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Well....imagine the original artist had been playing the same hit for a while and embellished it a bit. Not the originals ,more a "live" version some time after the hit broke and no live audience to hide the added vamping to try and keep fresh. The orchestration can very a little ...or a lot.I picked up to fill some singles holes and adequate. In a mix you can slide one in and would perk up the listener since spot on with version expected....novelty would wear thin. Worth it as a novelty/cover version variation

Review Date: 5/30/2016

As a serious fan of the original film score i found the pumped up Broadway treatment overblown. That crisp depression hunger from a early thirties score all glammed up with trills and flourishes looses the edge that stirred. I had a hard time conjuring the sound to 'dem dancin feet and had to content be competent presentation of a terrific song list. Yeah I know Ruby Keeler did not have a great voice , but she HAD to be a STAR....and succeeded.

Review Date: 7/16/2015

I wish the original soundtrack version of the music had been used.....alas. The selection are played in a conventional orchestral arrangement that conveys safely predigested pablum version of the music. If the music you hear as the producer goes to the podium during the actual awards ceremony is what you have in mind , bingo.

Review Date: 6/2/2015

Gotta give Bing credit for as smooth a set of pipes as ever had. The compilation is limited in that includes more popular/commercial , although not White Xmas, go figure. Skill in milking each and every ounce out of a song,' My Melancholy Baby', and zippy fun, 'I'm an Old Cowhand'. Need to reach deeper if you want truly original earliest days with Paul Whitman, but a tidy selection and collection

Review Date: 5/30/2016

The biggee, American Pie is all its meant to be, a classic reason for FM radio fame and the reason the album still sells. BUT, this album has a number of excellent cuts including 'Vincent', a personal fave and the the haunting 'The Grave". As a lad I had the good fortune to have as a college bud for life a decorated Vietnam Vet who made abundantly clear to never pay this cut in his presence. Perhaps the most visceral anti War song ever, a bit over the top for the critics perhaps , but beware its power to overwhelm. McLean frankly didn't need another album after this one, 3 forever classics for me and a good listen for the rest.

Review Date: 11/3/2015

Nice compilation of 18/19th century American folk songs. More impressive, the stories relyed by a narrator who recalls tale tales with a wry wit that puts you at the general store stove. Long before the electronic means of story, some old coot kept rapt attention when telling his tall tales of toothpicks and reluctant mules. Strong traditional songs with an definite extra kick

Review Date: 5/25/2017
Title: Aqualung
Artist: Jethro Tull
Label: Capitol
Original Release Date: 1/1/1971
Date: 2/20/2016

Refutes Glam or Pop rock with introduction of Aqualung 'who makes deep sea diver sounds' .Just when AM radio was disappearing into irrelevance appears Ian Anderson and a rocking power flute to roar against pretty. The first album on cassette I tried on my brand new Walkman at full volume since the only true measure was Locomotive Breath at 11.A classic for a reason

Review Date: 2/20/2016

In olden time when Disco ruled the earth a strange and shabby man emerged to assert the RULE of rock and rock as he bent to pick a dog end smearing shabby clothes. First cassette i tested my spiffy new walkman on , full blast for Locomotive Breadth, a personal fave on steadily building ballad rocker. Ian Anderson wails on the flute to and his best friend had him by....well listen to the classic and you tell me. Top Notch fun....unless you have to deal with cross eyed Mary.

Review Date: 8/19/2016
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Only writing a review since those posted are yrs old and the hosannas dues this epic can never be overstated. 1967 was the year of Sgt Pepper, The Doors, and Jimi taking over and music was never the same. Such a pleasure to try and name a favorite....which has to be third stone since unlike anything I had ever heard. The leap into the unknown with the hypnotic thread drawing you further and further of the few that could be put of repeat for days. Beyond an essential, an elemental physical law.....and Electric Ladyland is still better , twice as much fun!

Review Date: 12/14/2015

A one stop Cab station guaranteed to make you feel all REET and complete. Not comprehensive but includes essentials. A terrific compliment to a Cabster or excellent foundation. Hidi Hey !!

Review Date: 5/5/2017

for the casual fan a bit jarring,for the starved fan of the one and true guitar god . bliss. Sloppy true blues goes over the rainbow to the land of Jimi.Excellent source of covers , Sunshine of your Love, Hoochie Coochie Man , Along the Watchtower , and a weirded out take on Day Tripper....treat yourself to the real deal.

Review Date: 1/5/2015

Absolutely guaranteed to get you going. Very high energy fun that works as precursor to the early Rockers, the post Big Band scatters, hints of Cab Calloway and all around hoot. A workout favorite since if you aint mov'n ck for a pulse, you are dead.

Review Date: 10/18/2016
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Hmm....I have thi disc named " Down South Summit Meeting" telstar 5333 11014 2 7.....Just doesn't matter since this is a smoking collection . The players noted include Sonny Terry, Brownie McGhee and Big Joe Williams. Like an Old Blues man said, When a woman has taken everything, i mean the linoleum off da floor, you can sing the blues.......

Review Date: 6/8/2015

note two versions at least, a 10 track and a 14 track version. With the pop singles all 3.5 minutes or less not too hard to squeeze a few more tracks on. All familiar, some classics including Marvin Gaye bonus track, "What's going on". Bonus tracks make this version the one to get.

Review Date: 11/1/2014

Big John Lee fan and this and 'Bus Full of Blues" stand outs. If one were so unfortunate to limit to one , excellent choice. True Delta old style blues with each phrase honestly wrought, whether as the victim of fate, as lover or a playful observer always honest and clear.

Review Date: 8/20/2015

A great deal of fun. Very high energy that shows why Louie was one of the first Vegas head liners. Hour plus play time and all stand outs.

Review Date: 8/20/2015
Title: Chanson d'Amour
Artist: King's Singers
Label: RCA
Original Release Date: 3/9/1993
Date: 2/11/2017

Extraordinary vocal purity. Whether a straight up interpretation of a classical./hymnal with solemnity or a witty jaunt thru a romantic ditty a tour de force. I love the crisp nuanced delivery sans all instrumentality annunciating each phrase and transition. If at all inclined grab in an instant.

Review Date: 2/11/2017

Toughest kind of review, content very good, just not what I expected. This is first and foremost a chorale selection regards British Folk Songs. The production its well done if contrary to "folk" , too much polish. If I was familiar with the song diction of British folk songs the lyrical content would have been more clear to me. A practiced ear for choral will enjoy since quite good.

Review Date: 1/1/2018

Synopsis is not for this disc, although track listing is correct. 23 selections of the very distinctive sultry songstress. Very retro in that you feel you are listening to 1940's era radio as compared to a modern studio cuts, fuzzy if atmospheric. Selections reflect Marlene's multi-lingual talents, english,german & french. Her singing abilities are non traditional , but if swept up by the Blue Angel you are melting under her hypnotic gaze.....

Review Date: 1/17/2015

The speeches and historic import is of real importance. I enjoy recorded spoken word , hearing the actual voice has an impact. The actual recording is not well done. I can only assume that the original recordings were not enhanced at all since vocal quality inconsistent and frequently muddy and difficult. Perhaps the purity historians feel any sonic enhancement that would depart from the original recordings would be inappropriate , my only guess. The variety of speeches and content is gold and provides a real feel for the man and the politics. The speeches fall into three categories, The formal ceremonial , including truncated version of the inaugurals , the war , longer versions then generally heard of the Pearl Harbor and D-Day Prayer speech and some political speeches, great insight into politics and if the day .
Glad iI got it .

Review Date: 6/2/2015

If you were in doubt as to what defines the purest Jazz female vocalist, look no further. A saucy set that convinced me that all hold music should be converted to Miss Ella because no one would care how long it took. The consistency of the perfect sound is truly remarkable. The verve of truly live performance with stunning tonal range and inflection.

Why dissect it? just lay back and groove....

Review Date: 1/23/2015

A solid contribution to the Gershwin library. Gregory Hines has solid vocals , note "Jelly's Last Jam", although his volcanic dancing talent is most seriously missed. Patti Austin s well welcome to the classic repertoire. Have to admit , may not be the "best" variation of the songs, (see Fred Astaire "Steppin Out",killer), although nuggets to be found.

Review Date: 9/17/2016

Old fashioned presentment that distracts from the well presented songs. Just sing PLEASE....the smoltz and layered corn intros go from tiring to tiresome. Reluctant to use as a mix basis since entails editing from each cut the stage based blather. BUT the songs when sung are very well done in a traditional manner that please me olde Irish Gran

Review Date: 11/7/2015

Glad to go full WWII retro with a nice collection of Vera Lynn. Her clear voice gives excellent rendition of the known classics, White Cliffs of Dover,We'll Meet Again, and a host of lessor knowns . Worth noting the orchestration is very sparse , good for the vocal clarity but thin on the total delivery of the song. If you are used to the lush orchestration of the Big Band Chanteuses , down right Spartan. A very good pick up for fans of the era.

Review Date: 7/27/2016
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Just one of the greatest of all time. Pop as art form and experimental political theater. The lyrics reflect Simon at his best and the collaborative effort with Ladysmith Black Mombasso a break through in world music fusion. Since my copy went missing , one of the reasons i joined was to replace this album since its lack was painful.

Review Date: 1/13/2015

Grand Masters of a style, albeit the defining style of Jazz. Unmistakable players inasmuch that NO ONE blows like Armstrong, a clear and honest horn that echoes through the ages. Mixed with the urbane Ellington riffs, a very pleasant way to invest you listening pleasure. Highly recommend for those seeking an honest late Armstrong beyond the Hello Dolly over produced greatest hits, and Ellington could not be anything but smoooooooth.

Review Date: 12/11/2015

Rave reviews entirely deserved. Saw it was posted, if briefly , and compelled to ad hosanna's. Love Ravi and the breadth of his and fellow players skill. The discipline of a concert setting and appreciation of that audience help propel this disc over the top. For and world music fan, or the most casual listener willing to experiment a bit, run , don't walk for this one!

Review Date: 8/19/2016
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19 track overview....pretty much has the gamut of the solo "hits"
1/give peace a chance
2/instant karma
3/power to the people
4/Whatever gets you though the night
5/ #9 dream
6/mind games
7/ love
8/happy xmas ( war is over)
9 imagine
10/ jealous guy
11/ stand by me
12/ (just like) starting over
13/ woman
14/ I'm losing you
15/beautiful boy (darling boy)
16/watching the wheels
17/ dear yoko
18/ move ms. L
19/cold turkey

Review Date: 6/2/2016

Stunned reported as anything under 5+ stars. Unless inclined to assemble the whole Bob library a stunning recap. I started here and acquired the rest to capture the mastery and majesty of the blue mountain grown ambassador to the mighty and street. Slight issue with version of Buffalo Soldier which I had yrs ago as a high tempo clarion call to action that a different version on the cd when issued, almost mellow? No worries.....Jammin, Exodus.....and the loving renditions of the sweetest Three little birds, One escapable balance and contrast that makes a desert island MUST.
Still hear the lyrics when confronted with hypocrisy..." Sick and Tired of your easy skeezy games....fill in the blank and breath free and know what you understand....

Review Date: 9/8/2016

This album has been a core part of my personal desert island set. 5 albums , thats it you better hope you have something that inspires, provokes,agitates,reassures,and centers. No one collection can do justice to Mr Bob , but, if you must have but one,mandatory and have no fear redeemed.

Review Date: 4/23/2015

Terrific compilation of the familiar and truly new, not sure I've heard 'Flying Saucer Rock and Roll' before. Rich diversity of artists with hefty helpings of Carl Perkins. The SUN sound is a hybrid of twangy electric proto country meeting blues ,very tasty!

Review Date: 6/17/2017

A very live version of the cuts. The legends out of the studio and on stage, not some stadium but a bar with appreciative fans. Not the smoothest renditions but as voiced by the older and wiser voices, warts and all, entertaining.

Review Date: 6/5/2015

I have seen Toby Walker live twice and both times were knock outs.Very rounded contemporary and historic perspective on Delta Blues and a very sharp lyrical pen.Please note the title listing . Wicked Wit and Steel Guitar

Take a Little Walk With Me
Texas Tornado
Who's Gonna be Your Sweet Man Tonight?
All Around Man
Savannah Momma
Kismet Rag
Full Figured Woman
Stack O' Lee
Irish Fiddle Medley
When She Wants Good Lovin
Monkey in the Pool Room
Boogie Woogie Dance
Born Blind
The Lead's All Gone
Sitting on Top of the World
I've Ben Weeping
Catfish Blues

Review Date: 7/12/2016
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Sad to report that the sound is poor. A "live" performance in that audience noise is a buzz throughout and the ,mic placement poor. The quality of the playing is great, just the recording so biased to one side of the stage the vocals are weak and tiny. a clean recording would have been fun.....

Review Date: 2/14/2018

Straight up pop gold from early 70's . The difference between disco and SOUL was the strength of the vocals and lyrical coherence. I got it for the OJays "Love Train" and enjoyed the balance of the cuts. Sound quality is from the era without any real effort to clean it up so may emulate that AM radio feel, but you be moving and grovin....enjoy

Review Date: 2/1/2017

Original soundtrack versions of those golden oldies. Only collection i could find with Dooley Wilson 'As Time Goes By', the original "Whats that Your Playing Sam " version from Casablanca. Cannot swear from the same session, but all sound right to me. Includes subtle, Lena Horne 'Where or When" , to the way over the top Mario Lanza 'Be My Love' . Date range 1934 to 1965 shows evolution from crooner to teen angst . Fun

Review Date: 6/8/2015

An enjoyable vibrant piece of showmanship. The initial review describing as a bridge from stride piano to "modernity" is fairly close to the mark. The Fats Waller mojo lives with a solid quartet back beat. If the original release date stated as 1945, quite innovative....and definitely fun.

Review Date: 6/11/2015

track 1/2 fantasia on "Shenandoah " Rick Sowash- 1/intro, 2/fantasia
tracks 3-6 'New England Suite' Vally Weigl, Vermont Nocturne, Maine Interlude,Berkshire Pastoral,Connecticut Country Fair
Track 7 "He's Gone Away ", traditional arr Parket /Shaw
Track 8 Appalachian Echoes William Mayer
Track 9 " The Happy Wanderer" Freidrich Moller
Track 10 "From a Log Cabin"
Track 11 " Indian Idyl"
Track 12 "Mid-Summer"
Track 13 " The Joy of Autumn"
Track 14 " In Deep Woods"
Track 15 "Good Memories for Me" William Stevens

Atmospheric and enjoyable

Review Date: 5/30/2016

21 tracks of " Reflective,Romantic,Poetic ,and Nautical", atmospheric natural sounds with instrumental

Tracks 1/Nature Portrait, 2/The Islay Maiden 3/ The Captain of Orange Street(main theme) 4/ Seaside Bicycle Ride 5/Nature Portrait II 6/Autumn Tidepools 7/I Climb the Mountains 8/Harbor Nightclub 9/Snow on the Ocean 10/Nature Portrait III 11/One Light, One Candle 12/Sunset Kiss 13/Nature Portrait iV 14/Fishermans Daydream 15/The Captain of Orange Street 16/ Nature Portrait V 17/Seagull Sky Dance 18/Nature Portrait VI 19, Answer to a Midnite Whale Call 20/I Dreamed I Heard the Ocean 21 Natures Portrait VII

Review Date: 5/30/2016
Title: Original Delta Blues
Artist: Son House
Label: Sony
Original Release Date: 6/30/1998
Date: 5/14/2016
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Absolute Delta at its purest roots. You can feel each note and hear each expression of hope and remorse. Well recorded and absolutely plucked for real without the slightest hint of Production ....sit back and rock slowly as you feeeeeel it.

Review Date: 5/14/2016

Very pleased with the scope and content. A number of 1930's and 1940's cuts direct from the soundtracks off the films. A mixed blessing , If a MOVIE person the cuts are straight soundtrack with the over production and dead on appeal as heard in the movie. If MUSIC, well the mix is a bit rich and fast. Full studio orchestras glam up straight forward musical numbers. A mix of MGM, Warner Brothers and a smattering of others with a wealth of Shirley Temple, but also incidental Music from Casablanca (PURE GOLD) including Bogart dialog on all the gin joints in all the towns....for me worth the price of admission alone....and Lena Horne, Ethel Waters from Cabin in the Sky very underrated musical that shines nova bright. Young Lena and world weary Casabance Rick....oh all the contents and guaranteed you will find gold.

Review Date: 8/17/2017

An EP album of 4 cuts total time just under 20 minutes, expressive instrumental and interesting commingle of horns and guitar. Nice variation in style

1/persistence 5.21
2/anxiety 3.53
3/third jesus 4.43
4/four staples 4.42

Review Date: 5/30/2016

First came upon Ralph Stanley on the 'O Brother' sound track and hypnotized by the style and voice. The marrow of the mountains solid in a style that evokes the simple desire to exist in harmony and humility. A time capsule to a less certain fate when one faced the darkness and daily troubles with inner strength. With simplest of arrangements Stanley's laments and invocations are piercing. Highly recommend anything by Ralph or with his brother. If on the other side of the planet looking at 'world" music to understand and gain insight grab this

Review Date: 7/9/2017

An extensive selection to get you cook'n. Cugat and Arnez may have gotten the attention but Machito has the groove.

Review Date: 2/1/2017

one track, "Winter's Glow" 75 minutes. classified as "nature with Music, " gentle sounds of nature blended with the beautiful melodies of Koto and Flute lead you to a place of harmony and natural balance...."

Review Date: 5/30/2016
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Bedrock foundation of any consideration of the 60's. Impacted social, and fashion trend as much as the music. The era of the radio single ended and the true beginning of the ROCK ALBUM. Forget all the hype,transcendent tunes that 50 years later still do it so if only one album from the era, get this one....

Review Date: 5/28/2015

A collection that has a visceral connection to the nastiest Time Square urban memories. I worked in mid Town Manhattan and saw these songs in the Taxi Driver eyes and nasty dive dump bars. If you ever want to feel that closing time reeking of stale smoke what was I thinking my momma warned me about this thang.....BE There. I knew I was different when I put this on for friends and got bewildered looks and pleasantries. Still a champ and favorite TW, and i might head south until this thing blows over.....

Review Date: 4/14/2015

Grade A terrific stuff. If you are a Turner Classic type who loves the top songs of that era , as good a collection as you could hope for. Original artists and a broad election of the best. If you are compiling a special Baby Baby playlist for those romantic moments a breadth of familiar heart melters to guarantee a cozy tim will be had. Of course , you may end with "BE A CLOWN"

Review Date: 12/13/2015

Very interesting and a very solid find for the world music collection. I have enjoyed the didgeridoo as an element of World and experimental works and wanted some undiluted real. This is solid without ornamentation for effects. If your tastes run to the elemental components of hypnotic movement and percussive, great stuff.....if a studio polish type looking a for a taste of World , start with Ravi and the Sitar. Want some fun?, mix a little sitar, bagpipe , and didgeridoo, a fallen empire sampler.

Review Date: 1/1/2018
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