Chris Brubeck

CDs Chris Brubeck performed on...

Currently Unavailable CDs (1)

2000 - Bach to Brubeck Bass Trombone Concerto/Blues Suite for Banjo Orchestra

CDs Chris Brubeck helped create...

Currently Available CDs (2)

2000 - Dance on a Moonbeam A Collection of Songs and Poems

Genres: Folk, Jazz, Special Interest, Pop, Classical
1996 - Frederica von Stade Sings Brubeck Across Your Dreams

Genres: Jazz, Special Interest, Pop, Classical

Currently Unavailable CDs (3)

2014 - John Salmon Plays Brubeck

Genres: New Age, Classical
2005 - Chris Brubeck Convergence (Hybrid SACD)

Genre: Classical
2000 - Bach to Brubeck

Genres: Jazz, Special Interest, Classical