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What happened to Incubus' original style? Do they have two lead singers now? Some tracks sound like original singer and others sound like someone different. I didn't like that. Their funky edge is gone, no more scratching. Maybe it's a more mature Incubus but they've lost their appeal to me.

Review Date: 6/20/2017
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I first heard this cd when I borrowed my brother-in-law's copy and made a tape for myself. I could tell by the artists that it was going to be good if not interesting. The subject matter of the cd as a collective is supposed to be the "Right to Choose". In 1993 when this cd came out I had a 2 1/2yo child of my own, still in my 20's. Despite whatever I may have felt about the "Right to Choose" personally, I was not of a frame of mind to make that judgement of others. I was able to listen to this cd with an open mind, open to the artists and the music, which was the whole reason I was attracted to this cd. So, that being said, I warn those who may be sensitive to slurs and some language there is in some of the songs. It may not be so bad for 2013, but for 93-94 some of it is a little shocking and there is no Advisory Label on the cover. Now, the songs I liked the most were Photograph, She Said-She Said(Cover of Beatles), Greenlander, Distracted, and Lost My Driving Wheel is sooooooo Goooooooood!

Review Date: 2/23/2013
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Review Date: 4/14/2014
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The 3 Tenors will never appear in public again. Here is your opportunity to capture their best opera arias in one cd. These are the world's favorite opera Tenors. Bring them into your living room or listening area today!

Review Date: 2/19/2013

This is a POWERFUL P&W cd! My fave songs are Unified, Covenant Song, Where You Are.

Review Date: 2/20/2013

1. The Cutter
2. Bombers Bay
3. Paint it Black (live)
4. All You Need is Love
5. Stars Are Stars
6. All My Life
7. A Promise
8. Read it in Books
9. Crocodiles
10. Crystal Days
11. Ocean Rain
12. My Kingdom

Review Date: 2/20/2013

This cd does NOT feature the original artists, therefore very disappointing for me anyway.

Review Date: 1/26/2013

Very good cd. My faves are Waiting on the Sun and Eyes Wide Open.

Review Date: 2/19/2013

I'm sorry but I'm going to have to disagree completely with the guy who hates the 1st song on this cd, Dance Pt.1. I am 46 yrs old and remember the 1st time i heard this on the radio. I was alone cleaning the house(no the fumes didn't get to me). I never could find this song. I had no idea what the name was and I don't think I heard it again for MANY years. I was a Little Audiophile. My father encouraged my love for music. The 1st song on this cd does not, unfortunately set the tone for the rest of the cd. To me, the rest of the cd sounds thrown together, with either a Mexican feel or at any rate, nothing you can "Dance" to! When this cd came out says a lot and I think they tried to achieve too many different sounds on this one album. I am a child of the 70's and 80's, so dancing was a HUGE part of a girl's life back then, SO if you weren't where the girls were, you weren't getting any girls. If you weren't learning how to Move Like Jagger instead of "playing with your joystick", you weren't getting any girls either.
Not until Emotional Rescue do we almost get to the level of intensity of Dance Pt.1. Oh! Another factoid I'll share with you: In 1986(i was 19) my best friend and I were leaving a bar to come home and I ran off the road, flipped my car, landed upside down. I was only one injured and it was relatively minor. But this is the cassette was what was playing in my car before we wrecked. Weird, huh? (Not Dance Pt.1 though, thank God!)

Review Date: 2/23/2013

This was the first WP cd I ever heard. It was at a friend's place at the beach, Summer 94.
This is ESSENTIAL WP! The cd has a very nice flow, each song tells its own story. My fave songs are Pleas/Hatfield, oh well, they're ALL winners in my book!

Review Date: 2/20/2013

What country-western music lover doesn't love George Strait? I always found Strait to have a little less of that annoying "twang" that most country singers falsely imitate.
Not Strait. He is straight up country and he's sensitive to boot! This is a very good and enjoyable Christmas cd to add to your collection!

1. Joy to the World
2. We Three Kings
3. Silent Night
4. Jingle Bells
5. O Come All Ye Faithful
6. Up on the Housetop
7. We Wish you a Merry Christmas
8. O Christmas Tree
9. Hark, the Herald Angels Sing
10. Deck the Halls

Review Date: 2/19/2013

This is an excellent cd. Gospel R&B remixes. My fave songs are Everyday, Spiritual Things, Fall Down, Once, That's Just Like Him. But the whole cd is worthwhile. You will find yourself playing it again and again!

Review Date: 2/20/2013

This cd (which i have ordered twice by mistake, looking for the Virtue song "Follow Me") does NOT feature this song, but rather "Give Him the Praise". I think all other songs listed are correct.

Review Date: 3/31/2012
Title: Gotta Have Gospel 3
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Sony
Original Release Date: 1/1/2005
Date: 2/20/2013

This is an excellent Gospel praise & worship cd. My fave songs are: Step pon di enemy, Can't Live, I Need an Angel, Silver and Gold, Friend of God, I'm Still Here, and Sanctuary.

Review Date: 2/20/2013
Title: Heart & Soul
Artist: Winans
Label: Word Entertainment
Original Release Date: 10/24/1995
Date: 2/19/2013

Good cd. I ordered it for the song The Question Is, but was disappointed to hear it was more like a remix and not the original style of the song I'd heard on the radio by the Winans.

Review Date: 2/19/2013

Very good Christian cd for parents or children! My faves are If This World, On My Knees.

Review Date: 2/19/2013

This is a fun, road-trippy kind of cd. Little of the hippy sounds, little of the 90's sounds. If you're throwin a party, slap this on and watch everybody "get down"!

Review Date: 2/9/2013

An excellent Gospel R&B cd. My fave songs are You Don't Know, Closer, Church Nite, All I Am, Done Did It.

Review Date: 2/20/2013

Very good cd. My faves are Welcome Home, Move Me and Satellite.

Review Date: 2/19/2013
Title: INXS - Greatest Hits
Artist: INXS
Label: Atlantic / Wea
Original Release Date: 11/1/1994
Date: 2/19/2013

This cd has all the 80's songs you heard on the radio. A MUST if you don't want to go out and get every one of their cds.

Review Date: 2/19/2013

An excellent gospel worship cd. 18 songs.

1. Interlude
2. Movin' On
3. Unconditional
4. Interlude
5. Breath Away
6. Be Like Him
7. Nobody
8. Interlude
9. Donna
10. Free
11. Interlude
12. Hands Up
13. When You Fall
14. Could've Been Me
15. Interlude: Prayer In Schools
16. Lost Hearts
17. I Can't Live Without You
18. In Your Grace

Review Date: 2/20/2013

Very good cd. My faves are Gloria, The One Thing and My Brother Jack.

Review Date: 2/19/2013
Title: Lifes Rich Pageant
Artist: Rem
Label: Capitol
Original Release Date: 1/1/1986
Date: 2/20/2013

One of the first two REM cds I bought was LRP. Recommended by a guy i was seeing in 1989-90. The other one was Murmur and I can't bear to part with that one yet. Maybe Someday. My fave songs were Begin the Begin, Fall on Me, The Flowers of Guatemala, Just a Touch, Swan Swan, and Superman. A very good REM disc to start a collection with.

Review Date: 2/20/2013
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I know it says "do NOT include information about your specific copy of this CD", BUT it is very important that I inform any potential Swapper that this particular copy is ONE of a TWO cd set. It is Disc 1 of two, so only has the FIRST 9 SONGS listed.

Review Date: 2/25/2012

The song I got this for was "Your Own Sweet Way", but this cd has lasted the test of time.
These guys kick back and get down with their brand of acoustic "railroad Blues" sound.
They are reminiscent to me of the Everly Brothers or Kingston Trio in particular. So if you are looking for something a little different, check these guys out. I particularly enjoy Mark Knopfler (of Dire Straits fame)as usual. But he is not the only talent. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

Review Date: 2/9/2013
Title: Now & Zen
Artist: Robert Plant
Label: Atlantic / Wea
Original Release Date: 2/23/1988
Date: 2/23/2013
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Good Robert Plant cd. I loved this cassette when it came out and wound up with two. I played the heck out of them. MTV played the videos all the time and it was vintage late 80's.

Review Date: 2/23/2013
Title: Now Hear This
Artist: Various
Label: CEMA
Original Release Date: 1/1/1991
Date: 2/23/2013

If you were a fan of the alternative rock of the late 80's, you will love this cd! You can envision the videos of these songs featured often on alternative programming on MTV.
Get ready to "rock out wit'yer Co*k out"!

My faves are Streets of Your Town, Matchstick Men, Deep Blue, Downtown and Alice but the whole cd is awesome!

Review Date: 2/23/2013

This is an awesome cd for those wanting a real worship experience. It is also a good jumping off point (as it was for me) as an intro to contemporary Christian music. There is NO bad song on this cd. There are featured on this cd various songs to worship to. From the hymn-like Agnus Dei/Worthy to the stompin' Consuming Fire.

Review Date: 2/19/2013
Title: Purified
Artist: Cece Winans
Label: Integrity Media
Original Release Date: 1/1/2005
Date: 2/20/2013

A very good gospel cd. My faves are All That I Need, Pray, Purified, and Let Everything That Has Breath.

Review Date: 2/20/2013

This is a POWERFUL P&W cd! My fave songs are Salt and Light, Headstrong, One Thing, Kingdom Come, Touch, The Ground You Shook.

Review Date: 2/20/2013
Title: Seal
Artist: Seal
Label: Sire / Warner Brothers/ZTT
Original Release Date: 5/31/1994
Date: 2/23/2013

The more commercial of Seal's cds I think. He does a song for Batman (not one of my personal faves) and all of a sudden he is discovered. Those of us who love him knew his music already from his other self-titled cd from 90, (I believe). This cd does still have its own merits, despite the commerciality. Bring it on begins the cd very strong and upbeat. Prayer for the Dying is pretty good. Dreaming in Metaphors grows on you. Don't cry gets a little more commercial-sounding. Fast Changes is another driving, upbeat song, but we're let down again by Kiss From A Rose (blagh), I mean, it's catchy and you can't help finding yourself toe tapping or singing the words you know-so-well-cause-you've-heard-it-on-the-radio-a-million-times, I'm just warning ya. The second half of the cd is less memorable from that point, but there is nothing else dreadful. The ending is a Bring It On (Reprise), which would always have me wanting to hear it from beginning all over again. But next time I'll FF past Kiss From A Rose. ;) lol

Review Date: 2/23/2013
Title: Shepherd Moons
Artist: Enya
Label: Reprise / Wea
Original Release Date: 11/19/1991
Date: 2/23/2013

My cousin introduced me to this cd, but i wasn't very into it at the time, and she said that she mostly listened to it during sex. Then my ex brought a copy to our child's bday party, (i thought as a joke). I put it on later and saw his point: very soothing and melodic and dreamy. Some songs are in Irish but that just adds to the relaxing sounds. I have built my Enya collection around this cd. She is awesome.

Review Date: 2/23/2013

Good cd. My faves are Lines of my Earth, Love.

1. We Have Forgotten
2. Anything
3. The Waiting Room
4. Kiss Me
5. Easy to Ignore
6. Puedo Escribir
7. I Can't Catch You
8. The Lines of my Earth
9. Sister Mother
10. I Won't Stay Long
11. Love
12. There She Goes

Review Date: 2/19/2013

Very good rockin gospel cd. My faves are Talk About It, Call on Jesus, Come Unto Me.

Review Date: 2/19/2013
Title: Ten
Artist: Pearl Jam
Label: Sony
Original Release Date: 8/27/1991
Date: 2/23/2013
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This cd and Nevermind by Nirvana got me through 1992-95. Some songs have passed the test of time. When you listen from start to finish, you get the most out of the cd. These guys were way ahead of their time for their ages. One could compare them to the Beatles in that way. Every song a winner. This cd speaks for an age and a generation.

Review Date: 2/23/2013
Title: The Trinity Session
Artist: Cowboy Junkies
Label: RCA
Original Release Date: 11/15/1988
Date: 2/20/2013

I got this cd solely for the songs Sweet Jane and Blue Moon Revisited. What I found was there was a nice flow to this cd and the entire thing was worthwhile. Other songs that became my faves on this cd were I Don't Get it, Misguided Angel, I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry, and Walkin' After Midnight. I highly recommend this cd and pair it with The Notting Hillbillies, they go very well together.

Review Date: 2/20/2013
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I really like/love this CD! I can stop it anywhere, pick back up later, listen and it just flows. Lots of different-sounding songs on this CD--one for every mood and then some.

Review Date: 3/25/2014

My faves on this cd are Only Us, Digging in the Dirt and Secret World. It is a very good concept album (as usual) from Gabriel. He is an Aquarian (b.2/13 like me!), so he's a little out of left field, off the beaten path. A good follow-up to this was Shaking the Tree, a "greatest hits" cd. I highly recommend this cd for its varied moods. Have some nice Arbor Mist, open a window and recline on the sofa or relax in a rocking chair to enjoy this one :)

Review Date: 2/19/2013
Title: Victory LIVE!
Artist: Tye Tribbett & Ga
Label: Sony
Original Release Date: 1/1/2006
Date: 2/20/2013

A very good worship cd. My personal faves are Intro, I Want it All Back, Everything Will Be Alright, Seated At The Right Hand Of God and Victory.

1. Intro
2. I Want It All Back
3. Bless The Lord
4. Hallelujah To Your Name
5. Everything Will Be Alright
6. Everything Will Be Alright (Reprise)
7. Who Else But God
8. Seated At The Right Hand of God
9. Look Up
10. No Other Choice
11. Sinking
12. Still Have Joy
13. 1-2 (Victory Check)
14. Victory
15. Victory (Outro) (Bonus Track)
16. Everything Pt. 1, Pt. 2 Bow Before The King

Review Date: 2/20/2013

This is a very good gospel R&B worship cd. My fave songs are Take it By Force, Your Love Lifted Me, So Good To Me, Be With You, and Through Your Name.

Review Date: 2/20/2013

1 20th Century-Fox Fanfare
2 You'd be Surprised
3 A Fine Romance
4 Bye Bye Baby
5 I'm Gonna File My Claim
6 My Heart Belongs to Daddy
7 Heat Wave
8 Street Scene (Op.Sc.How to Marry a Millionaire)
9 River of no Return
10 She Acts Like a Woman Should
11 Kiss
12 After You Get What You Want
13 Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend
14 Lazy

Review Date: 2/9/2013
Title: Watermark
Artist: Enya
Label: Reprise / Wea
Original Release Date: 1/1/1988
Date: 2/23/2013

This is an excellent new age cd. I'm partial to Enya from all the way back when her music first came out. I like her voice and style very much and have listened to her throughout my life. When I had babies, I would put an Enya cd on for both of us to relax to or nap :)
Orinoco Flow is my fave but all the songs go very well together and make for a very enjoyable listening experience.

Review Date: 2/23/2013
Title: We Got Next
Artist: Winans Phase 2
Label: Sony
Original Release Date: 8/31/1999
Date: 2/19/2013

These Winans ROCK THA HOUSE! My faves are I'm a Winans Too, It's Alright.

Review Date: 2/19/2013

I have really enjoyed this cd. The cd begins with Questions, a really good song in my opinion. Communication is good too. You might remember Not Enough Time from 1992, another good one. All Around is rockin' and Baby Don't Cry is cute and was appropriate at the time cause i had a little one!lol Back on Line is one of my favorites and we end with Men and Women, also good. I highly recommend this cd for any INXS fan!

Review Date: 2/19/2013
Title: When I Woke
Artist: Rusted Root
Label: Fontana Island
Original Release Date: 8/23/1994
Date: 2/20/2013

A very good party cd or just for listening alone. My fave songs are Drum Trip/Ecstasy, Cruel Sun, Cat Turned Blue, Laugh as the Sun and Back to the Earth.

Review Date: 2/20/2013

This is a very good praise and worship cd. My fave songs are Dive, One of These Days, Gather at the River, Testify to Love, Awesome God, Flood, Big House, Stomp, Don't Look at Me.

Review Date: 2/20/2013
Title: Wow 2000
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Wow Gospel Hits
Original Release Date: 10/26/1999
Date: 2/20/2013

This is very good contemporary Christian cd. My faves are Thankful, New Way to Be Human, Love Liberty Disco, Waiting Room, Breathe, Run to You, Revive Us, It's Alright, One of These Day and I Am.

Review Date: 2/20/2013
Title: Wow Gospel 2000
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Verity
Original Release Date: 2/8/2000
Date: 2/20/2013

This is an AWESOME gospel P&W cd! My fave songs are Power Belongs to God, O Happy Day, It's All About the Love, Put Your War Clothes On, Wrapped Up (Remix), O What a Friend, Word Iz Bond, Strong Man, I Made It, Secret Place.

Review Date: 2/20/2013

This is an AWESOME gospel R&B cd! My fave songs are Shackles, Let's Dance, That'll Do It, It's Alright, Walk Right, Everyday, Fall Down 2000, Real, At the Table, If it Had Not Been for the Lord On My Side, Closer, God's Got It, Tell It, Once and Better Days.

Review Date: 2/20/2013

This is an awesome Gospel R&B cd! My fave songs are: Unconditional, You, Deeper, The Battle is the Lord's, I Want to be Ready, Stand Up, and Be Right.

Review Date: 2/20/2013
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