Paul Lustig Dunkel

CDs Paul Lustig Dunkel performed on...

Currently Unavailable CDs (1)

2000 - Melinda Wagner Concerto for Flute Strings and Percussion Poul Ruders Concerto in Pieces (Purcell Variations)

Genre: Classical

CDs Paul Lustig Dunkel helped create...

Currently Unavailable CDs (4)

2001 - Kingdom Come Hymnodic Delays Fog Tropes II for String Quartet and Tap

Genres: Dance & Electronic, New Age, Pop, Classical
1998 - Voices from Elysium

Genres: Pop, Classical
1995 - William Mayer Voices from Lost Realms

Genres: Special Interest, Pop, Classical
1994 - Francis Thorne Piano Concerto No 3 Roger Sessions Concerto for Piano and Orchestra