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When Dream and Day Unite
Dream Theater
When Dream and Day Unite
Genres: Rock, Metal
1989 album for Mechanic Records/ MCA. Features eight tracks,including 'A Fortune In Lies' and 'Status Seeker'.


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All Artists: Dream Theater
Title: When Dream and Day Unite
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Label: MCA Records
Genres: Rock, Metal
Styles: Progressive, Progressive Rock, Progressive Metal
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Album Description
1989 album for Mechanic Records/ MCA. Features eight tracks,including 'A Fortune In Lies' and 'Status Seeker'.

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CD Reviews

Dream Theater's official debut
Danny (metal guy) | Austin, TX | 12/08/2008
(5 out of 5 stars)

"For the causal Dream Theater fan, this review is aimed toward you.

When Dream and Day Unite...the 1989 debut album by Dream Theater. Many of you have probably heard several songs in DT's catalog by now. More than likely, none of those songs are present on this album. This is one of DT's least progressive albums. I say least because there are some progressive elements. Charlie Domincii was the original vocalist of DT. I've often thought he sounded similar to John Arch of Fates Warning. This is the first record where he provides vocals for the group. Turns out it was his last one as well. Here is a track by track opinion overview of the album:

A Fortune In Lies. A good album opener. Very guitar oriented too, with an excellent solo by John Petrucci. One of my favorite tracks of the album. I thought the ending of the song was a little abrupt. For example, a third verse after the solo would have been a nice touch.

Status Seeker. I have to admit, it took me a while to get into this particular track when I began listening to this album. When listening all the way through, it is the song I would often skip. There are key factors: Dominici's opening lines sound much like Rush's Geddy Lee, but during the bridge and chorus, he changes his tone drastically. Now: not a bad song at all.

Yste Jam. The adrenaline of the album. This is my favorite track off this album. It is Dream Theater's best instrumental, in terms of a "right in your face" kind of jam. Still on many of their setlists to this day. Solos by all four instrumentalists are found in the middle of the song. Right after the chours, a keyboard solo is found, courtesy of Kevin Moore. Right after, Petrucci's solo kicks in (easily among his best ever!) Next John Myung provides us with a bass solo, his unique style of playing really adds to this song. Then before the last chorus and outro to the song, we get a little drum solo soon by Mike Portnoy, after that bass solo. This song alone gives this album 3 stars.

The Killing Hand. This is possibly the most progressive track on the album as well as the longest with its different stylistic changes. It begins with Petrucci's clean electric slow Spanish style guitar work. This is a turning point in the album, as the mood turns darker and more refined. Moore's keyboarding work really stands out to really help bring the mood to the song. Dominici's "Killing Hand" wailing still sends shivers down my spine. Excellent job on this track.

Light Fuse and Get Away. Well, this one may as well be tied with Yste Jam as my favorite track. This one is rather interesting, as it's another keyboard-laden track and also continuing the darker theme. His keyboarding solo outshine's Petrucci's guitar solo a little on this one, imo. Yet they both work really well in conjuction to bring the mood to light (or dark I should say) Upon listening to this track, I usually picture a scenario of ancient times involving a dungeon. Dominici's vocals are really something on this one too.

Afterlife. As with the opening track here, this is another guitar driven song. Petrucci really shows what he can do, yet again on probably the 2nd fastest pace song on here, 2nd to Yste Jam. (guitar solos here are nothing short of great). A song dealing with religion, this adds some "spice" to the overall vibe the album has been giving off so far. Score: XOX - 20th Anniversary World Tour Live with the Octavarium Orchestra features this song with it's current lineup.

The Ones Who Help Set The Sun. Another interesting track. This song flows from the previous track, Afterlife, with the sound of a soft explosion. An eerie intro spawned by the likes of Moore's keyboards and Myung's bass. (There may be some guitar in there as well). It takes an even more eerie feeling with a literal keyboard solo, reminisant (to me anyway) of a Legend of Zelda video game. The song takes a turn around the 2:45 mark with Portnoy's drumming soon followed up by some bass. Pretty progressive in style too.

Only A Matter of Time: A good song and great closer to the album. Another keyboard influenced track which goes to show Moore's strong imput in the songs writings. This song brightens the atmosphere from the darker "feel" that the album took on. A live version with the current lineup appears off Live at Budokan.

Overall, I really like this album. One I listen all the way through and not skip a track. Portnoy's drumming stands out on this album. This is a good album to have in your possession. They are not easy to track down. I had to go online to find my copy. As noted among other reviews here, this is not an album to start with. Images and Words would be that album. Their next (and first with James Labrie). This one can be a "comeback to" album, after becoming a fan of the band. Once you have worn out this disc, I invite you to check out a live compilation When Dream and Day REunite. Amazon link:

Portnoy and Petrucci have stated they would love to redo WD&DU but since they don't have the rights to the record they are unable to. But a rendition would sound a lot like that live set.

For die hard fans of the band, I encourage you to check out Official Bootleg: When Dream and Day Unite Demos 1987-1989 for the orginal demos to these tracks.

Charlie is by no means NOT a horrible singer. He just didn't fit the style of direction the band was headed in. Luckily they found the man for the job and after several auditions, they of course went with James Labrie."
Criminally underrated near-masterpiece debut for DT
Beefcake the Mighty | 06/04/2008
(5 out of 5 stars)

"How this album has been so criminally ignored and in many cases panned by fans of Dream Theater and progressive rock in general is beyond me. There is not a single weak track on the entire album. Petrucci, Portnoy, and Co. were all around 21-22 when this album was written and recorded and the music is very impressive considering their youth.

1. A Fortune in Lies: powerful openinging prog-metaller with a great chorus and tapping-sweeping-shredding solo. A sign of great things to come. 8/10
2. Status Seeker: a pop-prog-metal kick to the balls and the face. Just an amazing song. Awesome tempo change in the intro that leads into the heart of the song! (soooo many amazing tempo changes on this album, another one is featured in The Killing Hand and culminating with the mindblowing tempo-change chorus of Light Fuse and Get Away) 9.5/10
3. Ytse Jam: the classic first DT instrumental. Essential! 9/10
4. The Killing Hand: the first of several epics on the album. Though the flow isn't always great, it's beautiful and memorable and rocking for most of its runtime. Great stuff. 8.5/10
5. Light Fuse and Get Away: without a single doubt in my mind the best track on the album. A near perfect fusion of progressive metal and catchy riffs and melodies. The tempo change that the chorus blasts into is one of the most addictive things I've ever listened to. I listen to this song nearly daily for about six months now and I'm still not sick of it! 10/10
6. Afterlife: powerful, dreamy, hard-rocking masterpiece. Beautiful synths! 9.5/10
7. The Ones Who Help to Set the Sun: another epic! Beautiful, evocative delayed leads and time-sig shifting synth in the intro and the rest of the song is amazing as well. Another early DT classic. Criminally underrated. 9.5/10
8. Only a Matter of Time: one of the proggiest and most complex DT songs I've heard (very few motifs and themes are repeated in the song's runtime....things are constantly changing). It is also laden with plenty of hooks, atmospheres, and melodies to keep the listener involved while also blowing their mind! An amazing closer. 9.5/10

Every fan of progressive metal and Dream Theater owes it to themselves NOT to ignore this release. Criminally underrated near-masterpiece.

Best Tracks: Light Fuse and Get Away, Only a Matter of Time, Ytse Jam"