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Rami has such a beautiful voice. This is a good collection of his songs.

Review Date: 7/6/2016

Love it! This album is a mixture is fun, soul, smooth. Melinda's voice carries them all. "Coming Back to You" is beautiful. "Dust My Broom" is fun. Definitely not one of those albums where every song sounds the same. I'm ready for more by her!

Review Date: 7/24/2009
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I love Chris Rea's raspy voice. If you are a Leonard Cohen fan you may like Chris Rea. He also is much like Aric Sinai, my favorite male Israeli singer. The first tracks on Rea's CDs tend to be a bit strange. But once you get beyond that first track his other tracks are great. I love "God's Great Banana Skin". He tells you to never think anyone is not better than you because God will get you. I also love "I'm Not the Fool". The lyrics are great A woman is sitting (in a bar?) talking, talking, talking, talking. She has lots of theories but no real depth. She has a strong jaw from all that talking. Her skull must be empty. Love it!

Review Date: 6/16/2014

I have nearly all of David Lanz' CDs. My favorite is "Christophori's Dream". Have been a fan for years. But I'm not crazy about this CD. This is supposed to be piano versions of Beatles' songs. I felt like this recording was missing the passion his others have,

Review Date: 2/8/2014
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