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Whisper Supremacy
Whisper Supremacy
Genres: Rock, Metal
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All Artists: Cryptopsy
Title: Whisper Supremacy
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Label: Century Media
Original Release Date: 9/22/1998
Release Date: 9/22/1998
Genres: Rock, Metal
Style: Death Metal
Number of Discs: 1
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UPC: 727701788623

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CD Reviews

A. Stutheit | Denver, CO USA | 02/21/2007
(4 out of 5 stars)

"Cryptopsy's 1998 album, "Whisper Supremacy," is, quite simply, a ferocious, ceaseless, and monstrous onslaught. Skinsman Flo Mounier's polyrhythmic, walloping, hyper-speed blasts are mind-blowingly technical (as evidenced by such songs as "White Worms" and "Depths You've Fallen"), and the massive, chaotic rhythms pulverize the listener incessantly. Then funky, slapped bass lines, and vocals (by Mike DiSalvo, who debuted with the band on this disc) that are delivered in the form of undecipherable grunts, roaring bellows, and sharp, high-pitched barks are added to the mix. But there's no doubt that the devastating, white hot, highly discordant, ear-bleeding riffs are the sound's main focal point. Guitarists Jon Levasseur and Miguel Roy rip through every song with smoke-inducing speed. Plus, their waves of monstrous riffs and crushing leads sound even better when they're backed by a production job that's as crisp and clear as this one. For proof, consider the first and third tracks: "Emaciate" and "Loathe," two blinding maelstroms of explosive, rapid fire, speaker shredding guitar noise which is almost deafening. Also, "Cold Hate, Warm Blood" is highlighted by a jackhammer rhythm, a slow breakdown, and a superb, lengthy guitar solo; "Faceless Unknown" is a lumbering, cascading beat; and "Serpents Coil" boasts rapid, blistering riffs. By album's end, the listener has almost never felt so clobbered. And even though there are a few standout tracks, most of the album blends together, and the songs are generally not as catchy as those on Cryptopsy's 1996 disc, "None So Vile." But if you like your metal lightning fast and thunderously loud, or if you just feel like being beaten into a bloody pulp, you should definitely already own "Whisper Supremacy." Just make sure you listen with rested ears, and a heart that can withstand almost anything."
Private Quentin Tarantino Fan | nowhere | 08/12/2006
(5 out of 5 stars)

"If you ever feel like turning into a beast, listen to this album. Whisper Supremacy is a 31 minute (enough to get it out) blast of death metal that will aid you in your anger management. Just put on the headphones, start Emaciate, and once the intro starts, just __________ rip. When listening to music like this, it makes me want to just that, forget all civilized and army like postures and actions you have to do everyday in school and society, and be inhumane (not to the point of self harm or harming others, of course, but just about).

Why did I say that? Well, some people just like death metal because it helps us get out the uncontrollable need to just rip and go berserk. Rest assured, it has nothing to do with feeling "eeXXtreMe" or being a freak, but we are mammals, after all. Some people just have this primal instinct to like out this inner beast inside of you, and the only way to get it out is to trash, head bang, or whatever actions. That's the main reason why death metal is great.

It's great for that reason, but if you can't make a death metal album that some melody, a sense of composing, and a couple of melodic parts, there's no reason to listen to it, and gets boring fast. I want to have some melody to carry me through the whole thing. It has to have some human touch, whether the melody can sense some evil or calm, anything that does some kind of a humanizing touch. ________ bands like Mortician lack that. Cryptopsy, Death, Nile, Suffocation, Morbid Angel do not lack that. Chances are, if you don't find any memorable qualities after about five listens or so, then it's not good death metal.

Whisper Supremacy has memorable riffs, crushing beats, it's got it all. There's a great sense of balance in this album, with crushing parts and a bit melodic parts as well. It never gets boring through the whole thing. What you heard is true, this is some of the most well played metal album out there. Cold Hate, Warm Blood shows some great examples of this, as well as the whole album, of course. There's also some great technical playing put to good use. Technical music is great if it's doing something to make the music sound musical. Popping and slapping takes a lot of time and certainly takes a long time to hone your skills (it's very complex at times), but just look at the way Les Claypool's hard as _______ basslines for Tommy The Cat totally set the wild craziness that the song is implying. The song's mood is quite loony, and what else to relfect that musically and bring the emotions coming from that cartoon lunacy than a crazy, spastic bassline (and Tom Waits)? There's just one example on bunking people's theory that all technical music is made for the sole purpose of showing how technical and show off you get. This is why technical is naturally not a dirty word, it only becomes that if you like it to boost your ego to be considered musically intelligient by ignorant bands teachers forgetting what music is all about.

Whisper Supremacy? Awesome. The production, first off, is excellent. It really helps to further deepen the wall of sound that metal seems to give. Someone ever noticed that? It's short, but once done, you feel like you got your fix. None of the riffs seem to be placed their for a reason, it all sounds quite catchy. What you heard is true, the musicians rip and do it with finesse. Oh, and the vocals are sweet. Mike sounds as berserk as you do when listening to it. He doesn't result to cookie monster grunting that most people hate. Plus, Lord Worm does some back up vocals, and doesn't grunt and growl, he adds some inhumane screams, great enchancing. That's a pretty novel idea actually, death metal back up vocals. For years people have been harmonizing, we can do it in death metal as well. Plain great music, to be simple, not counting the heavy part.

If you ever want to get out your primal beast inside, Whisper Supremacy is just what the doctor ordered. Next time, if somebody wants to tell you bands like this are noise and lack any emotion, show em' this review. One could argue that getting out your beast is not, if they do, well, I pity them. Just don't take my advice in the school yard or the car. Not a good idea."