Mark M. Warshawsky

CDs Mark M. Warshawsky performed on...

Currently Unavailable CDs (1)

2000 - An Hour in the Garden of Eden

Genres: Folk, World Music, Special Interest, Pop, Soundtracks, Classical

CDs Mark M. Warshawsky helped create...

Currently Unavailable CDs (5)

2008 - Lullaby

Genres: Folk, Special Interest, New Age, Pop, Soundtracks, Classical, Children's Music
2007 - A Yiddishe Mame

Genres: World Music, Special Interest, Pop, Classical
2005 - World of Lullabies

Genres: Special Interest, Pop, Classical, Children's Music
2002 - Great Composers Love Folk Songs Too

1999 - Oy It's Good The Art of Yiddish Song