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This one's an interesting collaboration between Aco Bocina (Italian Gypsy guitarist/mandolin master) and Fanfare Ciocărlia (fire-breathing twelve-piece Romani brass party-band from a village called Zece Prăjini).

So the CD is actually under the name of Aco Bocina, with Fanfare listed as "guests".

Guests. Ha. Let me tell you a little about Romani Brass band music. It's energized, wild stuff like you can't believe -- loud, fun, insistent and very, very greasy. Fanfare Ciocărlia is no exception. These Bands usually include trumpets, tenor horns and BIG baritone horns, tubas, clarinets, saxophones, bass drum and percussion. Wikipedia has it that Fanfare Ciocărlia works in "Turkish, Bulgarian, Serbian and Macedonian musical styles" with a bit of international radio, Hollywood and Bollywood in the mix as well. "They are best known for a very fast, high-energy sound, with complex rhythms and high-speed, staccato clarinet, saxophone and trumpet solos, sometimes performed at more than 200 beats per minute. They are also known for using no sheet music in their performances, sometimes randomly blasting their horns and clarinets in the middle of a song, and for playing old, battered instruments onstage."

They were invited to play at Danny Elfman's 50th birthday party. What can I say? I love this stuff.

Aco Bocina, whose name is on the CD, is another kind of Gypsy performer, In the spirit of Paco Lucia or the Gypsy Kings. One review talks about his mandolin playing this way:

"...He plays mandolin turning it upside-down and sliding strings onto the blue jeans. He rubs them onto the right thigh making them whisper, implore, cry, whimper, vibrate, talk, excite, move. He makes music (a lovely music) even so, besides playing in "classic" way (handling the instrument according to the Academy and the tradition) ... He either drives mad young people or is popular among mature audience." (Translated from an Italian site.)

I'm pretty sure this CD would no doubt be snapped up immediately except the cover misses the most astoundingly great thing about it: Fanfare Ciocărlia, for the comparatively photogenic appeal of Mr. Aco Bocina, who's no slouch on the guitar, either.

Give this one a try - hope I convert another listener to Romani Brass band music. Fun stuff!

Review Date: 10/30/2011

I like this recording by Jon Sonnenberg. It's acoustic, but not particularly folky.. has both serious-musician attitude and a light heart -- and the I'm a fool for anyone who invents his own musical instruments. A shame there isn't more about this here in the database -- so I'll try to fill in, just a little.


The Forgotten (instrumental)
The Door With 5000 Locks
Knock Knock
Everything Lies In Ruins
Freedom Is the Edging to the Garden On the Right
World of the Future
Your Side of the Mask
The Forgotten

One source online says, "For more than a decade, Jon Sonnenberg (member of Travelogue and more) has charmed listeners with his ability to blend intricate sounds and textures with pleasant melodies. Whether creating sounds electronically, electrically, or acoustically, the layers and quality of Sonnenberg's work enables one's imagination to see beyond the confines of commercial music. His new album, Acoustic Selections, features reconfigured and rerecorded versions of his previous electronic "greatest hits." Some of the 27 instruments that Sonnenberg plays on his album he made himself...."

Have a listen! It's up on Amazon and elsewhere. Original stuff with an acoustic heart.

Review Date: 3/3/2011
Title: Ambient Origins
Artist: Stephen Bacchus
Label: OASIS
Original Release Date: 10/6/1998
Date: 2/18/2018

"A collection of ambient and atmospheric works from the mid-1980s reflecting the artist’s earlier influences. Captured here, for the first time on CD, is music evocative of cavernous underground warehouses and abandoned munitions factories, deep cold Canadian winters, and lost childhood memories."
samples: https://stephenbacchus.bandcamp.com/album/ambient-origins

Review Date: 2/18/2018

American Motorcycles Motor CD Collection No. 4 aka Gotthard – Motor CD Collection No. 4

Label:BMG Ariola München GmbH – No. 4, Metal Hammer – No. 4
Format:CD, Shape, EP

For those who might not be familiar with them, "shape" CDs are not round, but are custom-made like a jigsawed cut-out, in a particular shape. This one is a German Import for a series featuring rock music and special collectible discs made in the shapes of well-known American motorcyle engines. (note that the genre for this disc should be Rock; musi is by the band Gotthard.)


1 Hey, Catch Me If You Can 2:17
2 Gotthard: In The Name - Live 5:11
3 Gotthard: Mountain Mama - Live 3:45
4 Gotthard: Mighty Quinn (Bob Dylan) - Live 4:45

For more info and a picture of the shape CD, have a look at the link below:


Review Date: 4/1/2018

A quote sets the tone for this ambitious, poetic work:

"...from Cook to Caedmon tides regulate things at Whitby. The ordinary octaves of people and their lives, all flows with the music of the Place, the Sea and its Tides. In the Georgian Drawing room that is England, Whitby is the Angel on the Mantlepiece."
--Tommy Randell

Charles O'Connor's rich, nuanced Resolution Suite, "Angel on the Mantlepiece" describes a time, a place and a mood as rich with tradition as it is lively and contemporary. This music of the British Isles is very much out of the ordinary.

Tracklisting, instrumentation:

Ocean of Storms
Concertina • Bing Pipe Organ • String Section

Concertina • Bing Pipe Organ • String Section • Percussion

Comes a Calm
Classical Guitar • Kalimba • Melodeon • Piano • Acoustic Bass • Drums • Percussion

Bottom Buttons
Classical Guitar • Kalimba • Melodeon • Piano • Acoustic Bass • Drums • Percussion

In Your Own Time
Mandolin • Piano • Stnng Section • Bowed Guitar • Accoustic Bass • Percussion

Skinner's Treat
Concertina • Melodeon • Piano Jews Harp • Drums • Percussion

Circles Round the Moon
Concertina • Ukelele • Spanish Guitar

Angel on the Mantlepiece
Mandolins • Accordion • Guitar • Piano • De-tuned Spanish Guitar • Drums • Percussion

Basket of Bones
Concertina • Violin • Ukelele • Melodeon • Percussion

Chocolate Cats
Concertina • String Section • Piano

The Grand Tour
Piano • Accordion • Mandolin Section • Ukelele • Drums • Acoustic Bass • Percussion

When the Long Trick's Over
Concertina • Ukelele
Concertina • Violin • Harpsichord • Melodeon • Ocarina • Percussion

Ocean of Storms
Concertina • String Section

Charles O'Connor
Concertina • Melodeon • Violins Mandolin • Kalimba • Percussion Harpsichord • Guitar • Jews Harp
Paul Whittaker
Guitars • Ukelele • Acoustic Bass • Drums • Pipe Organ • Percussion • Accordion • Ocarina
Phil Moore
Grand Piano on: Skinners Treat • In Your Own Time • Comes a Calm • Chocolate Cats • The Grand Tour
Chris Parkinson
Melodeon on: Skinners Treat , Accordion on: Bottom Buttons • Angel on the Mandepiece • The Grand Tour

Read more at http://www.horslips.ie/charles/AngelWeb.html

Review Date: 3/5/2017

Just to fill in a few blanks:

Artist: Chusen & Cugin

Chushen & Cugin - ANIMISM

"A full length CD of ambient chillout beats; an 11 song journey through the depths of Chushen & Cugin's electronic rhythms. This unique collection of tracks is a fully mixed spectrum of music, embracing the sounds of acts like FSOL, Banco De Gaia, and Pink Floyd."
from the LaLaLand label website http://www.lalaland.cc/ (see https://web.archive.org/web/20030621164641/http://www.lalaland.cc/)

"Nelson Martin (aka Chushen) and Bill Grasso (aka Cugin) grew up in the dance-heavy music scene of early '90s Orlando, FL, a place where DJs were outnumbered only by tourists in mouse ears. Already avid record collectors and all-around studio scientists, Chushen and Cugin began performing at local events around the Sunshine State in 1997 and soon became a staple at local clubs and parties there. The duo's DJ sets and live performances are truly a must for the serious electronic music fan and are known to set both mind and body into a state of perpetual motion. Animism, their first full length, combines elements of breakbeat, ambient, downtempo, and electro into funky psychedelic soundscape aimed straight for the cerebellum. Chushen and Cugin's tracks have much in common with the likes of The Future Sound Of London and Irresistable Force, sounding more like natural occurrences then controlled experiments. Offering a convincing argument for the "all natural phenomena posses a living soul" debate, Animism features plenty of good vibes."
reviewed by Mat Mahoney, on Epitonic website, last updated:11/26/02 (see https://web.archive.org/web/20030627114518/http://www.epitonic.com/artists/chushenandcugin.html)

1. Music2Me
2. The Righteous Life
3. Rusted
4. Sunshower
5. Id
6. The Sutra
7. Primitive Animism
8. Yidaki
9. The Bodhi Tree
10. Lots of Friends
11. Nepenthe

Review Date: 11/11/2016

A few quoted reviews to give you a feel for Amina's "Annabi":

"This album is so refreshing...an album that mixes Arabic, European, and American influences into a unified and compelling sound. The production and mixing is a perfect blend. The North African (via Tunisia) rhythms and instrumentation is the main template for most of these upbeat songs, but the Parisian nightclub/dance mixing is very strong."

"...all modern, hip, Eastern meets Western music. Whether she sings in French, English or Arabic her voice is a pure pleasure to listen to from the sultry "L'Inconditionnel Amour" to the rocking "Lirrili"."

"...The beauty and elegance that Amina has exhibited in her well-fashioned and somewhat eclectic discography shows that language and nationality are transcended by genre.

"Amina is a pop singer...she sings in Arabic with clear North-African inflection, sometimes in French and sometimes in English... What's special about Amina is the way in which she seamlessly incorporates North African (and indeed, coastal African) influences within the genre of top-French radio/dance-pop."

Review Date: 6/15/2018

Antarctica, a recording by Ian Tamblyn is described as "Musical exploration of Antarctica; includes sounds of Weedell seals, Emperor and Adelie penguins, and Arebus ice cave". It is a blend of gentle, acoustic music (instrumental) and site-recorded natural sounds.

Tamblyn notes, "I composed this CD after spending some time at McMurdo Base in Antarctica where I was diving under the ice with a group [of] scientists who invited me there. I recorded nearly everything I could while travelling around Ross Island environs.
When I returned home I started integrating these sounds with the musical impressions . It took me several years to complete the project."

Tamblyn has recorded at least five other albums in Folk style, including "Angel's Share", "Raincoast", "Voice in the Wilderness", "The Body Needs to Travel", and "Superior:Spirit and LIght". His CDs (and samples of his music) are available via CDBaby.

Review Date: 6/19/2011

Kovyovmdzian Katabian

1. Angaj Haiasdan
2. Hanina
3. Jorodik Iar
4. Jagag
5. Ainbes Uzumen
6. Vay vay
7. Mala - Dnguen
8. Markara
9. Nino
10. Sareri Kami

hear it here: http://www.tradebit.com/filedetail.php/44132449-armenio-dance-music

Review Date: 8/20/2010

Musicians - Guitar: Scott Garcia, Flute: Caroline Chan, Piano & Keyboards: Kavin Hoo. Composer is Kavin Hoo. 

Far from being just another swirly New Age generic, this CD has really stuck with me as something I come back to and like for the music itself. Because I've enjoyed it so much, I thought it was a shame that no credits were offered for it, as if no one but the label had anything to do with it, so I went out looking for something to tell me who was behind it.
Kavin Hoo is a pianist, born in Malaysia, and a Berklee School of Music graduate who runs his own studio. He works with musicians in Asia and here to produce highly polished "smooth jazz" records from his own music studio, but this recording is would not be described that way. Most of the tracks are contemplative and gentle with a kind of underlying energy that is not based on rhythm, but balance. Melodically, it is keyboard based, but the sounds range from traditional, very melodic, song-like pieces to electronically treated tones that sound like gongs or bird-like whistles. One piece has a very different feel, with an acoustic guitar that sounds lifted directly from a folk-rock record.

I never knew this until I tracked down the origins of this recordking, but apparently, the album is "built" in several pieces, intended to lead the listener into a state of focused concentration. Here is what the "Lifescapes" catalog has to say about it. Take with a generous helping of salt: I thought the CD was remarkably nice on its own terms, and I'd like to find other music by Kavin Hoo, "scientific" or not.... Enjoy!
"Hidden within this beautiful music are rhythm and harmonic structures designed to increase mental focus and improve memory retention...."

""Art of Concentration" is a CD designed to help increase mental focus and improve memory retention. Using the theory of Pyschoacoustics, Binaural Beats and FFR (frequency-following response), the CD empowers the listener to study, read or work more efficiently instead of harder. This is done by tapping into the subconscious mind to generate brainwaves that boosts your metal health being and creative states. Created by the acclaimed producer of "Pure Relaxation", the "Art of Concentration" also showcases his signature new-age arrangements and provides a beautiful musical backdrop to the scientific nature of the CD."

"Track Listings

1. Convergence
2. Clouds of Seed

3. Whispering Thoughts
4. Timeless

- Utilizing Beta brainwaves. This 18+ minute segment may be used for any activities that require increased mental awareness and focus. Beta brainwaves reduces the amount of mindless "mind chatter" and can enhance the effectiveness of such activities like studying, working or exercising / dieting.

5. Consciousness

6. Unspoken

7. Galatea's Love

- Utilizing Alpha and Beta brainwaves. By adding higher frequency Alpha brainwaves, this 15+ minute segment puts you in a relaxed yet focused state that aids in problem solving and increases memory retention. 

8. Metamorphosis

9. Regeneration

10. Embrace

- Utilizing Alpha and Theta brainwaves. According to researchers, Theta brainwaves are associated with creativity and a state of deep relaxation with high receptivity for new experiences and learning. Listening to this 17+ minute segment will rejuvenate your mind and help unblock mental barriers. Perfect for brain storming sessions, learning new languages or breaking bad habits.

You may listen to each track separately or as a whole. Listening from track 5 to 10 at night may also lead to deeper sleep and greater relaxation.

Review Date: 4/19/2009

SADS is a band of Kiyoharu (Kiyoharu, member of the Visual Kei group Kuroyume/黒夢), Sakashita, Masarou and Eji that plays a pretty straight blend of post-punk, grunge and glam rock influenced music. Kiyoharu still maintains his eclectic vocal approach, however, which gives their sound a nicely unique flavor despite being a bit more conventional in overall style.


1 Welcome to My Babylon

2 Prayer

3 Ajito

4 Feeling High & Satisfied

5 Strawberry

6 What Can I Do

7 Liberation

8 Boukyoku no Sora

9 Late Show

10 Gentle Darkness

11 Darlin'

12 Stuck Life

13 Sad Pain

14 Conclition of My Babylon

15 Sekirara (New remix)

16 Cracker's Baby (New take)

17 Sandy (remix)

Review Date: 5/1/2010

Far from what the cover might suggest, this is a very gentle, softspoken set of instrumental arrangements of popular Beatle tunes. Think of relaxing background music for a nice dinner party. Ingredients include piano, soft-jazz guitar, string bass and a bit of saxophone and flute solo work now and again.

A very competently executed and tasteful record.


1. Yesterday
2. All My Loving
3. Norwegian Wood
4. Here, There & Everywhere
5. Eleanor Rigby
6. And I Love Her
7. In My Life
8. The Fool On The Hill
9. Nowhere Man
10. Penny Lane
11. With A Little Help From My Friends
12. Michelle

Review Date: 11/3/2017

Tagged: alternative ambient dream pop indie rock post-rock shoegaze Montreal in bandcamp.


"With all this talk of Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade and Stars, people often forget that these bands represent the second wave of hype from Montreal, and that the first came from post-rock overlords Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and their many offshoots. From their very fertile grounds, numerous bands shot up trying to emulate their expansive, yet unique, sound and just a handful found some success. Below the Sea took their cues from GY!BE, but, with this release, find a strong and confident voice to make their own mark. When an instrumental band start to incorporate ambient electronics, the balance should always be one of subtlety, allowing a "win-win” situation between the elements, and such is the case here. Below the Sea come up with a genuine classic in "Stroll Down Memory Lane,” which find their strummed guitars in perfect sync with the beats and keyboards from friend Ulrich Schnauss......" Read more at http://exclaim.ca/music/article/below_sea-blame_it_on_past

Samples here:


Review Date: 5/26/2018
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Here we have the Glorious Mr. Rutter and the luminous voices of the Choir of New College, Oxford to give light to his works and those of others. Here is some further information about this disc:

John Rutter (Conductor), Charles Villiers Stanford (Orchestra), Edward Higginbottom (Artist), Charles Gounod (Artist), Edvard Grieg (Artist), Gerald Finzi (Artist), Alexander Tikhonovich Grechaninov (Artist), Sir Henry Walford Davies (Artist), Sergey Rachmaninov (Artist), John Tavener (Artist), John Taverner (Artist), Claudio Monteverdi (Artist), Gioachino Rossini (Artist), Olivier Messiaen (Artist), Arvo Part (Artist), Edgar Leslie Bainton (Artist), Helen Tunstall (Artist), Edward Higgenbottom (Artist), Choir Of New College Oxford (Artist)

1.What Sweeter Music
Composed by John Rutter
2.The Blue Bird
Composed by Charles Villiers Stanford
3.Te lucis ante terminum (after Casal's Song of the Birds)
Composed by Edward Higginbottom
with Helen Tunstall
4.Crux fidelis (after Handel's Ombra mai fu)
Composed by Edward Higginbottom
with Helen Tunstall
5.Ave Maria, for voice & piano (or other vocal arrangements; after Bach's Prelude No. 1 from the Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1)
Composed by Charles Gounod
with Helen Tunstall
6.Ave Maris Stella, for double chorus
Composed by Edvard Grieg
7.Lo, the Full Final Sacrifice for chorus & organ (or orchestra), Op 26 Amen
Composed by Gerald Finzi
8.Second Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, Op. 29 Veruyu (Creed)
Composed by Alexander Tikhonovich Grechaninov
9.God Be in My Head
Composed by Sir Henry Walford Davies
10.Lugebat David (after Faure's Pavane, Op. 50)
Composed by Edward Higginbottom
11.Vespers (All-Night Vigil), for alto, tenor & chorus, Op. 37 Nyne otpushchayeshi (Lord now lettest thou)
Composed by Sergey Rachmaninov
12.Beati Quorum Via, Op. 38/3
Composed by Charles Villiers Stanford
13.Song for Athene, for chorus
Composed by John Tavener
14.Vespers (All-Night Vigil), for alto, tenor & chorus, Op. 37 Blazhen muzh (Blessed is the man)
Composed by Sergey Rachmaninov
15.Mater Christi, antiphon for 5 voices
Composed by John Taverner
16.Ave maris stella, for soprano, tenor & chorus (from Vespro della Beata Vergine), SV 206/12
Composed by Claudio Monteverdi
Performed by Capricorn [ensemble]
17.O salutaris hostia, for mixed voices
Composed by Gioachino Rossini
18.O sacrum convivium!, for voices, I/18
Composed by Olivier Messiaen
19.Magnificat Antiphones (7), for chorus O Weisheit
Composed by Arvo Part
20.And I Saw a New Heaven, anthem for chorus & organ
Composed by Edgar Leslie Bainton

Review Date: 10/14/2008
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Very easy on the ears -- this is fresh, pleasing instrumental music featuring real instruments (piano, bass, guitars, fluegelhorn, oboe, violin, soft percussion) and some synthesizer effects, sparingly used.

The idea behind the recording is to bring together music from widely diverse places around the globe ("Borderlands") in such a way that the source material -- when you read the liner notes -- comes as a bit of a surprise. No cliches here: each piece fits well with the rest, though one is from Ireland and another one is from Cuba -- but neither one has obvious/familiar "cues". It's about the melodies.

The tone is of the whole recording is light, upbeat and definitely "pretty". It all blends (successfully) together, with the possible exception of "Afro Cuban Lullaby", a beautiful melody which is slightly marred by a dated "easy jazz" arrangement that is at odds with genre-free feel of the rest of the music. Even so, it's hard to resist that lovely, unusual and not-overused tune.

Interesting to note some of the regions represented: Cuba, Spain and Scotland are here, but also Latvia, Slovakia, Russia, "Bohemia" and "Eastern Europe" -- And it all works.

A keeper, for being well-crafted, pleasant music, that -- while it can recede, workmanlike, into the background -- is really worth listening to on its own merits. Very nice.

Review Date: 6/15/2018

"On Bound to Go, Andrew Calhoun delves into one of the American song bag's most inspirational niches, tunes that were composed in response to the history of slavery in the American South. There are spirituals with their thinly veiled messages of liberation, love songs and lullabies, work songs, prison songs, tunes that show an obvious African influence, and one song collected from the African-American soldiers who fought for the United States in World War I.

Calhoun is joined by 14 fervent vocalists and eight musicians who support the singers with their understated power. Some of the album's 35 tracks are well-known, at least to folkies, but most are not, the result of Calhoun's exhaustive research and a determination to present unfamiliar songs telling this timeless story of inspiration and faith in the face of a system of indifferent evil. Most of the tunes are short, but they're all undeniably powerful. There are so many transcendent moments here that it's hard to highlight just a few.

As the album unfolds -- and this is an album in the old sense, a unified work that holds together as a single work of art -- you can feel your spirit unfolding, lifted up by the power that generations of unknown composers and singers have put into these songs. That said, there are still moments that jump out at you: "Turkle Dove," with a tune that echoes through a dozen folk songs, sung in the jubilee gospel style by Casey Calhoun, Andrew Calhoun, and Fred Campeau; "Run to Jesus," a song given to the Fisk Jubilee Singers by Frederick Douglass, the first song he ever heard that made him think of a life beyond slavery, delivered simply by Runako Robinson, Valerie Carter-Brown, Big Llou Johnson, Tony Dale, Fred Campeau, and Katherine Davis; "Them Old Black Gnats," an a cappella song of suffering with a hidden message of resistance marked by Big Llou Johnson's mournful baritone; "Anchor Line," a mournful blues with an implied message of escape on the underground railroad sung by Andrew Calhoun (the tune is also known as "The Crawdad Song"); and "Ol' Egyp'," a chilling song of escape from the bloodhounds of the slave masters. "Hear the Trumpet Sound," a staple from the songbook of the Fisk Jubilee Singers with mournful cello accompaniment, is a song full of resolute faith and somber resignation."
from allmusic.com

Review Date: 7/29/2018

A fine, eclectic collection of classic Brazilian pop, funk, traditional standards and modern songs that reveal the breadth of Brazil's sounds. With selections from influential musicians, from obscure, cult one-album jewels to (how could it not) "The Girl from Ipanema with Joao and Astrud Gilberto and Stan Getz -- to hot newcomers.

Note that's Seu Jose and Almaz, covering Michael Jackson's "Rock with Me". Compiled as one of Starbucks' in-store soundtrack compilations. Really fun!

Review Date: 6/15/2018


Safam, the Boston based six-man band, has dominated Jewish music in America with their "Jewish-American Sound" since 1974. Often copied, never duplicated, they are originals -- original music, original lyrics, original arrangements -- their songs have become a fabric of our Jewish lives. Songs like Leaving Mother Russia, Amnesty, Just Another Foreigner, Moranno and Nachamu Ami by group composers Joel Sussman and Robbie Solomon have become classics and have kept Safam at the forefront of the Jewish music scene.

Safam's music covers the wide breadth of American musical styles while maintaining a decidedly Jewish flavor. They use many settings -- whether it be Rock & Roll, Pop, Folk, Latin, Chassidic or Cantorial -- to create their tapestry of music. Safam's eclectic approach to its music has enabled it to reach out to Jews of all ages and denominations. With ten original recordings, a double Chanukah & Passover CD, and their Greatest Hits Collections, Safam has already earned a vital place in mainstream Jewish-American culture.

Safam is renowned not only for its highly regarded recordings, but is equally acclaimed for its inspirational and entertaining concerts. Typically, Safam performs for fundraisers, cultural events and conventions sponsored by synagogues, Jewish Federations, schools, youth groups and national Jewish organizations. Through its music, humor, passion and sensitivity, Safam instills in its audiences a sense of pride about being Jewish in America.

Safam audiences range in age from nine months to ninety years -- a testament to the diversity of style and content Safam presents. Laughter and tears -- singing and dancing -- nostalgia and hope are among the whirlwind of emotional reactions that one experiences during a Safam concert.

Review Date: 12/23/2011
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Artwork – Michael Motley (2)
Edited By [Digital Editing] – Kevin Campbell (2)
Executive-Producer – Jonathan Scheuer
Producer – Steve Peters, Tom Guralnick
Recorded By [Digital Recording] – Steve Peters
Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Electronics – Tom Guralnick
Recorded January 25-27, 1994 at The Outpost Performance Space, Albuquerque.

"These live improvisations were performed on tenor and soprano saxophones modified with homemade mutes and electronic processing, and augmented with invented and appropriated wind instruments. These various elements are assembled within a sculptured construction which come to be known fondly as the 'Mobile Saxophone & Mute Unit,' the structure of which allows the performer easy access to the many components while encouraging lively physical movement within its boundaries."

From 1995

Review Date: 2/11/2017
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To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the opening of the first Disney Store, Walt Disney records produced this CD: "By Request", a commemorative numbered edition compact disc containing the 12 favorite Disney Movie & TV songs as selected by guests of Disney Stores in the United States & Canada.

The packaging is especially nice: the CD sleeve is pleasingly heavy and feels like a little hard-cover book, with a generous booklet bound in, and a full color cover picture with gilt lettering set against an embossed background. The CD rests in an inset tray. A high quality item.

By request:
(1) When You Wish Upon A Star (From Pinocchio,1940)
(2) Beauty And The Beast (From Beauty And The Beast, 1991)
(3) Winnie The Pooh (From Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh, 1968)
(4) Circle Of Life (From The Lion King, 1994)
(5) It's A Small World (From New York World's Fair, 1964)
(6) Kiss The Girl (From The Little Mermaid, 1980)
(7) Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah (From Song Of The South, 1946)
(8) The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers (From Winnie The Pooh, 1968)
(9) Hakuna Matata (From The Lion King, 1994)
(10) Under The Sea (From The Little Mermaid, 1980)
(11) A Whole New World (From Aladdin, 1992)
(12) A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes (From Cinderella, 1950)

(Music is from original soundtrack recordings.)

Review Date: 5/21/2018
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"Originally formed as the twangier alter ego of popular Nashville cowpunks Walk the West, the Cactus Brothers soon took on an identity of their own, mixing weepy, pedal-steel punctuated honky tonk country with Walk the West's edgier roots rock sound.

...The disc mixes traditional country gems like Tennessee Ernie Ford's classic "Sixteen Tons" and the Everly Brothers' "The Price of Love" with originals penned by vocalist Paul Kirby such as the precious "Sweet Old Fashioned Girl" or the rollicking "Swimmin' Hole."

...Few country bands in the '90s could boast of players such as pedal steel wizard Sam Poland, fiery fiddler Tramp, and mountain dulcimer master David Schnaufer. Along with Walk the West veterans and brothers Will Golemon (guitar, banjo) and John Golemon (bass) and drummer David Kennedy, the band's multi-talented multi-instrumentalists added complexity and depth to every song....the Cactus Brothers stood without peer."

(Thank you AllMusic)

For a sample, hear the Cactus Brothers here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JK2GmBM3wCk

Review Date: 6/24/2018
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"In 1979, in Baja California, Paul Winter led a music-making and whale-watching expedition, with the camp set up in the dunes along Magdalena Bay. On the last night in camp,a sea lion pup appeared in the water just offshore, alone and unafraid of the people who gathered around. She came onto the beach, and Paul and the group sat near her quietly, then played a little music, hoping she would feel at ease. She seemed contented and soon put her head down and fell asleep. Paul stretched out in his sleeping bag beside her, and went to sleep with his nose just inches from hers, smelling her fishy dog-breath, and listening with fascination to her tiny “whale-blow” exhalations....

"This extraordinary encounter affected Paul deeply, and inspired him to explore the realm of pinnipeds and the role of sound in their lives, in the same way he had immersed himself in learning about whales. "The best way to raise awareness about the magic of the vocalizations was to find a vocalization we could interplay with, so the actual voices of the creatures were woven in with the music – in a sense we were collaborating with these creatures.”

Review Date: 2/6/2018
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A Perfect Evening for Flying Carpets - Kevin Braheny/Tim Clark
Mothers of Rain - Tangerine Dream
Drive - Patrick O'Hearn
Silence of the Eclipse - Christopher Franke
Night Fire Dance - Andreas Vollenweider
Angels of Dawn - Dik Darnell/Bryan Savage
Inner Sanctum - Mars Lasar
Journey of the Warrior Soul - Steve McDonald
Galactic Chalice, The - Constance Demby
Silver Ball, The - Harold Budd/Brian Eno
Mystery Road - Jonn Serrie

Review Date: 8/9/2015

A lovely Windham Hill sampler, with -- as has been noted -- apparently nothing whatsoever to do with Christmas.

Points to the label for the major marketing-ploy that cost nothing but a snowy picture and the word "Christmas" in the title, but let's lay that aside for the moment. There's no denying this is a beautiful record, produced by no less than Michael O Domhnaill himself. The credentials are impeccible here, and the music is authentic -- though not "traditional", full of warmth and delicately rendered. The mood is gentle, here.

So ignore the title if you're imagining the worst (pennywhistle renditions of O Little Town of Bethlehem? no) and just enjoy it for the serenity in the music: after all, you'll be enjoying Maighread Ni Dhomhnaill's beautiful voice, James Galway's flute, the close harmonies of Nightnoise and more in the same gentle mood besides.

Or hold it for December anyhow: this record could very easily become entwined with your own traditions, even if there isn't a Christmas Carol in sight, here. Very well worth having for the beauty of the music and the mood of Ireland -- recommended.

Review Date: 8/16/2017

by David Greenberger, with music by Paul Cebar.

"[David] Greenberger is a musician – former bassist in the Boston-based Men & Volts – intimately aware of the power of music. And over the years, he’s created an amazing collection of spoken-word projects – including collaborations with Los Lobos, NRBQ’s Terry Adams, John Sebastian, members of the Sun Ra Arkestra, Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, 3 Leg Torso and the Shaking Ray Levis.

He doesn’t play an instrument on the CDs, though. He doesn’t sing. He doesn’t write the material.

He simply speaks. Reciting the words of others that he’s collected in interviews over the years, allowing his voice to be heard as the voice of the hundreds of everyday elderly people who we somehow never get a chance to hear.

The tales that he tells are in equal parts hilarious and heartbreaking, and it takes a very empathetic, versatile batch of musicians to find the proper musical balance to match the stories.

Milwaukee music scene veteran Paul Cebar and his band of fellow Milwaukeeans play jump blues, jazz and R&B. And it just so happened that last year, Greenberger found himself as the artist in residence under the auspices of the Center on Aging and Community at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

The collaboration is sublime.

The music swings and clatters and echoes deep in the recesses of the mind of the listener, reinforcing anecdotes and stories pulled into the light and set in front of the microphone, often for the very first time.

This is sweet, sweet stuff."


from 2009.

Review Date: 2/17/2017

A really nice recording by the very wonderful Kavin Hoo -- ordinarily a solo pianist, but in this case, the arranger for an entire array of beautiful and spare pieces with a kind of Chinese feel about them. Traditional instruments are involved. Lovely music, much better than average.

Be aware, however, that the tracks here are exactly the same as the Lifescapes title, "Just Relax Orient", UPC 797307107722.

Review Date: 9/6/2016

Classical compilation from Pilz Vienna Masters series
Composers featured:

1) Danzi Symphony D minor op. 24 Allegro vivo
2) Haydn Symphony No. 94 'Surprise' Andante
3) Mozart Rondo 'Alla Turca' A major KV 331/3
4) Beethoven Septett E flat major op. 20 Thema con variazioni
5) Schubert Moment music f minor: Air russe
6) Beethoven Symphony 7A major op. 92 Allegretto
7) Schubert: Walzer op. 9 a.
8) Mozart: Andante fur Flute and Orchestra C-Dur KV 315
9) Mendelssohn Bartholdy Venezian, Gondellied A minor op. 62, 52
10) Brahms: Symphony D major op. 73 Allegro con spirito
11) Wagner: Lohengrin - Wedding March

1) Sinding: Fruhlingsrauschen op. 32
2) Gustav Holst The Planets - Venus
3) Liszt Valse oubiliee No. 1
4) Brahms Rosemary
5) Grieg: Ballade G minor op. 24
6) Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto No. 2 Allegro scherzando
7) Schumann Symphonic Etudes op. 13 - Finale
8) Ravel: Tzigane for Violin and Orchestra

Review Date: 6/19/2011

Providing a little more information for this listing:

Close of Day (Griffin, 1994) consists of baroque-era choral classical music with brass ensemble and organ.

Includes works by Henry Purcell, Charles Hubert Parry, Thomas Tallis, William Byrd, Frank Bridge, Jacques Charpentier, William Henry Monk, Arthur Somervell, Sigfrid Karg-Elert, Martin Peerson, Edward Bairstow, Johann Sebastian Bach.

Ensemble: Royal Chapel Choir of Hampton Court. Conductor: Gordon Reynolds. Soloist: Gordon Reynolds. Chapel Choir is under the direction of Gordon Reynolds, who also wrote the liner notes (and is the organist.)

Review Date: 3/5/2018
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Come Feel Me Tremble (2003) by Paul Westerberg.

Review Date: 3/3/2014

"Following a grassroots release in July 2013, McNeal went into the studio alongside Grammy award-winning McKenzie Smith (Midlake/Sarah Jaffe/St. Vincent) and Joey McClellan (Israel Nash/The Fieros), compiling ten songs for his studio debut ‘Compadre’.

“This is a collection of songs for the over-thinkers, the people that get in their own heads. I like writing about the feelings that often go unnoticed in music- I feel like those painful or strange emotions are beautiful in their own right. We try not to be too genre specific, we just want the music itself to be dynamic and tell a story.”

The 24-year old songwriter brings a notably unorthodox feel to Americana music. Straying away from traditional country arrangements, McNeal brings his songwriting together with unique accompaniment- all without losing southern grit. The latest album ‘Compadre’ was independently released in 2015."
--From concert program notes

Review Date: 7/29/2018
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Here's an accurate tracklisting for this two-disc set, UPC 607618025021

Disc One
All Ones And Zeros
The Simple Solution
Brown Hearts
Song for Elizabeth
Musik der Frühen Jahre
So Far Gone
High Times And Low Lives
Harmonic Interlude
This Aint Happiness

Disc Two
All Ones And Zeros (Demo)
A Little More Drones
Don't Ever Change The Way You Feel
An Introduction To The Ambient Sounds Of The Early Years
All Ones And Zeros (Video)
All Ones And Zeros (Video)
So Far Gone (Video)

Review Date: 1/26/2016

Information for tracks on this disk is sometimes sketchy. Here is a better list.

1 Hanson* Hansons's 6th (1:55)
Composed By - Howard Hanson
2 Rangström* Invocation (2:58)
Composed By - Ture Rangström
3 Khachaturian* Mountaineers (1:54)
Composed By - Aram Khachaturian*
4 Prokofiev* Ala Et Lolly (2:22)
Composed By - Sergei Prokofiev*
5 Druckman* Prism (2:49)
Composed By - Jacob Druckman
6 Revueltas* Night Of The Mayas (3:47)
Composed By - Silvestre Revueltas
7 Nielsen* Aladdin (4:26)
Composed By - Carl Nielsen
8 Ginastera* Malambo (3:45)
Composed By - Alberto Ginastera
9 Schulhoff* Weapon Dance (4:17)
Composed By - Erwin Schulhoff
10 Segerstam* Nostalgic Thoughts (2:20)
Composed By - Leif Segerstam
11 Bolcom* Machine (3:42)
Composed By - William Bolcom
12 Ibert* Bacchanale (3:22)
Composed By - Jacques Ibert
13 Respighi* War Dance (2:44)
Composed By - Ottorino Respighi
14 Shostakovich* Can-Can (6:21)
Composed By - Dmitri Shostakovich
15 Rautavaara* Angel Of Light (2:00)
Composed By - Einojuhani Rautavaara
16 Leifs* Hekla (Volcano) (9:18)
Composed By - JĂłn Leifs

Review Date: 3/25/2008

Arranger: John Darnall.

Personnel: John Darnall (12-string guitar, strings); Billy Puett (bass flute, wooden flute, ocarina, English horn, soprano saxophone); George Tidwell (trumpet); Kenny Malone (congas, djembe, shaker).

Recording information: Amazon River Basin; Davidson County, TN; Forest Hills, TN; Jackson County, TN; Smoky Mountains, N.C; Vacation Spot.

Review Date: 12/23/2011

Tagged: alternative ambient dream pop indie rock post-rock shoegaze Montreal in bandcamp.

Described in a review: "[Quebec's}Below The Sea provides an amazing musical alternate universe to the post-post-rock sounds that are provided by likeminded peak-reaching musicians Montreal's Godspeed You Black Emperor! and America's Labradford. Here, they combine the gliding, riding cymbal sounds of great acts such as Slowdive and the jazziness of Do Make Say Think and grind it through an electro-rhythmic vibe that no one else has attempted thus far. And in between all the post-rock Bolero-type moments lie some beautiful tracks of minimalist ambience..."

Samples here:


Review Date: 5/26/2018
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2002. CHRIS MURPHY and PONTICELLO'S tribute to 1940s jazz, blues, and gypsy music. "The Escape Artist" is jazz, swing, ragtime, gypsy, and klezmer music meet at a speakeasy for an after-hours party. 10 original swinging numbers! Ponticello"Violin , bass, and drums form the core of this unorthodox LA-based trio..... the band's wildly diverse repertoire, ranging from spaghetti western, gypsy and klezmer tune to dark and brooding compositions is somewhere along the lines of Dirty Three - and practically everything in between." -- 9/3/03 Willamette Week

Ponticello: Chris Murphy (guitar, mandolin, violin); Ted Kamp (guitar, trumpet, bass); Michael Partlow (drums).

1 Nobody Knows Nobody
2 Escape Artist
3 Woman on My Mind S
4 Find a Way
5 Call It Quits
6 This Part Of Town
7 Shooting Star
8 Amaretto Waltz
9 Two Guitars
10 Too Dark to See

Listen here: http://www.allmusic.com/album/the-escape-artist-r679698

Review Date: 12/31/2011
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Lilting orchestral music -- via synthesizer -- and natural thunder sounds. Samples are available here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/fire-from-the-sky-sanctuary-series/213310735.

Review Date: 8/25/2018

The Brothers Cazimero have played together for more than 25 years. Theirs is a soothing, laid-back Hawaiian style, for at leaset 36 albums: 20 of these are on the Mountain Apple label.

The Cazimeros have been honored with 25 Na Hoku Hanohano Awards, and "Some Call It Aloha...Don't Tell" was nominated for a 2005 Grammy Award for Best Hawaiian Music Album. In 2006, they were inducted into the Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame.

Their phenomenally popular 1976 and 1977 albums (The Brothers Cazimero, Music of Polynesia and The Brothers Cazimero vol. II, Music of Polynesia) were reissued in 1992 as a single disc, on Mountain Apple.

Review Date: 2/20/2017

The Fishbox Collection (a compilation):
Mercury – 512 407-2
CD, Compilation
Pop, Rock
Alternative Rock, New Wave, Indie Rock


1 Siouxsie & The Banshees – The Passenger 5:09
2 Mission, The – Deliverance 6:00
3 Jingo De Lunch – The Crawl 4:52
4 Danzig – Long Way Back From Hell 4:33
5 Fall, The – White Lightning 2:10
6 Phillip Boa & The Voodooclub – Container Love 3:51
7 Yello – Bostich (New Life Mix) 3:59
8 12 Drummers Drumming* – Suicide Summer 4:52
9 Ocean Colour Scene – Sway 3:42
10 House Of Love, The – Shine On 3:58
11 Catherine Wheel – Black Metallic 7:18
12 All About Eve – The Dreamer 3:52
13 Rausch – Walk On Water 4:02
14 Tears For Fears – Mad World 3:27
15 Boomtown Rats* – I Don't Like Mondays 4:20
16 Nina Hagen – Ruler Of My Heart 3:56

Review Date: 12/31/2011

"Best known as the keyboarder of Italy’s premier post rock combo Giardini di Mirň, wowing fans and sceptics alike with their formidable long players and impressively intense live performances, Luca Di Mira has now come up with his first ever solo outing, “Flowing Seasons”.

Sharing nothing but an undercurrent of deep melancholy with his main band, the album reveals Di Mira’s prodigious song-writing talents. Its first track, “Song For Beginning”, a gradually unfurling pop song bolstered by the luscious beats of Northern Italian electro hop specialist Populous...the instrumental “In Deep Sea” [begins] with a Keith Jarrett-esque piano chord and portentous sound fragments, yet Di Mira slowly mutates the dull sketch into a fascinating, distorted etude, while “Mixologist & Waifs”, gradually building up in the best Shoegaze tradition, unfurls a warm carpet of strings for the uncharacteristically mild ambient rustle contributed by Hamburg-based 2nd rec artist Christophe Stoll (Nitrada).

"With the Passing of the Seasons” - an almost seven-minute-long, imaginatively arranged suite featuring cello, violin and clarinet - demonstrates the true extent of the talent and diligence Di Mira has invested in his impressive masterpiece."

Read more, and hear samples: https://pillow.bandcamp.com/album/flowing-seasons

Review Date: 2/26/2018

From CD Baby:

An eclectic collection of tunes from songwriter/guitarist Lars Mortensen with band Son of Mars. From ultra mellow acoustics, soulful spaced out deepness, to hard straight rock.

For more information and samples: https://sonofmars.bandcamp.com/album/follow-the-feeling. Artist's blog: http://www.sonofmars.com/larsblog/

Review Date: 10/6/2017

UPC: 694220339523 includes 2 disks.

Disk 1: (CD)
1. Coming of Age 4:14
2. Water Rising 5:56
3. You Might Not Know You're Home 'til You've Landed 4:22
4. You & I 4:04
5. Time Will Tell 5:51
6. Tick Tock 5:39
7. Disappear 3:06

Disk 2: (DVD) "Music in Real Time".

Review Date: 8/4/2012

Five works by Cuban composer Orlando Jacinto Garcia.

"...the five pieces collected on this CD may come across as rather minimalist at first listen, but in fact they are both complex and sensuously lovely, even when their harmonic movement is gradual and the gradations of movement are subtle.

This album opens with the title work, which is scored for a traditional ensemble of guitar plus string quartet, but uses battuto and plucked harmonics to produce highly unusual and deeply beautiful sounds. The other works are not quite as gripping; the piece for double bass and tape and the one for saxophone and tape are both more interesting conceptually than sonically, but "Timbres Artificiales," for solo guitar, uses scordatura in a way that is both surprisingly and conventionally lovely.

The album ends with a live performance of an orchestral work titled "Vedute Sonore da Bellagio," which is well performed under less than ideal circumstances. This is not a perfect album, but it's certainly an impressive one, and leaves the listener looking forward to the next collection of pieces by this composer."

About the composer:
Emigrated to Miami, Florida, 1961; then to Maryland. Doctorate in composition from University of Miami where he studied with Dennis Kam. Studied privately with David Del Tredici, John Corigliano and Morton Feldman. President and Founder of the South Florida Composers Alliance. Director of the New Music Ensemble and the Electronic Music Studio at the State University of Florida.

from AllMusic

Review Date: 8/26/2017

Alpha Wave Movement-Lucid Recollection Of An Aquamarine
B So glObal-Those Little Blue Galaxies Again
Bad Data-Deep Freeze
Fiorella Terenzi-Voices
Lightwave-Infinite Vs. Unfinished
Michel Redolfi-Immersion Totale
Mushroom Nation-Helsinki (Pancake Mix)
Ray Guillette-Piscina
23 Degrees-The End Of New Beginnings

Review Date: 10/29/2010

Release Year: 1994

Record Label: Silent Records (Electonica/New Age)

Genre: Electronic, Electronica

Track Listing

1. Mind Time - Vuemorph

2. Mercury Harbor - Antihouse

3. Zircon - Dialux Rouge

4. Initiation - A.T.O.L.

5. Panacea - Ohmegatribe

6. Infiltrate - Psychic Surfers Ov Zuvuya

7. Sub-Oceanic - Entrancing Iris

8. Strandlooper - Temporary Temple
9. String Swell - Dream Without #

10. 2nd State - Earth Trance Interlude

Distributor: Caroline Distribution

Recording Type: Studio

Recording Mode: Stereo

SPAR Code: n/a

Review Date: 10/27/2011
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What do you mean, you never watched the show?

You don't need to have seen 2002's "Frontier House" to find this music absolutely beautiful. Composed by Edward Bilious and featuring the solo acoustic guitar-work of Kristoffer Ricat, Frontier House's music stands alone quite nicely, with a timeless acoustic fresh-air sweetness that it's hard to imagine any other early-21st century "reality show" would have offered.

Does knowing the premise help? Three modern families try to live in Montana Territory as if it were 1883. The music doesn't need to capture any of the conflict inherent in the set-up, and nothing "modern" intrudes here. This is the beauty of the soundtrack: were it not for the show, "Frontier House" would still work beautifully as a gentle, mountain-grown set featuring classical and steel-string guitar, fiddles, harmonica, autoharp and dobro. Full-diclosure: you will hear a bit of the old faux-19th-century synth-keyboards, but they don't take much away from the rest.

A very nice recording, overall. And -- for what it's worth, I've never seen "Frontier House" either, but I liked the music!

Review Date: 3/31/2017

Sweet, sweet, fresh, cool music. No need to make assumptions about what's inside, based on the cover or the title -- what you get here is smooth, gorgeous music with just an edge of jazz to it. Powerful, urgent percussion (think funky bass and dark, low drums) plus cool electonics and looped, muted trumpets plus a touch of Japanese beauty. Very easy on the ears, in the very best way.

Check out the instrumentation:

Derek Nakamoto (piano, Fender Rhodes piano, synthesizer, mini-Moog synthesizer, programming, drum programming);
Duncan Pain (vocals, drums);
Nobuko Miyamoto (vocals);
Anas Allaf (guitar);
Kazu Matsui (shakuhachi);
Fernando Saunders (fretless bass);
Denny Fongheiser (drums);
Jess Acuna (congas, dumbek, shaker).

Very likable. From Poi Dog Music.

Review Date: 6/24/2017

"Kurt Riemann's latest work is a musical homage to the planet, seen as a living being who "...is all around us, giving and sustaining life...always maintaining the balance necessary for the survival of her creatures." The 14 short tracks are like musical snapshots of different geographical areas and aspects of the planetary process.

From the gradual unfoldment of the opener "Dawn" to the elegaic final track "Apotheosis," we are led through spaces that are by turns beautiful, murky, powerful, and serene. Kurt Riemann's background in classical music is everywhere evident, as he skillfully orchestrates each piece, many of them so full of subtle details and structural developments that it is hard to believe they are only three or four minutes long.

World music touches abound, as on the visionary "The Dreaming," where the trance-like drone of the dijeridoo summons us into another dimension, or on "Bali/Cicada" with its galloping gamelan rhythms. "Mind in the Waves" features gradual piano crescendos that climax in a wash of breaking waves, while "Dance" explores complex disjointed rhythms, with crashing gongs, stinging sequencer patterns, and Middle Eastern melodic fragments.

The centerpiece of the album is "Arctic Light: Spring, Summer, Autumn," a space music tour-de-force, resplendent with shimmering synthesizer flurries, modulated drones, and starry sound effects. Elsewhere, looming cellos, swooning violins, thundering tympani and delicate bells add to the melange of moods and atmospheres, fleshing out the picture of the "larger nature" that connects all the creatures of the planet. Gaia is not easy-listening background music, but is a mature multi-faceted work full of treasures for those willing to give it their attention."

Review Date: 8/12/2017
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From Rare Noise Records:
"Originating from Naples in Southern Italy, TThe Mantra Above The Spotless Melt Moon's four members, Adriana Salomone (voice, guitar, piano), Davide Hope Famularo (bass, synth), Maurizio Oliviero (guitars) and Salvio Sibillo (drums) are tied in a friendship dating back to the early days of their lives.

The music of The Mantra ATSMM fuses strands of post-rock, prog-rock and shoegaze, all driven by the magnificent vocals of singer Adriana Salomone. More information and samples here: https://www.rarenoiserecords.com/the-mantra-atsmm-store/

Review Date: 5/19/2018

Ghost Party!!

How many compilations feature not one but TWO tracks by Screamin' Lord Sutch?! I ask you.

Wild Thing:The Troggs
Run for Your Life: Eric Burdon
The Stroll: The Diamonds
Young Blood: The Coasters
Chantilly Lace: Tommy Bruce
Spooky: Dennis Yost
See You Later, Alligator: Bill Haley
Monster Rock: Screaming Lord Sutch
Out of Limits: The Marketts
Rock and Shock: Screaming Lord Sutch

"...Confident, Sexy, Celebratory, Fun, Nocturnal, Rollicking, Swaggering..."

So says allmusic, and can't argue with that!

Review Date: 10/6/2017

A little bit of the liner notes for this ususual CD is below. The artist is not "Stephen Leech" (who assembled the musicians and tracks here), but rather a choice selection of Irish traditional musicians performing in this remarkable tavern in Dublin.
The Oliver St. John Gogarty was opened in 1992 and it quickly established itself at the forefront of Irish traditional music. Traditional sessions that take place there every afternoon and evening combine fine musicians with lots of good "craic". They please both locals and travellers from far-off lands. This has led to many invitations to the musicians to play all over the world. This is one reason wiy the album is so unique. All the musicians that play at Gogarty's have their own projects and bands. This can lead to some interesting situations such as “Where's our guitarist?”. Answer: "Helsinki!". "Oh!!!.....?”.

When the owner of Gogarty’s, Martin Keane, himself a big fan of traditional music decided that the musicians currently playing in his pub should be gathered together to record an album, it was not going to be easy. Stephen Leech had the dubious honour of piecing together the musicians and their album tracks. Meanwhile, Stephen and the rest of the musicians were all kept going by the barstaff of Gogarty's whose enthusiasm and support came in all shapes and sizes (usually in pints and shorts), sometimes bribery (Do you want another drink?) and sometimes threats (Do you want another drink?). We also thank Martin Keane for his generosity and commitment to the musicians and traditional music.

The album has turned out to be a very special and unique collection of ballads and tunes which reflect the varied styles and influences of the musicians involved. We hope you enjoy the music - and enjoy the craic.
-- Laura Forrest Hay


1. McGoldrick’s Favourites
Paula Grant - Fiddle, Locko Cullen - Bouzouki, Graham Dunne - Guitar, Peter Browne - Accordion
2. Ould Hag You’ve Killed me/ An Coileach Ag Fogairt An Lae
Martin Denning - Guitar, Noreen Leech - Fiddle, Ciaran O’Driscoll - Uilleann Pipes
Paul Skehill - Accordion, Mick McNamara - Bodhrán
3. Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore (Trad)
Daragh O’Reilly - Vocals/Guitar, Paul McNevin - Fiddle, Paul Leech - Uilleann Pipes/Low Whistle. 4. Lament For Spilled Porter (Music by Paul Leech)
Paul Leech - Uilleann Pipes, Stephen Leech-Banjo, Martin Denning - Guitar
5. Maids Of Mount Cisco
Peter Browne - Accordion/Guitar, Paul McNevin - Fiddle
6. Dreams Of Home (Composed by Mick McNamara)
Mick McNamara - Vocals/Guitar, Tommy Martin (Guest Artist) - Uilleann Pipes, Luke Crowley (Guest Artist) - Keyboard
7. Across the Water/Castlekelly/The Broken Pledge (Music by Laura Forrest Hay) Laura Forrest Hay - Fiddle/Keyboard, Daragh O’Reilly - Guitar
8. Jackson’s Bottle Of Brandy/Miss McCleods/The Union
Joe Brennan - Guitar, Paul Leech - Uilleann Pipes, Stephen Leech - Banjo,
Paul Byrne (Guest Artist) - Bodhrán
9. Black Is The Colour (Trad)
Martin Denning - Guitar/ Vocals, Laura Forrest Hay - Keyboards, Tommy Keane - Low Whistle.
10. The Breton Breeze
Tommy Keane - Low Whistle, Mick McNamara - Guitar
11. Drops Of Brandy/Kid On The Mountain
Daragh O’Reilly - Guitar, Paul Leech - Uilleann Pipes/ Low Whistle/ Tin Whistle,
Paul McNevin - Fiddle, Stephen Leech - Banjo, Paul Byrne (Guest Artist) - Bodhrán

Review Date: 10/21/2017
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