost that sound, except for a little in "Groan of Wind" and "Defeat".

The best part of the CD though that i have yet to mention is the drumming, which sounds absolutely awesome. It is so deep is sounds like a machine gun cannon. Not that the double-bassmanship is insanely fast like Amon Amarth, but it comes pretty close and fits with this new deep sound perfectly.

This is a masterpiece in my opinion. The deepness of the vocals and drums makes the the band better. And the rifts in this CD by the guitars and keyboards and what make this their best cd so far in my opinion."