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I was looking for a place that would take CDs that I never listened to. Seemingly how most of them were ones I had in college, I had to get rid of the cases for easier packing, and I later found out I couldn't even take them to used CD shops because they didn't have the UPC or whatever. So I was stuck with all these CDs that were in great shape. I'd been a member of PBS, and was so addicted. It's the same with this. The only negative part is that now I rarely find the time to log out and actually do something other than constantly checking my accounts for new additions or requests...
Rainey A. - SPANISH FORK, UT - 10/23/2007

LOVE this site almost everytime it is a clean transaction and if not then they fix it immediately. THIS SITE IS GREAT i have got 19 cds so far and the only thing i have against it is that they are limited by some cds but eventually get them in, so people need to sign up and get some more cds on here.
David v jr P. - BOURBON, IN - 12/18/2008