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Watcha Gonna Do
Denny Doherty
Watcha Gonna Do
Genres: Pop, Rock
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All Artists: Denny Doherty
Title: Watcha Gonna Do
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Label: Japanese Import
Release Date: 7/2/2002
Album Type: Import
Genres: Pop, Rock
Styles: Oldies, Folk Rock
Number of Discs: 1
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UPCs: 4988005302373, 766488847925

CD Reviews

Denny Does It!
barbe4 | Wauwatosa, WI United States | 07/16/2002
(5 out of 5 stars)

"The mellifluous voice of Denny Doherty (Mamas & Papas) makes "Watcha Gonna Do" a wonderful listen! The CD's replete with highly skilled musicians, melancholy melodies and passages of lyrical beauty ---combining elements of country, folk and rock. Denny pumped out this first solo album of his in 1971, and it became a huge hit in Japan. It was re-released this past year on CD and meticulously digitally remastered for sumptuous audio quality, so you actually feel as though you're in the same room with Doherty and the partying artists, --- which literally makes your little neck hairs stand on end!The politically-correct title track, "Watcha Gonna Do," (Doherty/Linda Woodward) leads off the CD. It is catchy enough to keep your head bopping! "The Drummer" (Eddy Fischer/Linda Woodward) is stellar, which is beautifully sung from Doherty's clear 'n' smooth one-of-a-kind vocal cords. Barry McGuire's "Sebastian-esque" harmonica playing and genius-arranger Jimmie Haskell's accordion highlight this number. The song may be about a heroin-addicted groupie who's looking to make it big. "...Just one more shot and maybe you'll forget you're feeling blue/you better give some to the drummer, 'cause the drummer's going to give some to you..."Doherty's gift for melody is in full effect, as another glittering moment on this album is his remake of The Mamas & the Papas' hauntingly beautiful "Got a Feelin'" (Doherty/J. Phillips). Linda Woodward says this was a lovely showcase for Denny's voice, and it definitely is here! Doherty wrote the pretty tune -- John Phillips the words -- about suspicions of wife Michelle Phillips' wondering eye (a favored focus of Phillips when the Mamas & the Papas ruled the moment!). Doherty shows his songwriting skills are still flourishing unabated. He reaches a new crescendo on "Gathering the Words," (Doherty/Woodward) which some say may be one of the best ballads ever written. Denny delivers a warm, ear-pleasing vocal. "...In this peaceful house enjoying gentle company, I don't explain my mind she understands me well and shares her dreams with me..." As Buddy Emmons' lonesome steel guitar floats in and out, Denny seizes the spotlight here with his beautiful voice. Doherty and a chorus leisurely perform the pretty "Tuesday Morning," written by Doherty, Linda Woodward, Barry McGuire and Eddy Fischer, which smoothly flows through the days of the week, and ultimately and cleverly climaxes with the lyrics "It's Monday, Monday once again." ("Monday, Monday" was the Mamas and the Papas' #1 hit in 1966, on which Denny sang the fabulous lead vocal!) But the instruments, here, are this song's "secret weapon."Other jewels include the lively Doherty/Woodward composition "Still Can't Hear the Music" and the Gabe Lapano/ Woodward's laid-back and optimistic "Neighbors,"--- the latter on how a new friendship just may evolve into love.Denny unfolds his innermost feelings on his cool solo composition, "Don't You Be Fooled." The fullness of Denny's twelve-string guitar is most prominent on Hank William's "Hey, Good Lookin," performed as a brief singalong here with him and the chorus.The album caps off with a Beatle medley -- the upbeat "Here Comes the Sun" and "The Two of Us." Doherty's vocals are low-key, but such was the style of the early '70s.Check out Denny Doherty's successful play he stars in, sings in and co-wrote with fellow Canadian, director Paul Ledoux entitled "Dream a Little Dream-the Nearly True Story of the Mamas & the Papas," at in which he entertainingly explains where he was at this time in his life.All lyrics are included with the compact disc in English, but the disc's notes are in Japanese. We miss the comprehensive liner notes in English from Mamas and the Papas' historian, Richard Campbell here. It is Richard's memorabilia they used for the photographs inside the CD, however.Genius-arranger Jimmie Haskell pays unsurpassed attention to detail on this CD, as ALL the musicians sound great:Denny Doherty -- 12 String Guitar
"Fast" Eddy Fischer (currently of "Robin and Eddy") - Electric & Acoustic Guitars
Gabe Lapano - Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Autoharp, Vibes
Brian Garofalo - Bass
Russ Kunkel - Drums
Eric "The Doctor" Hord - Acoustic Guitar, Slide Guitar, Electric Sitar,
Barry "Eve of Destruction" McGuire - Acoustic Guitar, HarpBuddy Emmons - Steel Guitar
Jimmie Haskell - Accordion
PRODUCER, Bill Szymczyk - Percussion & Factory WhistleIn Matthew Greenwald's book, "Go Where You Wanna Go, The Oral History of the Mamas & the Papas," Denny said Bill Szymczyk was sort-of Dunhill's "house-producer" at the time. Denny added that Bill had done B.B. King's "The Thrill is Gone" album."
Watcha Wanna Hear!
Miste | USA | 08/09/2002
(5 out of 5 stars)

""Denny Doherty, the voice of numerous Mamas & Papas hits such as "California Dreamin,'" and "Monday,Monday," has been one of the greatest and most underrated lead vocalists of the rock era," says Matthew Greenwald, author of "GO WHERE YOU WANNA GO, The Oral History of the Mamas and the Papas." On WATCHA GONNA DO with his transcendent tenor, Denny's soothing voice is addicting. Like on this gem:GATHERING THE WORDS [Denny Doherty/Linda Woodward]GATHERING THE WORDS that once I thought could capture all the days
The pain of loving someone who could never understand my ways
It's no one's fault that finds us standing in two separate ends of time
We've grown for different reasons and I never meant to be unkindI'll sing my yesterdays to you
These memories will stay with you
All your tears will fall behind
Leave them for the love you'll findIn this peaceful house enjoying gentle company
I don't explain my mind she understands me well and shares her dreams with me
Thinking of tomorrow I can't help but feel with certainty
That you will find within yourself the happiness you want to beI can't bring these things to you
That's something only you can do
All your tears will fall behind
Leave them for the love you'll findNEIGHBOURS [Gabe Lapano/Linda Woodward]I think that we should be neighbours
Let me help you find a place
You got no one to talk to
And I can see it in your face
We'll go walking through the market place
Finding treasures for a dime
Then we'll sit down by the river
Talking daydreams and wasting timeI think that we should be neighbours
Take some time and hang around
You know that living ain't easy
Until you learn to slow it down
If someone says you're getting crazy
Just take a look at where he's been
And if you don't find what you're looking for
Just go out, just go out and try againI think that we should be neighbours
Let me take you for a ride
Maybe then we can talk about
Some of the things we feel inside
If you think we should be laughing
Then I might feel like laughing too
And if you find yourself loving me
I might care, I just might care that much for youDoherty's voice is vocal gold on THE DRUMMER'S SONG [Eddy
Fischer/LindaWoodward]I know you like to travel 'cause you love to run around
And there isn't much you wouldn't do to keep from coming down
Just one more shot and maybe you'll forget you're feeling blue
You better give some to the drummer
'cause the drummer is gonna give some to you.The cowboys is in the kitchen and he says you'll be a star
You're sleeping with the preacher and the poet drives your car
And you think you love his brother and you don't know what to do
You better give some to the drummer
'cause the drummer is gonna give some to you.GOT A FEELIN' (Denny Doherty/John Phillips) is sung gorgeously by Denny. GOT A FEELIN' that I'm wastin' time on you babe
Got a feelin' that you've been untrue
I got a feelin' that you're stealin'
All the love I thought I was givin' to you
Baby it's trueGot a feelin' that you're playin' some game with me babe
Got a feelin' that you just can't see
If you're entertainin' any thought that you're gainin'
By causin' me all of this pain and makin' me blue
The joke's on youWhen I get to feelin' that you're stealin' love
And I don't know why
It makes me so discouraged
I finally get the courage not to cry babe
Or even try babeGot a feelin' that I'm wastin' time on you babe
Got a feelin' that you've been untrue
I got a feelin' that you're stealin'
All the love I thought I was givin' to you
Baby it's true, the joke's on you
Baby it's true, the joke's on youThe CD has a country/folk/rock flavor. Some fine steel guitar work on the title track, WATCHA GONNA DO [Denny Doherty/Linda Woodward] and good electric/steel on the bouncy, STILL CAN'T HEAR THE MUSIC [Denny Doherty/Linda Woodward]. Stellar instrumental arrangements in all!Since I bought WATCHA GONNA DO, I can't take it out of my player!"
Connie | The Office | 09/17/2002
(5 out of 5 stars)

"The songs on this compact disc could be applied to our own lives. The lyrics are poignant, the melodies-pretty. The studio ambiance is easy-going.I was well aware that Mr. Doherty is a gifted singer. His romantic voice exudes warmth and honesty. But I had no idea what an exceptional songwriter he is! His self-penned Don't You Be Fooled is totally evocative. He collaborates with other songwriers on this album, besides. In fact, he comes up with one of the best ballads in the business this way, called Gathering the Words.But I like the faster stuff best. Still Can't Hear the Music is my personal pick; It's country, and it rocks!Along with his own 12-string guitar playing, Mr. Doherty surrounds himself with a bevy of high-caliber musicians. Because this compact disc has magnificent clarity and a high sound quality, you'd think Mr. Doherty and his entourage were performing live right before your very eyes!Which all makes Watcha Gonna Do - timeless!"