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Genres: Alternative Rock, Pop, Rock
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All Artists: Floater
Title: Sink
Members Wishing: 1
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Label: Elemental Records
Release Date: 1/1/1997
Genres: Alternative Rock, Pop, Rock
Style: American Alternative
Number of Discs: 1
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UPCs: 795312001127, 795312001141

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CD Reviews

The Most Innovative Album I Own
Andrew Peterson | Waltham, MA, United States | 09/27/2002
(5 out of 5 stars)

"God, where to even begin with these guys... First, a story. I'm from the Mass. area, so I'm WAY out of their territoy. A friend of mine up here, however, is from Eugene, OR, and her boyfriend kept telling me about this "Floater" group, and how great they were (We'd bonded over Dream Theater, if that helps any...) So, one night when he was up here visiting, he sat down to make me a Floater compilation. 20 minutes later, he gave up, because he couldn't narrow it down far enough, and just burned me all 4 (at the time, "Alter" hadn't been released yet) of their studio releases. Within 36 hours, I had ordered them all.These guys are, simply put, the most unique band I've ever heard. A lot of bands, you can say they have their own "sound," or define their own genre. Floater? Floater sounds like they're coming from an entirely different musical WORLD than anything else I've ever heard. They're tough to describe, but the closest I can come is Tool jamming with Pink Floyd, with maybe an egyptian vibe on top. Maybe textural heavy metal... They call themselves an "art rock" band, too, so maybe if you try to imagine a band that fits all three of those tags, you'll be getting warm. This is honestly the most impressive CD I own. And sound clips just don't do it justice... God, individual tracks just don't do it justice. "Seventeen" is one of my favorite tunes on this album, but as good as it is on it's own, it's just infinitely better with the main riff gradually rising out of the soundscape from "The Beginning," until suddenly the drums and bass kick in. And without "Snowblind" at the end, it just isn't complete. The flow from track to track is what really makes this CD transcedental- between the music itself and the spoken word samples, it creates an atmosphere unlike anything else I've ever heard. I can't recommend this CD strongly enough- 5 stars does not do it justice. Buy it, and if they don't have it here, check Floater's website. You need to own this album."
A powerful entrance into the mesmerizing realm of Floater...
Matt Skeels | 01/22/2003
(5 out of 5 stars)

"The esoteric band of Floater! You love them or you hate them. And most people's complaints with Floater stem from the way Rob Wynia (bass player/vocalist) sings. I figured I would start with the singing of this band, as this seems to be the determining factor of who will like Floater, and who will not.
Rob is one of those singers who actually SINGS. He doesn't scream, grunt, or behave in ways found with bands like Will Haven, Meshuggah, Sepultura, etc. He's got depth. His voice hits quite various notes, all touched with emotion. This band has substance. As of now, most of the members in Floater are in their early 30's. You won't find any teen angst here. More of soul searching sorrow, or anger driven cries, or light-hearted foot stepping. And let me tell you, Rob Wynia is one of the best lyricists I have ever heard, right behind Nick Cave.
By now you are wondering, "What does this band sound like?" It's hard to catogorize Floater, and after becoming really in touch with their music, you really want to put them in a catagory of their own. Fundamentally speaking, they are a rock band. The lineup consists of Rob on bass, the stellar Dave Amador on electric guitar, an the amazing Pete Cornett on the drums and other percussion toys. They are so in touch with each other on stage, very much into the structure of a song, that their focus eliminates all but what's coming out of their amps and drum kit.
Floater grabs you by the shoulders, looks you straight in the eye, and asks you to drop the charade. Become yourself, and don't do it for anybody else. This music speaks for itself. The opening track "The Beginning" is not a song per say, but an intro of sound collages that weaves and melds into a cacophony of blissant sound. It then merges into the second track "Seventeen" a ridged song that grimaces at the sky, and smiles upon the hewn earth below it. Rob sounds just a little tortured when he says, "It's all a LIE!"
The songs then diverge and split, no real ending and no real beginnings, exploring territory on a fretless steinberger bass guitar. On this tome of a song, Rob uses a screwdiver and strikes the bass in a whiplash verse. Then the album moves on into a sullen fields and blitzkriegs of powerful bass rhythyms and chunky guitar riffs. Pete Cornett primes the songs with sometimes primal rhythyms, and even tribal beats, or when it calls for it, pure metal clash.
Don't let this band fool you. They are musicians. They take their craft seriously. They are not a magazine cover boy band. They're grown men exposing what they lack in their humanity. And this album is the best starting point to learn just what this band is all about. Get it!
The seminal album that kickstarted Floater's career!
Matt Skeels | 01/10/2003
(5 out of 5 stars)

From out of the sleepy Pacific Northwest, comes the legendary band, the independent musical artists, F L O A T E R !
Our threesome band that we have all come to know and love is comprised of Rob Wynia on Bass/Vocals, Pete Cornett on Drums/Percussion Toys, and Dave Amador on Electric Guitar/Acoustic Guitar. They hail from Portland, Oregon and on a continual basis sell-out major venues there, including the Crystal Ballroom and Roseland Theatre!
But on to this landmark album. Floater opened the gates with this ear taunting album. It opens with a collage of sounds, effects, noises, and samples.. and then in a kaleidoscope it blends into the second track "Seventeen" a chunky primal rhythyms fueled by Rob's esoteric vocals. The first thing I realized about Floater's first albums is that the music lays it's foundation in heavy bass chords and spine-tingling drum beats. This album is thick with bass, and the effects on the bass amplification are really hypnotic.
This album leaves you feeling like you've been on a journey through the ages, travelling through the middle eastern realm, and coming back with the vocals of the singer echoing forth into your cerebrum. You'll be in your automobile waiting for the stoplight to turn green, as you hum the tunes off this album.
After the songs on this album have gripped your soul, you'll be jonesing for the chance to see this band live. And unless you live in the Pacific Northwest, your chances are pretty close to nil. And that's too bad, as their shows are the most thrilling experience! For such a small band they have a lot of soul in their performance. None of the fancy showmanship here, you get 100% pure musicianship. These guys know their stuff. If you ever get to witness the song "Peter the Destroyer" off this album, you will know what I mean. Rob's fingers literally dance off his fret board as the harmonious cacophony of this 11 minute song entrenches you and the entire crowd.
If you are new to Floater, I would suggest starting off with this album or their second album, "Glyph". You won't go wrong, and you will wonder where Floater has been all your life.