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a rhino records and blockbuster music release containing 10 tracks. includes the following: firefall, todd rundgren, lobo, england dan and john ford coley, starbuck, randy vanwarmer, eric carmen, daryl hall and john oates, greg lake and leo sayer.

Review Date: 10/20/2011

hey - isn't it ironic that this all music guide release doesn't have a review or a star rating? the amg site has reviewed thousands of albums but couldn't get someone to review or to rate their own compilation - just thought that was funny :) patrick bossajake

Review Date: 4/21/2009

nice surprise here. i was not familiar with this record label but this turned out to be a wonderful compilation of jazz vocals by the original artists both old and new. the grouping here flows nicely and is very romantic and relaxing. so great to drive by that i put it in and let it cycle around for hours. released by reflections music / universal in 2009. it includes the following artists: sarah vaughan, ernestine anderson, etta james, blossom dearie, diana krall, melody gardot, nina simone, anita o'day, ella fitzgerald, patti page, carmen mcrae, diane schuur, dinah washington and billie holiday.

Review Date: 11/11/2011

this is a budget line disc in the cheapest packaging imaginable. pretty horrible super cheap cardboard sleeve but if you can pick it up for a bargain price it is still great Holiday. for beginners for sure.

Review Date: 1/12/2011
Title: Bird on a Wire
Artist: Toby Lightman
Label: Lava
Original Release Date: 1/1/2006
Date: 4/30/2009
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a wonderful release filled with energy and soul - the kind of soul that enables a singer to fully express complicated and deeply felt emotions with subtle shifts in the tone of her voice - spectacular! i've read reviews where she is compared to country star shelby lynne and the jazzier vocalist norah jones. this may be true but for me her style reminds me of a softer beth hart, a more contemplative susan tedeschi or even jann arden - she has lots of blues in her but there's a depth of emotion that comes out in a very positive way with lots of spirit and soul. she feels the music, has emotional depth and shares her passion with all who'll listen. if you like goosebumps give this one a listen! patrick bossajake

Review Date: 4/30/2009

2002 single of the tune "my dogs" by rappers "chuck-n-blood". includes 4 versions of this track as well as 4 snippets of other songs by this rap group. packaged as slimline jewel with that type of art.

Review Date: 6/10/2011

yikes! this is horrible. the back of the case indicates that this cd is "a collection of marimba, guitar and xylaphone" but they don't mention that it was recorded using a children's sound machine. this is actually one of the worst musical recordings i have ever listened to in my life. would make a great soundtrack for a movie whos premise was being stuck in an elevator for 2 days listening to the worst muzak ever made. patrick bossajake

Review Date: 5/7/2012

although there are 20 tracks listed here on the site and also on the tray art for the actual cd when you put the cd in to play it there are only the first 18 tracks on it - this is for the sound triangle 2005 version. odd issue that i've not run across before. anyway, the sound triangle version is 18 tracks and not 20. patrick bossajake

Review Date: 8/4/2010
Title: Esqueletos
Artist: Tarantella
Label: Alternative Tentacles
Original Release Date: 1/1/2005
Date: 8/31/2010
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what a nice surprise this disc was. mix a little ennio morricone with some gypsy jazz and other world influences and you get a warm mixture of various genres of music combined together into something fresh and new. although considered a rock band i think they fit much better into the world music genre. if you happen to stumble across this band be sure to give them a try! patrick bossajake

Review Date: 8/31/2010

this is a budget line disc in the cheapest packaging imaginable. pretty horrible super cheap cardboard sleeve but if you can pick it up for a bargain price it is still great etta. for beginners for sure.

Review Date: 1/12/2011

slim jewel single which includes a 4th track on the enhanced cd - the video for "i wanna thank ya".

Review Date: 7/3/2010

this is actually an excellent compilation disc, romantic standards by the greatest voices in jazz and they seem to be original hits, very good quality recordings for sure. includes nat, ella, etta, tony, bobby, mel, kay, anita, keely, dinah, lena, sarah and billie - you guess the last names as they are all jazz and vocal superstars. highly recommended to set the mood for a romantic evening. bossajake

Review Date: 7/5/2012

digipak style case includes 2 discs as well as a 100 page color book

Review Date: 7/3/2009

loved this one, i never seem to get tired of django's gypsy swing style and i think he was at his best when coupled with stephane's beautiful violin work, it seems to bring him down to earth a little or maybe he just sounds more relaxed. something wonderful about listening to the sound of a more classical instrument like the violin with a jazzy upbeat swing to it. makes wonderful background music for a romantic evening in but still works to get you movin' if you just adjust the volume up a bit. can't go wrong with this one. patrick bossajake

Review Date: 4/13/2009

sampler cd from the live from las vegas series. this 2005 sampler contains 12 nuggets by heavy hitters like sinatra, prima, dean martin, nat king cole, keely smith, peggy lee, nancy wilson, bobby darin and more performing live at the sands casino, the flamingo, the golden nugget and the sahara. very enjoyable and nice to hear quality live versions of some classics.

Review Date: 11/11/2011
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60 second crush is an alternative metal band out of detroit, michigan - hard to find album.

Review Date: 7/21/2009

the album description and reviews here are both incorrect. this set is as it appears, 3 disc containing 10 tracks each, 30 tracks total and released through bmg.

Review Date: 10/20/2011
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taken from their myspace page: "The Rakehells are the band you wish were playing when you're out on a Saturday night. Equal parts punk attitude, pop hooks and raw energy, The Rakehells are the reason you love rock'n'roll. Stripped down rock the way it was meant to be played. loud. really loud."

they have a good new york punk sound, worth checking out :)

Review Date: 3/28/2012

just good old foot-stompin' bluegrass that'll put a smile on your face and get your feet a tappin'. maintains it's energy from beginning to end - i highly recommend this one!

Review Date: 7/13/2011
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this cd is very calming, i listened to it while working on the computer and almost fell asleep :) no gimmicky waterfalls, birds screeching or insects buzzing, just smooth and soothing. i purchased it for my 84 year old mother to help her fall asleep when she's not feeeling well.

Review Date: 11/20/2011

this is an excellent classical compilation. i don't know much about baby brain development but i do know i enjoy listening to this one myself. a nice surprise.

Review Date: 1/2/2014
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well - what a wonderful surprise this cd was. she's considered a jazz singer but certainly would fit well in a blues or soul setting too. earthy, honest and enjoyable voice. not as bluesy as susan tedeschi or beth hart and not as much soul as janis joplin, maybe her jazz sensabilities are what allow her to balance her approach so well. check this one out. patrick bossajake

Review Date: 4/13/2009

correct title name is "we get a kick out of jazz" - barnes and noble exclusive - various artists - released on the verve label in 2005

vocalist list which correctly corresponds to the track list shown here:
1- joni mitchell
2- sting
3- james taylor
4- jamie cullum
5- linda ronstadt
6- tom waits
7- van morrison
8- aaron neville
9- lizz wright
10- diana krall

Review Date: 2/16/2012

some big names here: the cranberries, lisa stansfield, kim wilde, the pretenders, natalie imbruglia, kylie minogue, nenah cherry and over a dozen others. breast cancer fundraiser, 2 discs, 32 tracks.

Review Date: 10/20/2011

retro-swing at it's finest and this three track disc comes in a very unique cd sized matchbook case - very cool! patrick bossajake

Review Date: 8/24/2010
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