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Why in the world would you buy this CD? Just buy Big Ones. It's got all these songs and a couple more. Aerosmith rock. But this CD has already been done. Save your money and get a better set!

Review Date: 7/12/2012
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Nineteen songs that all sound the same. How this band sells albums is a mystery to me!

Review Date: 11/20/2014
Title: The Best Of The Doors
Artist: Doors
Label: Rhino / Wea
Original Release Date: 1/1/2006
Date: 3/2/2012
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Lynyrd Skynyrd has Free Bird. The Eagles have Hotel California. And Led Zepplin has Stairway to Heaven. It seems like every classic rockband has their over the top, get out the lighters, let's go to rock bliss, song. I submit Light My Fire as The Doors contribution to this list. Long, majestic, and heart wrenching. Oh, and it rocks hard. With a keyboard! But then again, when were The Doors ever conventional?

Still one of my favorite bands of the 1960s. They were loud, rude, and rocking. And Jim Morrison (Vocals) had the chrisma of 5 people. He not only had a great voice, but his lyrics truly are poetry. They are dark to be sure. But they also cherish a sliver of optimism somewhere in each line.
This is a great CD to get if you have never really had much to do with The Doors. All of their hits are here, with a good mix of some songs that might have been lesser known. And my favorite Door's song of all time is on here too. People Are Strange. Indeed they are. Excellent set and it needs to be in every rock fans collection.

Review Date: 3/2/2012
Original Release Date: 1/1/2000
Date: 11/22/2011
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There are a select few comedians who are straight up funny. Some (cough -Dane Cook- cough) use profanity to cover up the fact that their routines aren't really that funny. Not so with Brian Regan. He is a tremendously smart guy, who plays a stupid guy in his comedy.
Since he has so much physical comedy though, his facial expressions alone can make you burst out laughing, I was worried that it wouldn't translate well to just audio. I was wrong. From "Stupid in School" to "Fishing Shows" this is Brian at his best. Two thumbs way up.

Review Date: 11/22/2011
Title: Core
Artist: Stone Temple Pilots
Label: Atlantic / Wea
Original Release Date: 9/29/1992
Date: 10/15/2011
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Still one of my favorite albums of all time. In 1992 STP realeased this rock gem. It wasn't univerally aclaimed though that's for sure. While fans loved it enough to make it go 8 times platinum the critics dismissed it as just another grunge cd. Well, STP are still around making music, so what you got to say to that critics? Here's a song breakdown:

Dead and Bloated 5.0 Heck of a start to a cd. Scot Weiland's growling lyrics over a killer riff.
Sex Type Thing 4.9 A strong song condeming date rape. Pretty powerful stuff.
No Memory 3.7 Cool interlude that leads into....
Wicked Garden 4.8 Strong rock song. Another classic.
Sin 4.7 A very underated song. Love the lyrics!
Naked Sunday 4.2 Interesting beat. Love the production on this song.
Creep 5.0 STP go acoustic on this one, and it is amazing. You can feel the intensity in Scott's voice too!
Piece of Pie 4.0 Interesting song. Not really in love with it though.
Plush 5.0 It doesn't get any better than this! The music, the lyrics, the singing, the baseline. Everything comes together in this one! Worth buying the cd just for this song!
Wet My Bed 2.5 Throw away track in my opinion. Very short and could've been left off.
Crackerman 5.0 My favorite song on the record! I saw Velvet Revolver play one time and they did this song. So good!
Where the River Goes 4.9 Good long ending song!

53.7 out of 60.0. Not too shabby. If you don't have this cd but love rock, then you need to get this.

Review Date: 10/15/2011

I refuse to use the term EMO to describe this cd. Because EMO anymore implies some guy whining about his girl problems to a noisy guitar, or an acoustic guitar. This album is more than that. Although you can see why EMO borrowed from this record whole souled. And in case you are wondering what EMO is, it means emotional music.
It was released on May 10, 1994 and is the seventh best selling cd on Sub Pop records with over 231,000 copies sold.
Not really a success when viewed through big record producer specs. But at the same time a very moving and important record which changes most people who give it a chance. The songs are rocking and haunting somehow at the same time. This is for a fact indie music. Nothing is really radio friendly here. But still catchy somehow. The artwork in the album is amazing too. 100% worth buying the remastered version if you are a new fan.
But what if you've been a fan for years? Is it worth if you have the cd already? Well, you get two bonus songs from the 7 inch vinyl "Thief, Steal me a Peach." And while "8" is already on "LP 2", this is a different version . Also "9" is cool. And believe it or not the cd sounds better now too. More clear and less muddied. Worth the moolah to me.
Whether a new or old fan, I endorse this cd. ;)

Review Date: 1/3/2012
Title: Dirt
Artist: Alice in Chains
Label: Sony
Original Release Date: 9/29/1992
Date: 12/5/2014

Alice in Chains album Dirt is classic rock for me. I really got into music on the tail end of the grunge popularity phase. But made up for it with listening to everything it had to offer. Now we are pushing 20 years since its heyday. And while there are many albums that are forgotten, some of them stand the test of time. This is such a record.

Grinding grungy with a metallic vibe underneath it all, this record has everything. If you listened to radio at all in the nineties you have heard some of these tunes. Them Bones. Down in a Hole. Rooster. So many good staples of rock. And much more here too like Angry Chair and Rain When I Die.
Itís been 22 years since this came out. And itís still awesome today.

Review Date: 12/5/2014
Title: East Infection
Artist: Ramasutra
Label: Unidisc
Original Release Date: 1/1/2007
Date: 3/5/2015
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What a terrible name for a disc. Why would you give it a chance with that name?

Review Date: 3/5/2015

Scott Weiland is the epitome of a rock star. I mean that in both a good and bad way. For the bad he was addicted to drugs and alcohol. For the good side, he has a great voice, writes great and insightful lyrics, and is phenomenal live.
We all know his work with STP and Velvet Revolver. And his first solo album was very out there and experimental. But how did he do with "Happy In Galoshes"?
Short answer: Awesome!
Longer answer: Awesome! A lot easier to be a fan of than his first record. Let's break it down song by song:

Missing Cleveland 5/5. This song is truly a great song. Cool lyrics and the music rocks. Love the chorus. Also the video is great too. With such a strong start where will the album go from here?
Tangle With Your Mind 5/5. Another song that will make you check your iPod to make sure it is Scott Weiland you are listening to! I mean that in a good way. A very country (not pop country) sounding song. You also hear influences from older rock groups as well. One of my favorite songs on the cd.
Blind Confusion 5/5. Alternative rock never sounded so good. And I love the vocals. Especially in the chorus do they shine. This song should get it's own video!
Paralysis 5/5. Starts off slower, but by the time it hits the chorus you realize you're in for a special treat. Another truly good song.
She Sold Her System 4/5. This song slows the album down. It's soft and has a lot of reflection in it. The record was inspired by his separation from his wife and the death of his brother.
Fame 5/5. Forget Entertainment Weekly bashing this song in their review. They are obviously tone deaf and stupid. Scott does an excellent cover of a classic Bowie song. He listed Bowie as one of his influences so it's cool he gives some props to him. Stupid critics....
Killing Me Sweetly 3/5. This song sounds like it could be an STP song. Pretty good and mellow.
Big Black Monster 4/5. One of the very few songs that could've been on 12 Bar Blues. Dirty production sound. I like it.
Crash 2.5/5 After the original radio friendly songs that were on the first part of the record, Weiland gets a little experimental. It ranges from good to alright depending on the song. This one is in the OK range.
Beautiful Day 5/5 As if he realized he needed to make up for the last lackluster song, bam! Here's a gem of a song. Love the piano and "carnival" sounding vibe. Excellent song!
Pictures and Computers 4/5. Horns and piano. Guitar and bass. This song has it all. The lyrics are very insightful too. This is a good song to put on and reflect on life. In my opinion of course.
Arch Angel 1.5/5 Not a big fan of this song. The lyrics are alright. The melody is OK. But I'm not a fan of that annoying beeping noise that goes through the song. Easily my least favorite song on the cd.
Be Not Afraid 4/5. An old hymn does as a bluesy song. I like it. Very intriguing add to the album.

Score: 53/65. Definitely worth spending your hard earned cash for. Not just a good Scott Weiland record, this is a good record hands down. I recommend picking it up asap.

Review Date: 8/6/2012

Sunny Day Real Estate reconvened for this third record. But much of the fire had went out of Jeremy Enigk by this one. It's much more mellow than their first two records. Not to say that it is bad by any means. Guitar and Video Games is cool and 100 Million is rocking in it's own right. And Every Shinning Time You Arrive is in the top 5 of my favorite SDRE songs ever.

So I still recommend this album. Just remember though, it is a lot mellower than Diary or LP 2.

Review Date: 8/2/2012
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I'm puzzled by all the negativity surrounding this cd. It's a great catchy album. With fun songs and good to bob your head to. Maybe not the best Weezer ever, but it's good and I'm glad I got it. I mean if you are looking for a deep heartfelt tour de force of emotion taking you to the depths of human sadness and then whisking you off to the heights of ecstasy....well, all I got to say is have you ever listened to Weezer? Ever? You are looking for a deep cd from the guys who did Hash Pipe, Pink Triangle, and Buddy Holly? Come on guys....with the exception of Pinkerton, Weezer don't really journey into deep music. If I'm feeling some strong emotions I need to work out I don't reach for a Weezer album. That would be like getting dumped and then reaching for a Lady Gaga cd. I think she is a good singer and can make a good pop song. But a pop dance album doesn't help me when I feel down so I don't go for something like that.

That being said, I do have to agree with the critics on the Where's My Sex song. Radio friendly and not much else to it. The lyrics are horribly stupid. They really make me cringe.

But that song being set aside a pretty good record and a worthy addition to the Weezer catalog. So if you're on the fence about this album, I say pick it up. Catchy and interesting. And worth listening to a time or two. 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Review Date: 1/27/2012
Title: Hybrid Theory
Artist: Linkin Park
Label: Warner Bros / Wea
Original Release Date: 10/24/2000
Date: 8/5/2013

Sometimes you need to take something in perspective to see how truly great it is. Now with Linkin Park a completely different sounding band, many people have forgotten their orginal roots in rap and rock. Now the album sounds like a lot of others. But that's where perspective comes in.

What was on top of the charts in the year 2000? BBMak. Backstreet Boys. N Sync. Toni Braxton. Jennifer Lopez. Linkin Park's debut was a breath of fresh air. And it still is honestly. Yes a lot of the songs do sound the same. But listen to tracks like One Step Closer and In The End. Tell me that doesn't get you up and moving.

Great stuff. Then and now. A good addition to your collection.

Review Date: 8/5/2013
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Phenomenal cd. It's like The Sheepdogs tried to release this cd in 1976 but it warped through a black hole into the 21st centaury. Seriously though just listening to the music you'd think they are a southern rock band from the 70s. They are actually Canadian rockers with a heavy bluesy rock vibe. I actually first heard about them because my wife watches Project Runway, and the designers make clothes for them on one episode. Who knew! Don't let that prejudice you though.
The only problem I had at all with the cd is that most of the songs are too short. They could easily be 6 minute songs with solid grooves. But most of them clock in at around the 3:30 mark. But that's it. My only complaint. Other than that, solid gold. Can't wait for a follow up cd.

Review Date: 12/5/2011
Title: Ok Computer
Artist: Radiohead
Label: Capitol
Original Release Date: 7/1/1997
Date: 11/22/2011
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Still one of the best albums I have ever heard. Radiohead hit alternative rock perfection on this cd. From the radio friendly "Karma Police" to the gem of "Airbag" every song hits a chord inside you and sticks there.
This cd belongs in everyone's collection.

Review Date: 11/22/2011
Title: Pinkerton
Artist: Weezer
Label: Geffen Records
Original Release Date: 9/24/1996
Date: 1/27/2012
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I feel like I'm pretty balanced when it comes to this Weezer album. I bought it when it originally came out. And I didn't hate it like 99% of the people and critics. I thought it was good and a logical step forward in Weezer's music. I mean come on, the songs had changed, but the lyrics were even more personal. And the music was rawer. But it didn't matter, everyone hated it. And I thought it was great.
Now flash forward 16 years and the record is looked at in a completely new light. Instead of a piece of garbage, many people see it as the holy grail of music. A 90's staple. They love it as much as they used to hate it. I agree about the 90s staple feeling. But a perfect untouchable album? Heck no. There are some rough songs here that could've used a little more work in my opinion (i.e. No Other One for example). And some of the lyrics would've probably been reworked if it was a Weezer record now.
But with all this said, it's the same 4 star CD it always has been. If you don't have it, but are a Weezer fan, or even a 1990s music fan, then get this album today. Good stuff guaranteed.

Review Date: 1/27/2012
Title: Purple
Artist: Stone Temple Pilots
Label: Atlantic / Wea
Original Release Date: 6/7/1994
Date: 1/3/2012
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By this point in STP's career they had made 1 grungy rock album that had been panned by the critics as a rip off cd. But it had struck a note with the public leading them to begin recording a follow up. It was released on June 7th, 1994. The record followed a lot of the same territory that the first did with plenty f grunge and hard rock sensibilities. Even with that said though, the subtle shift to psychedelic rock can be seen here as well (i.e. "Lounge Fly"). It went on to sell over 6 million copies. But does the cd live up to the hype when played? Let's go through it track by track... (1 to 5 scale)

1. "Meatplow" 4.9 Solid start to the cd. Weird lyrics and grinding guitars let you know STP is back baby.
2. "Vasoline" 5.0 Another rock staple. The heavy effects at the start are very memorable.
3. "Lounge Fly" 4.2 STP's first foray into psychedelic rock. It works moderately well. Only profanity on the album is heard on this track.
4. "Interstate Love Song" 5.0 Probably the best song on the whole album. A groove with a cool melody and great lyrics to match. And the video is good too. There is nothing negative I can say about this song.
5. "Still Remains" 4.3 A beautiful love song. My mom always thought the "Take a bath, I'll drink the water that you leave" line was gross. But in some weird ways you can almost relate....
6. "Pretty Penny" 4.5 Love the opening shimmer to the acoustic guitar. Another psychedelic song. Not heavy at all. And perfectly placed on the cd.
7. "Silvergun Superman" 4.9 STP show they have still have the hard rock chops. The lyrics are cool. Hearing a pig whisper sweetly....pretty cool. Guitar work is great too.
8. "Big Empty" 5.0 This song was also on The Crow soundtrack. And also appeared on their unplugged special on MTV. Excellent song. Love the slide guitar. STP went country on this one and still rocked it!
9. "Unglued" 5.0 A straight up rock monster. Still good to pump your fist too.
10. "Army Ants" 4.9 No slowing down on this track. Starts off soft and mellow and then kicks it into hyper drive!
11. "Kitchenware & Candybars" 3.5 Nothing special about this song. The hidden song about it being the second album is better than the first song on the track.
Total: 51.2 out of 55.0. Above average album and totally worth picking up if you don't have it yet.

Review Date: 1/3/2012
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This may be an older and less known one of her works (at least in the U.S), but it doesn't mean it's inferior in any way, shape, form, or fashion. Sarah is just as stunning on this record as in all the rest of her work. While her first album, Touch, was a little rough around the edges, she has really honed her sound and craft by this release.

The first 5 songs are exceptionally brilliant. Not only the sound, but lyrically she is at the top of her game. Such a soulful tone and you can almost see the small sigh in her eyes just listening to them. But don't stop there, the rest of the cd is a gem as well. If you didn't come on board till her later works, don't concern yourself at all with spending some money on this one. You will be satisfied. Two thumbs up.

Review Date: 2/15/2012
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When I first heard the Sneaker Pimps I was listening to The Saint soundtrack. Remember that movie? The one with Val Kilmer as a master of disguise thief? Early 1990s movie. I liked it and the soundtrack was cool too. Loved the song the Pimps contributed. The perfect mix between techno vibes and the cooing voice of the lead singer Kelli Alli. The album that song came off, Becoming X, quickly became a favorite disc after I bought it. The perfect mix of the thumping beat and sweet vocals.
So when I had a chance to pick up this cd I did with great expectation. And now, meh. Not that it's a bad cd. It's ok. The music is still good. Still electronic and has good beats. But even with Kelli not in the band anymore they really should've went with another female singer. The guy on here can sing, but the music was so much better with a female voice behind it. It just sounds awkward and weird. If maybe I had heard this cd first without hearing Kelli sing the songs, I would probably really like it. Too bad that's not the case....
I'm not saying don't get this cd. I'm just letting you know it's not for all of us. It's definitely not for me.

Review Date: 1/3/2012
Title: Spooky
Artist: Lush
Label: Warner Bros / Wea
Original Release Date: 2/4/1992
Date: 2/10/2012
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The debut album of Lush. The cd was weird for it's time. And it still sounds weird and out of place now. But I'm not actually in any way demeaning the cd. That's actually one of the things I love about it. It's in many ways a timeless album. Think about how much music you can easily class which decade it came from. Or figure out what style it is. Lush worked hard to defy that. Oh sure, you know it's pop. But not Britney Spears pop. It's rock, but not Guns N Roses rock. It stuck between genres. And now has come to be called "Shoegazing."

And in case you're wondering, Shoegazing means bands who came from the late eighties, and reached it's height in the mid nineties. They played a brand of alternative pop rock. It was heavily effects laden. Lush were at the forefront of the movement. While the style has mostly died out, it's not done yet with a new crop of "nu-gaze" bands like Autolux. But anyway, what about this album?

Solid cd. Lush were still growing into their sound like wearing a shirt a bit too big. So sometimes the sound gets away from them. A good example would be the song Tiny Smiles in my opinion. But other songs they were able to nail, such as Covert, For Love, Superblast!, and my personal favorite Untogether.
Yes the shoegazing era is gone. But Lush left us with some very memorable records. Such as this moody gem.

Review Date: 2/10/2012

Stone Temple pilots have never been able to please everyone. From their first album "Core" in 1992 when the critics bashed them (but the fans got it!) to their groundbreaking "Tiny Music.." and the style change, STP have been naturally progressing as a band.
I submit that this new record is an awesome next phase in their development as a band. Do I long for the harder edge sound from Core, Purple, and No. 4? Sure, I love the tunes from those cds. But at the same time it's not like I disliked Tiny Music... or Shangri-La Dee Da. Still there is something brave about the guys doing a 70s rock inspired record. It's bold. It's loud, and it's fresh.
Let's break it down:

Between the Lines (5/5) Excellent lead single from the record. Lyrics are meaningful if you know what kind of past Scott has had. Video is cool too.

Take a Load Off (5/5) Another fun 70s rock tune amd the second single. The chorus is jangly and poppy. By this time in the record you realize they are going to have a theme going...

Huckleberry Crumble (4/5) I can see Aerosmith writing this song. Has a dirty southern rock vibe. Excellent song.

Hickory Dichotomy (5/5) Another great bluesy rock tune. I agree with the other reviewer, could have easily been a single.

Dare If You Dare (3/5) A bit forgettable in my opinion. Not that it's bad or anything. Just a bit of a letdown after the first four tracks. Still a great chorus though.

Cinnamon (4/5) The third single off the record. People are split on this song, and rightfully so. On one hand it is a masterfully crafted sugary, poppy sounding song. Some people hate it, and would say this is why STP isn't very good anymore. I don't agree with that camp. While I don't normally like songs like this, it completely works. Sounds like a tune STP would have written if they had been a band in the 60s. And it's so darn catchy too! I give it two thumbs up myself.

Hazy Daze (5/5) Another dirty rock song in the vein of Huckleberry and Hickory. Love the sound of the guitar in this one. One of my favorite tracks on the album.

Bagman (4/5) It would surprise me if this song doesn't become a concert staple. I love the swagger in this song.

Peacoat (5/5) This song could easily have been a hard rocking song. The guitar riff that opens the song sounds so menacing. The chorus is a bit poppy, but I think it is a solid rock tune. Worth listening to 50 or more times.

Fast As I Can (3/5) One of the weakest tunes on the cd in my opinion. It's just a rock tune. Slightly boring even.

First Kiss On Mars (5/5) Love Weiland's vocals on this one. Another heavily inspired classic rock sounding song.

Maver (4/5) Solid song. Slower.

BONUS TRACKS from the deluxe edition:

Samba Nova (1/5) Ugh. I know why this song didn't make the regular edition of the album. In my opinion it might be the weakest song STP have ever made. Trippy sounding, and yet boring.

Vasoline - Live (5/5) I'm normally not a huge fan of live tracks. But it's such a good song, and the band sounds spot on. Good addition.

Hickory Dichotomy - Live (5/5) Being live only adds to how awesome this tune is!

Between the Lines - Live (5/5) They hit this song hard! Sounds great.

OVER ALL SCORE: 68/80. Pretty good. Definitely a 5 star cd. Don't listen to all the haters. They are the people who hate when a band evolves. And if you hate a band's sound evolving, it makes me wonder why you would be a Stone Temple Pilot fan anyway. Worth picking up.
For the next record I do hope they add a little more punch to it. But even if they made another just like this one, I would still love it. Good job guys. Thanks for the new album.

Review Date: 8/1/2012
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Great cd! Now while there is some previously released material on this album, don't let that discourage you. The remixes are dead on. Here's my thoughts on each track:

1. Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - 5.0 Emily Brown, what can't she do? Act, and now sing? Yes she does a heck of a job on this song. A classic reworking that hits on all cylinders.
2. Army of Me (Sucker Punch Remix) - 4.0 Don't get me wrong, the song fits perfectly in with the movie. And the remix is cool. But not too special. Bjork screams some, and that's about it. Still though it doesn't detract from the rest of the album.
3. White Rabbit - 5.0 A song about Alice In Wonderland. It rocks. Emiliana Torrini's voice is perfect here. A dreamy rock/pop song.
4. I Want It All/ We Will Rock You (Mash Up) - 1.0 Ugh, this doesn't work with the rest of the cd in my opinion. It's a fist pumping mix of rap and classic Queen. But it sticks out like a sore thumb when compared with the rest of the dreamy rock and punk songs.
5. Search and Destroy - 4.5 Ah here we go. Jumps right back into the album's theme. Good song
6. Tomorrow Never Comes - 4.0 A very memorable song (on the movie it's the train scene/kitchen scene). This song get's stuck in my head every time I hear it. It is not dying....argh! See!
7. Where Is My Mind? - 4.5 Emily Brown sings backup to this song as well. Will stick with you long after the song ends.
8. Asleep - 4.0 Yet a third Emily Brown song! And she rocks this one as well. Slower and haunting.
9. Love is the Drug - 5.0 This song is from the final credits in the movie. And it fits in so well. Once you get done the movie you are kind of in a dark place by what you have just seen. This song is the perfect touch to bring you back up. It sounds like a big grand production. Great song and a great way to conclude the album.

Final Score: 37.0 out of 45.0
Not too shabby! With the exception of song number four this soundtrack doesn't miss a beat. I personally recommend it.

Review Date: 11/18/2011

A great introduction to STP. Or, if you're not a huge fan, this is a good collection to have. I personally love Stone Temple Pilots so I recommend getting every album. But if you just want the hits, they are all here. It sucks that Crackerman isn't on here though.

The DVD is very good too. It includes all the videos and some cool bootlegs as well. Two thumbs up on this set.

Review Date: 7/2/2012
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It seems that bands reach a dangerous ground once they start working on their third album. Either they can stick with their tried and true formula that has been working for the previous records, or switch it up and try to grow as a band. With option 1 they risk being decried as a one trick pony. With option 2 they risk alienating their original fan base. So in some ways it is a loose - loose situation.
From the outside looking in, it seems STP had this ahead of them with Tiny Music... They had made two straight up grungy rock records. What would they do for number three? Happily for us music fans, they decided to try something new. And it sounds great. It still sounds like the Pilots, but it also sounds like a natural progression for them as well. The heavy riffs are still there (Tripping on a Hole in a Paper Heart), but now pop licks are added (Big Bang Baby), more soft thoughtful rock (Lady Picture Show), and even some weirdly compelling jazzy tunes (And So I know)! And guess what? It works.

I remember when this first came out I was in a local record store, and the owner tried to convince me that The Verve Pipe's new cd was going to be a better buy for me than STP's new one. I choose that one then, and bought Verve Pipe's later. Guess which tunes grace my ipod today?

Review Date: 2/23/2012
Title: Turn It Upside Down
Artist: Spin Doctors
Label: Sony
Original Release Date: 1/1/1994
Date: 2/10/2012
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Sometimes first albums can make a band and break them at the same time. Take the Spin Doctors for instance. Their 1991 album Pocket Full of Kryptonite was a masterpiece. Funky riffs, wild lyrics, and a jam band feel, it took the world by storm and sold more than 5 million copies. Good news for the Doctors because this gives them the go ahead to put out another cd. But bad news for the band if you want to grow and move forward.
Turn it Upside Down is a solid effort from the Spin Doctors, and in some ways even surpasses the first. But it didn't matter to most people. The band sold over a million albums, but the decline was in effect.
And that frankly sucks. Because this is a stellar album. Funkier then the original it worked more on vibes than radio friendly material. The biggest single was You Let Your Heart Go Too Fast. And while that's a great tune, there are so many more on the record. Big Fat Funky Booty, Cleopatra' Cat, All This Will Be Road....all amazing songs.
So should you get the cd? Yes if you are a Spin Doctor's fan and want to see their natural progression as a band. But if you expect to hear the same exact music as Pocket, then don't bother. Me? I love this album and wish they would make another soon.

Review Date: 2/10/2012
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For all of you that think she can sing, buy her live album. News flash, she can't. This album is all pop. If you're looking for a fake punk, goth, rock chick then here you go. (Except for the chick thing, that's not fake, she is a pretty girl). It's all pop here though. And if that's you're thing, then cool. But please don't try to convince yourself this has anything to do with punk or real rock and roll. Please!

Review Date: 7/9/2012
Title: Weezer
Artist: Weezer
Label: Geffen Records
Original Release Date: 5/10/1994
Date: 1/27/2012
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This CD makes me feel old. Not because of the music. Because I was so young when it came out. This album has stood the test of time. It just straight up rocks. Radio staples? Check. Heartfelt lyrics? Check. Silly catchy pop hooks? Check and check. This was a no filler record that every fan of rock should have in their collection. Two thumbs up.

Review Date: 1/27/2012
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Social Distortion have been rocking for decades now. And this is one of their cds you shouldn't pass up. While the cd isn't as 'punk' as some of their earlier works, it still is a nice shot of rock and roll.
The song 'I Was Wrong' was probably their biggest hit from the album, and it's a great tune, but please don't overlook the rest of the songs. Good cd and worth adding to your collection.

Review Date: 12/8/2011
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