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Genres: Pop, Rock
The ETERNITY X albums surely deserves greater attention than most of the new Progressive heavy-metal bands, in a recently quite crowded genre (Both quantitatively and qualitatively). Each of them present a subtle blend of ...  more »


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All Artists: Eternity X
Title: Edge
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Label: Musea Records France
Release Date: 1/1/2001
Album Type: Import
Genres: Pop, Rock
Styles: Progressive, Progressive Rock
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Album Description
The ETERNITY X albums surely deserves greater attention than most of the new Progressive heavy-metal bands, in a recently quite crowded genre (Both quantitatively and qualitatively). Each of them present a subtle blend of symphonic elements, powerful keyboards, fabulous guitar solos and modern rhythms. The first one called "Once Upon A Dream" (1991), the concept that presents the twelve astrological signs "Zodiac" (1993) and the third album "Mind Games" (1995) show a melodical heavy-metal band that is only very little marked by the both symphonic and Progressive rock influences that would be perceptible on the following one with the arrival of a full-time keyboardist. It has to be said that "The Edge" (1997) is an absolute masterpiece ! During both delicate or more energetic tracks, this album proves to be aggressive in its musical content, even though it respects at the same time the ears with very elaborate melodical lines. It can remind of a meeting between S! HA! DOW GALLERY and DREAM THEATER (Perfect instrumental technique, melodical beauty, varied vocals that alternate with great success aggressive and bursting moments?). The beauty of this major works in this style will seduce both Progressive rock and heavy-metal fans as well as those who appreciate mature and ardent rock music. The moving and expressive texts, helped by the extraordinary aesthetic and always perfect vocals by Keith SUDANO (Let?s mention the vocal similarities with Geddy LEE, Michael SADLER, Mike BAKER and James LaBRIE, or even Tommy ERIKSSON? Of AGENESS !) draw a painting of musical colours that describe the characters from the inside and beyond the edge of eternity?

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CD Reviews

Beware: You Will Adore This Album!
Mr D. | Cave Creek, Az United States | 11/18/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Odd Title? You bet. Odd circumstances too. An aquaintance, familiar with my tastes cajoled me into buying this album. In fact he pretty much implored me to buy this album. If I may paraphrase what he said it went some thing like this; "you gotta buy this album because it is great(agreed) and if you don't they may not make any more albums and I don't want them to stop". Well I bought it and I bought it and I'm glad I did.

Well sir, I afraid you're both right and too late. Eternity X is now a memory. No, that's not right. They're not even a memory and that makes me angry! It almost seems like there is a direct reverse correlation, a dichotomy between talent and success. I'm sure that's not the case. Success, in more cases than not is a matter of timing but still, it isn't fair. These guys deserve better than to now be out of music. (I should clarify this, only the leader Keith Sudano seems to be out of music, three former bandmembers are now on a band, Exhibition)

Eternity X was formed in 1990 by Keith Sudano (vocalist) and Robert "Zeek" Maziekien (bassist). Other band members came and went but for the recording of The Edge (1997), the other members were Jeffrey Shernov (Guitar), Jamie Mazur (keyboards) and Jimmy Peruta (drums).

The Edge

Now I tend to be a little effusive in my praise for worthy albums, therefore for The Edge I will try to be less subjective. Please do not take that to mean that I am less than enthused about The Edge.

If ever the term Art Rock fit the designee, this is it. The Edge is literally a work of Progressive Art. Even AMG recommends this album and they even put The Edge on a par with DTs, Images and Words and so do I. I am so happy I found this album that I am compelled to tell you about it, whoever you may be.

The Music is like a fusion of Dream Theater, Adagio, Symphony X and Shadow Gallery, both Progressive and Symphonic with low keyed to bombastic sounds. The phenomenal singer songwriter, Keith Sudano, has written and arranged some extremely interesting pieces and his powerful voice reminds me of both Roy Kahn of Kamelot, Geoff Tate of Queensryche and a little of Mike Baker of Shadow Gallery

Surprisingly The album starts out, in my opinion, rather slowly (in quality, not speed) with four songs under five stars. "The Edge - Part One" is a good, not particularly inspired, Dream Theater sounding number. "Fly Away" is a long (8 plus minutes) very accessible song reminiscent of Styx or Shadow Gallery. "The Confession" The best if the four, starts with a recording of Carmina Burina, then gets progressive sort of like Queensryche's Operation Mindcrime. "The Edge - Part Two" is actually a very good song but the operatic sounding female singer is too strident and detracts from the overall effect.

Now we're getting to the meat of the album:

"A Day In Verse"
Is there such a thing as a progressive ballad? If so, then this is it. Look for a great melody, lovely passionate singing and great piano playing.

With soft half spoken half sung introductions in the beginning and middle this inscrutable ten minute selection is otherwise mostly a medium fast tempo rock song during the verses and choruses. Look for great guitar playing, ethereal interludes and some fabulous emotive vocals .

"The Edge - Part Three" is one of the shorter and weaker pieces @ only 5 minutes our singer (Sudano) does an excellent job of singing actually sounding like two different people. Look for some background classical melodies.

"The Edge of Madness"
Now we're getting to the killer songs, "Edge of Madness" is an amazing song portraying a realistic portrait of insanity. Look for insane style voices popping up all over the place with piano and guitar accompaniments in this chopped up, widely varied, medium pace song. This song is catchy as Hell!

"Rejection" starts with a standard telephone recording and a following beep beep beep, which we are all familiar. Following the tempo of the nerve racking beep first drums then the organ jump in the the whole band setting the scene for a heavy guitar laden song of rage.

"Baptized By Fire"
This is one of the more uplifting songs with a pleasant catchy melody accompanying an equally pleasant galloping beat. This song really reminds me of Everon and Oliver Phillips singing. This is the kind of song that'll get in your head and just won't leave you alone.

"The Edge - Legacy/Reprise"
A somewhat eclectic/schizophrenic ending. Look for a convivial acoustic guitar and a slightly folk melody then segueing into the reprise which is more progressive and great emotional singing. (Sudano's trademark)


I haven't mentioned this but The Edge is ostensibly a concept album. I haven't been able to figure out the story, however.

One cannot underestimate the importance of band leader Keith Sudano's vocals are to this album. Sudano is extraordinarily versitile singing in numerous voices and backing himself and even on occasion sounding like a girl. That's not to take away from the other members who are excellent as well but Sudano's vocals put Eternity X over the top. I keep thinking of more singers whom Sudano reminds me of, so here's another one - Jorn Lande of Beyond Twilight, more on style than sound and absolute importance to their respective bands.

So now that I've given my spiel, what do you think? Remember, this album is universally revered by reviewers. I have checked, it is true. The only thing The Edge was lacking was buyers but watch out, this is going to be a classic, so get your copy right now while you still can. For any, that like Progressive Rock or Metal this is a must. If you like any of the similar bands below, this is an essential album.

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Best ETX Album So Far..
Jeremy D. Richards | Morton, IL | 02/21/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)


Now I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing this CD truly is. It finds your soul and touches it in a way that words cannot express. Keith's Vocal's are something unlike any others. Full of emotion, passion and life.
Zeek's bass playing was as good or better than that of the John Myyung from Dream Theater.

It is well worth every cent you could pay for it. There's only a handful of cd's I have came across in my life time that I have the desire to listen to frequently . Well this is one of those cd's . I have listened to this CD more than any others in my collection. The only others that come close is the other ETX cd's.

Also many have stated that they had wanted another ETX cd to be released and that wasn't happening.
Well, It is my pleasure to let all of you know that now it is happening. The album" From The Ashes" is set to be recorded this summer if all go's as planned. Plus all the old ones will be re-mastered and re-released. Check out for all that info. Or visit the Black Lotus Records Sub label Wheel of Time's website. So I ask all of the fellow fans to please support this band as they bring the music back to us all. They deserve to be known in this world. So they need our support.