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Eevil Young Flesh
Eevil Young Flesh
Genres: Alternative Rock, Pop, Rock
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You have to hand it to Rudy Ratzinger, a.k.a. :Wumpscut:--oblivious to trends in late-'90s electronic dance music, he continues to carry a torch for good old-fashioned gothic-industrial. He does it so well, it's hard to fa...  more »


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All Artists: :wumpscut:
Title: Eevil Young Flesh
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Label: Metropolis Records
Original Release Date: 4/13/1999
Re-Release Date: 4/20/1999
Genres: Alternative Rock, Pop, Rock
Styles: Goth & Industrial, Dance Pop
Number of Discs: 1
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UPC: 782388013024

You have to hand it to Rudy Ratzinger, a.k.a. :Wumpscut:--oblivious to trends in late-'90s electronic dance music, he continues to carry a torch for good old-fashioned gothic-industrial. He does it so well, it's hard to fault him--indeed, the black-clad faithful look to him as something of a god. Eevil Young Flesh, his fourth full-length, will not disappoint those fans, no matter how formulaic a release it is. The rhythms are solid, propulsive, and infectious; the synth work is appropriately sinister; Ratzinger's vocals (alternately German and English) growl and shout at just the right intensity; and the film samples (sci-fi and porn, natch) are expertly placed. Ratzinger's obsession with death pervades the album (the insert even contains photos of past serial killers), but there are moments of great beauty, particularly on the violin-accented instrumental track "Outside," the military-grooved "Wasted Dreams," and "Tell Me Now," Ratzinger's German-language duet with the ethereal-voiced Lilli Stankowski. --Steve Landau

CD Reviews

Deep in the Woods, Screams Die Away
TastyBabySyndrome | "Daddy Dagon's Daycare" - Proud Sponsor of the Lit | 01/23/2004
(5 out of 5 stars)

":wumpscut: does many things for many people, depending on how much they pay attention to the tracks and how strongly they feel on certain morbid matters. On the outside the beats sometimes move an audience and do it rather well, with a very accessible beat founding some works and a very enticing build manufacturing others, and that suits some listeners. Others delve in a little deeper, hear the Germanic words flowing to the beat and the voxing coming through, and that perhaps disturbs them. The way the voxing sounds and the deep wells of bitterness they seem to be derived from sometimes have that way with people, making them think that its perhaps morbid. But for those others that dive into the lyrical content and find out that it is actually more disturbed than simply the voxing and the sounds because the content truly is dark, there?s a plethora of thoughts to choose from. And, personally, I think I?ve chosen to buy quite few albums because its just too good to pass up.Boeses Junges Flisch (Evil Young Flesh) perhaps isn?t the most easily accessible work in the :wumpscut? catalog for everyone because (1) most of the vocals are in German and (2) because its an deliciously depraved byproduct. For some reason the language barrier bothers some people, them not enjoying stuff they can?t sing along to stateside, and they won?t purchase it. They have to be able to sing along in their native tongue, not really getting into the songs and not really noticing the translations housed directly inside the case. And that?s understandable, albeit limiting. Others have a problem because some of these songs are rather explicit, one spoke by a female and talking about certain acts she?d like to engage in, or because they?re about some rather violent themes. Stalking, killing, the random acts of violence that fuel the world; those are what :wumpscut: revolves around. And if one doesn?t mind that and likes their EBM on the mostly-aggressive side, then Evil Young Flesh is a prime choice. While I wouldn?t go as far as to say I?d choose a favorite in the :wumpscut: collection, I would go as far as to say that this ends up in my discman more than most of the others. The reason for that is primarily because it has a little taste of everything, be it beats that build or songs with growling vocals, and it flows with more consistency than a lot of the other works do. The beginning track, ?Wulf? has a good built, some nice voxing on it, a switch between German and English vocals, and leads nicely into ?Deadmaker.? At first glance, ?Deadmaker? seems like a calm sea of sounds, with a melodic introduction done with guitar, but that takes off quickly and leads into the building ocean of beats and technotroic static pretty fast. It sounds somewhat calm even when it builds, too, until you truly delve into the lyrical translations and see that ?no thought afterwards when I broke your bones? and ?I?m a slave to the killing? aren?t exactly lullaby material. ?I want you? is actually something of a change for :wumpscut:, with a lot of the vocals done by a lady as she graphically goes into what turns her on while leading into Rudy?s portion. I?ve always thought this was a commendable effort, too, because its so unacceptable to do and so catchy at the same time. It shocks a lot of people at first, finding that somewhat appalling, but its only sexuality when it comes down to it. ?Escape? is a song I heard a few times on other albums and that I really liked as well, with its translations showing a chase erupting from ?deep in the woods? as someone, ?all alone,? tries to flee. The voxing on this song and the German itself has a much greater effect when the words play out, too, making it sound ? cold. Yeah, that?s some good stuff. ?Witches Dance? is a superb instrumental, it almost a dance theme set in dark times, and ?Outside? follows it up as a slower piece also set in electronic instrumental skies. ?Eternal? is a pretty good song, too, leading into ?Forgive Me,? which is a colder sound and a much more corrosive theme that is enjoyably dark. ?Tell Me Now? is a bit different when combined with the albums progressing idea inside the music, with the female vocals (this time in German) combining with R. Ratzinger?s and speaking more on love and the wants instead of the horrors that are often the byproducts of this in :wumpscut: songs. And, to end, is the musical piece ?Longing,? bringing the album to close with a nice beat and some interesting clips to boot.While I wouldn?t recommend this to everyone nor would I say that this would be a good starting point to introduce :wumpscut:, I would say that this is a piece anyone that liked what they do should pick up because it has a lot of good stuff. The beats are energetic and dark, and the progressing theme of the songs is also of the violent variety, and the things I like from :wumpscut: flow within those veins. As I said before, its something that works well as an entire piece and has replayability. It?s always helps me gear toward killing time (or is that times?)."
Strong Industrial But a Bit Formulaic
SandmanVI | Glen Allen, VA United States | 03/23/2004
(4 out of 5 stars)

"Taken on its own 'Eevil Young Flesh' is a very solid album of hard industrial dance. There are probably 4 great dancefloor songs and 1 excellent instrumental. However the issue reallly isn't the song quality, it's just that at this point in Rudy's career this has become a bit of a formula and it feels a little trite for long-time fans. (Note: I actually wrote the review of this album for 'Outburn Magazine' years ago and said basically the same thing).The album opens with the fast-paced, frantic "Wulf" - German for "Wolf". It's interesting to notice that this is the only track with a German title and it is sung in English, while all of the other tracks are listed in English while sung in German - quirky. The amazing synth hook in this song cuts through the mix like few others I have ever heard.The next track is "Deadmaker", a turbocharged, psychotic thrill-ride not fit for the faint of heart. If you really love this song you can get the "Totmacher" remixes which feature this song remixes by a slew of major electro acts. "DM" is followed directly by the next dance slammer "I Want You". This one features the clearest beat on the disc and razor sharp electro lines. The only drawback is that the porno samples at the beginning are lame, immature and don't fit the songs theme of fully possessing another person... it's just kind of a snore of a way to open such a good song.Later on the disc you'll find "Wasted Dreams", a bitter tale of a person looking to reclaim past losses. Further on is the hauntingly beautiful "Outside", likely the best instrumental :W: has done since "Thorns".In sum, this is a great release that new fans will likely love. It's an easy entry point. Still it is not one of his best 3 albums and at the time it felt like he needed more of a step forward with his sound and this was firmly treading on familiar ground. However, that is high quality ground."
A good compilation
panikmanifesto15 | WV, USA | 02/17/2004
(4 out of 5 stars)

"This cd is really good, actually better than I expected. I like all of the tracks, but 'Outside' is an exceptionally beautiful piece, and 'escape'. 'Deadmaker' was not as good as I thought it would be, I thought it would be a very exciting, different song, but instead it is repetitive, but NOT as repetitive as 'witches' dance'. I like that song to an extent, but you don't want to listen to the whole thing... It gets old fast. 'I want you', despite the porno audio clip, is a brilliant song. I love it, maybe the clip is just proving the 'maturity' in Rudy's genius."