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Genres: Alternative Rock, Special Interest, Pop, Rock
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The true Flaming Lips geek will already know about this landmark sonic experience that features 4 discs created by the band to be played at one time on 4 different boom boxes. Get your ghettoblasters and have a party! 19...  more »


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All Artists: Flaming Lips
Title: Zaireeka
Members Wishing: 6
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Label: Warner Bros / Wea
Release Date: 10/28/1997
Album Type: Box set, Limited Edition
Genres: Alternative Rock, Special Interest, Pop, Rock
Styles: Indie & Lo-Fi, American Alternative, Experimental Music, Progressive, Progressive Rock
Number of Discs: 4
SwapaCD Credits: 4
UPC: 093624680420


Product Description
The true Flaming Lips geek will already know about this landmark sonic experience that features 4 discs created by the band to be played at one time on 4 different boom boxes. Get your ghettoblasters and have a party! © 1997 Warner

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CD Reviews

Eureka Zaireeka
E. A Solinas | MD USA | 12/17/2003
(5 out of 5 stars)

"When a band is already one of the most unique, and among the most innovative in the music biz, what can they do to get even more innovative? The Flaming Lips answer that question in a unique and surreal way in "Zaireeka," which may be the most unique album ever recorded. Whether it's genius depends on how you view music.Four discs make up "Zaireeka." When played simultaneously, they create a maelstrom of sound. Setting it up with four CD players sounds a bit arduous, but the experience is worth it when songs like the brilliant "Riding to Work in the Year 2025 (You're Invisible Now)" burst out of the multiple speakers. It gives an expansive feeling to the music, as if it's billowing out like smoke and surrounding the listener in a big cushy wall of sound.The songs have an experimental feeling to them. Some, like "Okay I'll Admit I Really Don't Understand" and "Machine in India" are lacking in complexity when compared to the remaining songs. But in every song, the shimmering multiple layers of sound interweave together, befuddling and dazzling me. A mere disc couldn't hold this much sound. Dogs barking, surreal guitars, gothic organs and pounding drums are much louder here than anywhere else.It's hard to tell how clear the sound is because of its intensity; it sounds like there are dozens of melodies being played together at times. And fans of the Lips' masterpiece "Soft Bulletin" should check this out. The sound of Zaireeka, once I got used to it, made me think of reminiscent of a bigger, more complicated twin of "Soft Bulletin." "Zaireeka" is an unparalleled experience that few bands could even dream of, let alone actually make. If you're in the mood for 4-D surreal soundscapes, then this is your thing. A marvelous album."
This will change how you listen to music
Tom Massie | UP, Michigan | 01/07/2003
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I have been a Lips fan for a while and had wanted to listen to Zaireeka for quite some time, but never had the chance. I decided to download a set of "mixed-down" mp3s from Kazaa and put them on a cd and gave it a listen, and thought it sounded neat, but it was obvious that it was just too much sound for one cd and so it sounded quite muddy. I noticed, however, that the actual box set was only 25 bucks at the local record store and so i decided to give it a whirl. IT IS AMAZING. I can't stress this enough. In NO WAY does a single-cd version of these songs come anywhere near to expressing the true experience. The goliath sound of this album makes famous producers like Phil Spector or Nigel Godrich seem like giddy amateurs. Synching the 4 cds is actually not as tedious or difficult as some would have you believe, as I have found that the album sounds the best when it is very close, but not perfectly in synch. Don't let that stop you, it is not a problem. Anyone who can't decide whether to buy this or not, i implore you, PLEASE DO! After this, everything will sound half-assed. Also, because of the nature of dealing with 4 different cds and cd players, the options are endless for changing the sound. Good luck!"
The "Dark Side of the Moon" of Our Generation?
fauxbourdon | Cambridge, MA United States | 03/08/2004
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I virtually never listen to this type of music -- I'm usually listening to stodgy old classical music written centuries ago. But I was at a party at a friend's dorm room, and he decided we would play "Zaireeka" on his four CD players. I didn't know what to expect, especially because I'm not a Lips fan, or a fan of experimental or alternative music in general...But suffice to say, I was blown away. It's been a whole day and I've thought of little other than this album.What does it sound like? Imagine a song that isn't just presented to you on disc so that it sounds the same way every time... Imagine assembling the song yourself from a variety of ambient noises that happen to sound good together (well, most of them do)... Imagine hearing so many sounds at the same time that your brain keeps jumping uncontrollably from one to the next, assembling harmonies and sonorities on the fly out of all the organized chaos you're assaulted with. Imagine lead vocals, in one tempo, coming at you from one corner of the room, while a trumpet solo harmonizes the vocals from across the room, its tempo just a little off-kilter so that it drags a little further behind the vocals each measure, warping your sense of time. All the while, trippy ambient sounds enwrap you from all sides. And this is just one moment of one track of "Zaireeka."The lyrics are sad and disturbing and terrifying, telling stories of insanity and suicide, but yet it's all a beautiful and transcendent experience to listen to, and not a depressing one. And the lyrics, while they add shades of meaning to the tracks, are certainly not of central importance -- I barely caught any of them, because I was so entranced by the other sounds I was hearing.This reminds me a whole lot of the first time I heard Floyd's "Dark Side," but imagine taking the sound stage of that album to a whole new level -- adding weirder sonorities, adding the spatial element of the four CD's, and adding another time dimension in the in-and-out-of-phase cycling of the four discs, as the separate tracks get into synch with each other and then unravel slowly, again and again. Basically, this record must be heard (and heard with all four discs) to be believed. Even if you normally hate this kind of music, it's a sound experience that will change you. I like to imagine that when people heard a record like "Dark Side" for the first time, back in the day, they felt like I felt yesterday after hearing "Zaireeka" for the first time. Hopefully this disc will eventually be recognized as just as groundbreaking and ingenious as "Dark Side," provided enough people have access to 4 CD players in one room..."