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Brainwave Suite (w/booklet)
Jeffrey Thompson
Brainwave Suite (w/booklet)
Genres: Special Interest, New Age, Pop
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The booklet that accompanies this four-CD set refers to Christiaan Huygens, a 17th-century Dutch scientist who observed that the pendulums of clocks that were mounted side-by-side would, over time, acquire identical rhy...  more »


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All Artists: Jeffrey Thompson
Title: Brainwave Suite (w/booklet)
Members Wishing: 3
Total Copies: 0
Label: Relaxation
Original Release Date: 4/2/1995
Re-Release Date: 5/2/1995
Album Type: Box set
Genres: Special Interest, New Age, Pop
Styles: Self-Help, Meditation
Number of Discs: 4
SwapaCD Credits: 4
UPCs: 052296305024, 052296305048

The booklet that accompanies this four-CD set refers to Christiaan Huygens, a 17th-century Dutch scientist who observed that the pendulums of clocks that were mounted side-by-side would, over time, acquire identical rhythms. The human brain, asserts musician and researcher Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, is receptive to similar patterns of "entrainment" and "frequency following responses." His Brainwave Suite, one in a series of such packages, endeavors to elicit specific responses from the brain by taking sounds from nature (rain, birds, crickets, surf) and his own modest electronic music (call him a poor man's Vangelis), and strategically fortifying them with inaudible pulses and frequencies. (Subliminal messaging, we're assured, is not used here.) If successful, the listener's brain will become attuned to the good doctor's subsonic vibe, and generate waveforms that are conducive to creativity (the Theta disc), "emotional openness" (the Alpha-Theta disc), relaxation (the Alpha disc), and sleep (the Delta disc). Is this science or snake oil? No independent corroboration is cited in the booklet, and your response likely will be proportionate to your receptiveness to the concept. As for what you can hear on the four discs (each of which is about 40 minutes in length), the nature sounds are mostly peaceful and pleasant. Alpha-Theta is quite good (check out Bernie Krause, however, for the gold standard in natural sounds), and Delta, with its rumbling thunder, is not much of a sleep inducer. Thompson's music occasionally gleams and, at other times, resembles tunes in a can. An interesting item for the curious. --Terry Wood

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CD Reviews

I've had great success with these CDs
Paul Ryburn | 11/21/1999
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I had been reading books on self-hynpnosis, NLP, Silva mind control, etc. for close to a year, but had difficulty dropping myself into a trance state. These CDs were the answer! I have no trouble slipping into a mindful state when I play these. I use the alpha CD when I want to do affirmation work, and the theta CD when I want to do visualizations. When I need a combination of the two, I use the alpha-theta CD. The delta CD is supposed to provide deep relaxation and help you drift off to sleep, but so far I haven't had much luck with it. Doesn't matter though--for me, the other three CDs are more than worth the price. For full effect, you need to listen through headphones. I use these CDs in conjunction with the book "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind" by Joseph Murphy--between the two, I have really been able to unlock the underlying power of my subconscious. I highly recommend the CDs, and the book!"
Strange effects
Paul Ryburn | 05/09/2000
(5 out of 5 stars)

"This Cd-set gives me a strange feeling: you're listening to constantly shifting waves and/or music in your earphones, going from left to right and vice versa. The ALPHA Cd is uplifting, melodic with birds singing and the DELTA CD is rainfall with some thunder etc... It's a mystery to me how thunder and rain can bring my brains into DELTA (which is supposed to be similar with a deep nightrest). I just can't sleep listening to this DELTA CD ! Perhaps the CD's do work but I much more prefer Kelly Howell's CD 'Deep meditation' wich brings me after a month's daily listening for 30 minutes listening really into a deep meditation. This deep meditation did not yet occur with the Brainwave Suite."
Drifting into a Dream State
Rebecca Johnson | Washington State | 08/20/2003
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Dr. Jeffrey Thompson has been researching the effect of sound since 1981. He has since established a sound research center in San Diego. He believes in the stress reduction benefits of sound and has proven the effects through clinical research in universities, hospitals and private practices over a period of many years.

This music is based on nature sounds and is very relaxing and beautiful. I also noticed that my creativity increased. Probably because I am sleeping so well and am well rested and more alert. I feel that these CDs almost clear the fog in your brain. It is like a vacation for your brain.

What does this music sound like? It is all different. I loved two of the CDs the most. I will review those.

If sounds swirl around you in the dance of spinning mermaids, that is the best description for what happens when I listen to the Alpha Meditation selection. There is a certain musical spinning which surrounds you and then there are notes that swirl about independently as they also rotate around you like planets. It is fascinating and addictive.

There are sounds of waves crawling up beaches mingled with singing bowls, birds, raindrops, flutes, echoes from beyond time and space. I see flowers blooming in gardens filled with orchids and even sea creatures playing out in a huge ocean. It is a mixture of deep rainforest and coastal escapes.

The notes spin from one side of my headphones to the other. It makes me blissfully dizzy. You literally feel you are being pulled down into a whirlpool of sleep. I have been listening to this CD every night to fall asleep fast.

When none of my other CDs help me sleep, this is the one I reach for. At times I am unable to sleep after listening to three other CDs, then I put this one in and
I am completely asleep in minutes.

Yes, when in bed, it can help you fall asleep. When listening while typing, it just becomes a relaxing escape. I seem to be able to leave the Bass Boost on with this CD.

I prefer Disc 4 (Emotional Openness and Intimate Communication) without as much depth and they sound more clear with my DBB turned off. Otherwise it has a roar and you can not hear the more delicate sounds. Turn off your Dynamic Bass Boost and the music becomes much more delicate and relaxing.

This CD sounds like beautiful notes of pure sounds that dance around your mind or water dripping from the inside of a cave into deep pools of sound. Fall asleep floating away on a river that seems to be endless.

Also Recommended:

Steven Halpern: Ancient Echoes, Music for Sound Healing, Enhancing Intimacy, Self-Esteem and the Sacred Chorde. I also have enjoyed falling asleep to: Keith Jarett: the Melody at Night.

If you are looking for emotional healing, a great CD is called: Giving Love Away by Robert Shahidi. It is amazing, I fall completely asleep just as the last words are playing and always remember myself being half aware and then I?m blissfully asleep. This CD heals my emotions like nothing I have experienced before. I highly recommend it.

Another great way to get into a relaxed state is by doing the "Yoga Zone: Flexibility and Stress Release" DVD or Video. It is amazing. It knocks me out because when I'm done exercising, all I want to do is climb into my soft warm bed.

~The Rebecca Review"