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Canada Songs
Canada Songs
Genres: Pop, Rock
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All Artists: Daughters
Title: Canada Songs
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Label: Robotic Empire
Original Release Date: 1/1/2002
Re-Release Date: 7/29/2003
Genres: Pop, Rock
Number of Discs: 1
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UPC: 790168508820

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CD Reviews

Please Slit Your Own Throats
D. Miller | Grand Rapids, MI | 09/26/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

"If you're an ardent lover of technical metal but with a steady hard-on for Hardcore and the crazy ways some cats can mix it up like me, you might already own this. But this album still deserves a review even after four years.

The Cult of Canada Songs can be discovered upon the first 38 seconds of the 11 minute cascade of jarring musical detatchment it sets you up for. You'll understand you've never heard anything like this before, and then proceed to figure out why at least 500.000 people might fall in love with this insanity.
There is no proper way to explain, or even categorize Daughters! But the Utter heavniness and technical brutlaity and inaudible screeches that Canada Songs Emits, suggests the terms "Grind" "Screamo" & of Course "Noisecore" which are equally suitable. But This band simply cannot be measured down to one name.

Canada Songs is a mere 11 minutes long, and after it you'd feel like you just woke up from some grindcore nightmare. The most outstandingly different thing about the album is its oddly tuned, speedy shredding that displays the debacle. The Bass & drums provide the mainground for the ear bending as well. The drummer hits a double bass with the most precise intensity I've ever heard, it sound machinelike, and the bassist just grooves along the epic. The fast paced violent guitars swarm above jagged jaw dropping drum patterns and in 3 more seconds succumb roughly into mind bending little breakdowns and freaky little jam outs that end up in amazing little shorts that will get lodged in your head for weeks on end. The album is better interpreted as one swallow considering the length of the songs, but it's stil fun to choose your favorites. Theres really nothing you can compare this cacaphony to, you just have to experience it for yourself.

This album took many by storm, and exploded in it's own little beatiful way. Truly An album for anyone who enjoys originally heavy but also utmost demented music. Of you haven't heard of these cats already, GET ON IT.

This review is from someone who just decided out of the blue to pick this one up while doing my monthly cd selection at my local music store. And this is one that at first I was shocked by, but ended falling in love with it. One of the most entertaining cd's I own.

Not to mention the awesome trippy artwork by one of the guitarists, very abstract.

Just buy it"
Lord Chimp | Monkey World | 11/12/2007
(5 out of 5 stars)

"One of the most lovable & sick albums in my collection, Daughters' _Canada Songs_ is a technical and rabid onslaught, with that ineffably disturbing excitement only the best grind delivers. The thing is tho', where most techy-grind bands sound pretty cool/calculating or pissed right off, Daughters are absolutely insane. I would like to say they found the tabs for these songs scrawled in blood and feces in an abandoned asylum! That's not true obviously but it sounds realistic. Even though the songs are usually only around a minute in length, you'll be hard-pressed to tell where you are in the piece. And so while this makes it tempting to call _Canada Songs_ utterly chaotic noise, and delicious noise at that, there is too much careful structure and performance in Daughters' miniature episodes. It's almost too spastic and too clean to just be grind, but it's so abrupt, brutal, and fast and CRAZY. if we get caught up in labels we might be here all day so whatever. The hyperspeed onslaughts and off-kilter, odd-time breakdowns are always punctuated by absolutely gross vocals and switchback riffs bouncing erratically through different tempi without warning. Imagine Melt Banana, but very polished/refined! The whole album is what 11 minutes? but has numerous twisted moments to agitate you: samples of porno-jazz/elevator musak, short-but-sweet post-rock like build-ups on a static key, or the mentally disturbed proginess of certain passages. If you make it through the vertigo-inducing minute of the opening cut without vomiting, then you will absolutely love the rest of the album. check it out!"