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Life for Rent
Life for Rent
Genre: Pop
Deluxe Digi-pak re-issue. Sony BMG. 2008.


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All Artists: Dido
Title: Life for Rent
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Label: BMG/Arista
Release Date: 1/19/2004
Album Type: Single, Import
Genre: Pop
Styles: Singer-Songwriters, Adult Alternative
Number of Discs: 1
SwapaCD Credits: 1
Other Editions: Life for Rent, Life For Rent
UPC: 828765788021


Album Description
Deluxe Digi-pak re-issue. Sony BMG. 2008.

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CD Reviews

An album WORTH buying
MusicFanofKC | 03/15/2004
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Dido's first album captured my ears, I've seen her in concert three times, and have an autographed poster of her up in my room for the past years. I bought "Life For Rent" the day it was released. The album is just as excellent as the first if not better. Her lyrics are captive with many a person can related to, and her words are passionate as well. Her beautiful voice is amazing and one of a kind. 1- White Flag - (4.5/5) 1st single off the record, great song to start off the album. This song is excellent "...I won't put my hands up and surrender. There will be no white flag above my door, I'm in love and always will be..." I saw on TV this song's acoustic performance on the Europe Music Awards, it was astounding that the entire audience sang along with her.

2- Stoned - (3.5/5) Didn't know what to expect from the title of this song, the music is different, it lasts for at least a minute until Dido begins to sing. 3- Life For Rent - (5/5) It's a great song no wonder it's the title track of the album. "While my heart is shield and I won't let it down, while I am so afraid to fail so I won't even try, well how can I say I'm alive." 4- Mary's In India - (3/5) It's a different song. Features only her voice and an acoustic guitar. This song shows off her beautiful voice. 5- See You When You're 40 - (4/5) It's a beautiful song. I liked it right away. I think it's a song about finding out another person's true colors, seeing what that person is all about and realize that they are not worth it. "Well if you had walked past me today I wouldn't have picked you out, now I've seen tonight, how could I waste my time and I'll be on my way and I won't be back..."6- Don't Leave Hone - (4/5) Another wonderful track written by the Armstrong siblings. I think it's a great song about being there for someone. Catching lyrics, "and if you're cold I'll keep you warm if you're low just hold on, cos I will be your safety..."7- Who Makes You Feel - (3/5) The music is okay but not as good compared to the rest. But the lyrics are great though. "Who makes you feel the way that I make you feel, who loves you and knows you the way I do..."8- Sand In My Shoes - (4/5) I really like this song, it's a bit poppy and uplifting. "I've still got sand in my shoes and I can't shake the thought of you. I should get on forget you but why would I want to. I know we said goodbye...but I want to see you again."9- Do You Have A Little Time - (3.5/5) This song is defiantly different, it's darker compared to the rest. But overall a good song, take awhile to get used to.10- This Land Is Mine - (6/5) This is one amazing and beautiful song, the best track on the CD. It should be a single. I just love the beginning of this song, captivating. As the song goes on, you'd want to sing along and listen to over and over. "From behind these walls I hear your song oh sweet words the music that you play lights up my world. The sweetest that I've heard...finally things are changing."11- See The Sun - (5/5) It's a great pick up song when you're feeling down. Music is beautiful and lyrics are splendid. Dido co-writes all of her song but this one is special because she wrote it by herself. "...and you're asking me why pain's the only way to happiness and I promise you you'll see the sun again...Do you remember telling me you'd found the sweetest thing of all. You said one day of this was worth dying for so be thankful you knew her at all..."
There is a hidden track towards the end. It's a great short acoustic song, shows off her beautiful voice...if only the song was a bit longer. "I've been meaning to tell you, the closer you get, the better I'll feel. Closer you are more I see why everyone says that I look happier when you're around."Life For Rent is an amazing album and I give it my HIGHEST recommendation. I cannot wait for her third album. Please do not download her songs off of any file swapping programs. This amazing, touching, captive album is WORTH buying and each song has a special meaning of it's own. Above description is what each song means to me. Why not buy the album, listen to each song and read along the lyrics as show in the insert and have special meanings of your own? It's worth it."
Already waiting for her next release
Kristin Petrovich | Chicago, IL USA | 11/16/2003
(5 out of 5 stars)

"As most fans, I first heard Dido as an accompanying voice for M&M. I was very intrigued by the somewhat melancholy yet seductive female voice and purchased her first CD. I loved her first CD, cannot stop raving about her second CD, and anxiously wait for her next release. It is heartbreaking when you grow to like an artist based on one CD but find that there next release is disappointing. Dido has NOT been a disappointment and has definitely kept my attention with this CD as much as, and possibly more than, her first. This CD is for all age groups whether your a teenager or preparing to retire. The music in some songs is slightly electronic and mysterious while combining with an often folk-like feeling. The lyrics reflect on life, love, and learning and will spark many emotions and give many listeners the feeling of a conected understanding with the artist. Dido definitely has a very distinct voice and sound on this CD as well as her first. The CD will definitely impress you the first time you listen to it but you will grow more and more attatched to it. With each listen you find a new lyrical passage true to life or a new musical rhythem to satisfy your mood."
A Grower -- Better Than Her Debut
Mark Freedman | New York | 01/15/2004
(5 out of 5 stars)

"It took a bit for "Life for Rent" to grow on me, especially since I first listened to it after reading several negative reviews. Not much different in style from her debut, but there's nothing wrong with that, IMO. She has a style which is instantly recognizable after just a few notes. That's her staple, so there is no reason to change, despite that common criticism I hear.1) White Flag - I did not find this special at all the first few times I heard it. I was afraid that if this was the first single, I had a lot to worry about if I was expecting something special overall. I was wrong. This song is so engrained in me, and is quite special. It just needs the chance to attach itself to your soul.2) Stoned - Although the way this song starts out leads you to wonder where it's going to end up, it quickly became one of my favorites. I love the driving, flowing chorus, and it just builds and builds. Addicting.3) Life For Rent - Very pretty title track.4) Mary's In India - It took me a while to warm to this beautiful song. Just let it flow with your eyes closed.5) See You When You're 40 - Another one which to me a while to warm up to. Very atmospheric.6) Don't Leave Home - One of my favorites, and one I liked right away. I love the rhythm of this one. This should definitely be a single. It's one of her best.7) Who Makes You Feel - I know there's a song in here somewhere, but I'm too distracted by everything else that's
going on. I skip this occassionally, but I'm trying.8) Sand In My Shoes - Very different from the rest of the album, but fabulous. A great pop song. Also should be a
single, and a huge hit. If there isn't one yet, there should be a club mix of this.9) Do You Have A Little Time - Not one of my favorites. Sounds a bit dark. Not that I don't like dark -- I do. But this just doesn't do it for me.10) This Land Is Mine - Although it's a nice song, it reminds me of the feeling I have about "Thank You" -- the verses are great, but the chorus lets me down a bit -- too generic.11) See The Sun - Maybe my favorite on the album, and a great way to end it. A sweeping, atmospheric, emotional punctuation mark on a great sophmore effort.Overall, I'd give this 4.5 stars (c'mon, Amazon, it's about time you let us rate like that!). I had to round up, because it wasn't fair to round down.Highly recommended!"