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Mail a CD. Get a CD. Every time you ship a CD to another member, you can request one for yourself having it delivered directly to your door! Any album you request is yours to keep, share or trade.

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I've been a member of SWAPACD for five months. I've sent out numerous CDs and ordered plenty myself. I love music, and had many CDs sitting around from my years of DJing. This gave me the opportunity to turn over a lot of music that I would never listen to, for music that I'd wanted for a long time! The price is right, and as I've personally experienced, SWAPACD's guarantee of quality CDs is exceptional. I received a couple of defective CDs (skipped), and they not only restored my credits, but also the 49 cent transaction fee! Super site, run by super people with terrific members! I'm waiting on 4 CDs to arrive as I write!
Dwight M. - RUTLAND, MA - 1/26/2007

This CD Trading website is AWESOME beyond belief!!!
There are endless cool features on SwapACD that really make CD Trading easy, lots of fun and (most importantly) AFFORDABLE! If you are paying $10 to $18 for one CD, that is just plain nuts! It is costing me less than $4 per CD here on SACD.
You can even choose whether you want All Art, some or none of the Album Art, unlike the nasty limitations some other CD trading sites force upon you! SwapACD haS A Killer set of CD search options including Genre, Keywords and 8 more criteria and sorting options on top of those. You can select an artist or band and then immediately SEE which out of all their albums you can get right now & which you will want to add to your Wish List. Prioritize the most wanted items on your Wish List to expedite the wait! Choose an album and the AMG content details and review show up right away. There are a full range of email notifications available to you.
OK, OK, I will sum it up in just three words... CHOICES! CHOICES! CHOICES!
Jump on in and GET SOME! Your only regret will be that you did not find out about SwapACD sooner!

Brett H. - 3/17/2009