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Mission Impossible 2: Music From The Motion Picture Score (2000 Film)
Hans Zimmer
Mission Impossible 2: Music From The Motion Picture Score (2000 Film)
Genres: Pop, Rap & Hip-Hop, Soundtracks, Metal
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Film scorer Hans Zimmer, who helped pioneer the seamless technological merging of electronic and acoustic instruments in film scoring, has long had an interest in musical fusion. But in scoring director John Woo's action-s...  more »


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All Artists: Hans Zimmer
Title: Mission Impossible 2: Music From The Motion Picture Score (2000 Film)
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Label: Hollywood Records
Original Release Date: 6/13/2000
Release Date: 6/13/2000
Album Type: Extra tracks
Genres: Pop, Rap & Hip-Hop, Soundtracks, Metal
Styles: Vocal Pop, Pop Rap
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Film scorer Hans Zimmer, who helped pioneer the seamless technological merging of electronic and acoustic instruments in film scoring, has long had an interest in musical fusion. But in scoring director John Woo's action-sopped Tom Cruise star vehicle, Zimmer has concocted a wildly uneven stew of electronica, flamenco, rock, medieval, and world music that's about as subtle as Cruise's career ambitions. There are moments of surprising tranquility (Zimmer's duet with Heitor Periera on the Spanish-guitar-driven "Nyah") amid the pulsing beats and blaring samples, and even a few passages reminiscent of his other summer 2000 blockbuster, Gladiator. But as a musical stew, this one could use another dollop of simple meat and potatoes; it's certainly a long way from The Lion King, The Thin Red Line, As Good As It Gets, or any of his other best scores. --Jerry McCulley

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CD Reviews

Mission Impossible 2
Christer Holm | Kauniainen Finland | 07/09/2000
(4 out of 5 stars)

"Hans Zimmer in his true element. The Score to M:I-2 is a truly spectacular mixture of Spanish guitar music, classic Zimmer work, Lisa Gerrard's moody singing and heavy distorted guitar action cues. As I have noticed, not everyone seems to like the use of "Heavy Guitars" in film scores. I, on the other hand, love it. It really gets your juices flowing. It's the ultimate badass way to score modern action films. I have to say that this M:I theme is the first one to grab me this way. It really rocks your socks, before I had always thought that the theme melody was nice but never had I imagined it could be this, well, Badass! And when you keep in mind that the film is directed by John Woo, it's all the more suitable. Lisa Gerrard is featured here again (familiar from the Gladiator score) Her voice is quite suitable for setting the mood for the particular scenes in which the tracks play. Very similar "singing" to Gladiator, If you didn't know better, you could almost think that Zmmer used the same recordings. The good old choir is not that present as in "The Rock" or "Crimson Tide". but it's in there, in the back. And there is one FABULOUS choir piece in there, (Track 10, details below) As an avid Zimmer fan, I must say I enjoy this score very much. And now for a more in-depth look at the score release: Track 1. Hijack. This track starts with a very interesting sound with a kind of mysterious feel. There is also the familiar choir in the background. A steady bass beat starts to builds up to the climax when the distorted guitars kick in, a very memorable bit. Very cool electric guitar playing. Track 2. "Iko-Iko". Well, what can you say about this. It is a peculiar "funny song". At first I was very put off by it but after listening to it a few times, it is actually quite amusing. I didn't really like the placement of it in the film, not really suitable for that rock-climbing scene. Why it's on the score cd, I don't know, maybe because the use of the real "Iko-Iko" in "Rainman" (Also scored by Zimmer and starring Cruise). "Souca Na Na" as they sing is a "parody lyric to Iko Iko" Track 3. "Seville". Rather nice Spanish guitar music, along with traditional Flamenco dancers. A nice theme here too. First I thought it was a bit "too Spanish" but after seeing the movie, I really like it. Lisa Gerrard "sings" a bit in the end of this track Track 4. "Nyah". A very nice quiet guitar theme. Very relaxing. The theme of the girl in the film. Track 5. "M:I-2 Theme" The rocking title theme. Full of adrenaline. Cool! I love it. Everybody doesn't. Track 6. "The Heist" A nice slow "bass and funky guitars" piece. Track 7. "Ambrose" Classic Zimmer choirs at work. A kind of sad tone, portraying the villain of the film. A real classic. Track 8. "Bio-Techno" The name says it all. A kind of industrial techno beat. Not exactly my cup of tea but there it is. No melody to speak of. Track 9. "Injection" Lisa Gerrard at her best. Very moody song. A quite sad tone. After seeing the movie, I like this one even more. The most emotional track in the score. Great. Track 10. "Bare Island" Amazing action piece. The choir is spectacular. The chanting almost has the same calibre as "O Fortuna" by Carl Orff (As featured in "Excalibur" for those who don't know) After the choir comes the adrenaline filled heavy guitar action sequence with the M:I theme. Very badass. Track 11. "Chimera" Dark and moody. Strings and Choir. The guitar theme comes up at the end, leading into... Track 12. "The Bait" The M:I theme resurfaces. Cool. Track 13. "Mano a Mano" Cool slow sweeping strings with beating Timpanis and percussion, crossfading with Lisa Gerrard's singing. A slight oriental touch on the percussion. Very atmospheric piece. Track 14. "Mission: Accomplished" The intro guitar theme from "Nyah" juiced up with flutes and general atmosphere. Very nice. Track 15. "Nyah and Ethan" The main Spanish guitar theme again, extended. Very nice and moody. This track is very relaxing. Great acoustic guitars."
M:I-2 is fast and furious... Zimmer is back and on fire!
Jeron Moore | Dallas, TX USA | 06/13/2000
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Mission: Impossible 2 has to be the best hard-driven action score so far this year. Hans Zimmer pulls out ALL the stops and takes its listener on a ride that will want to be repeated many times over.I find myself frequently listening to track 9, "Injection," which alone has to be one of Zimmer's best cues this year. Compared to the so-so regime of scores being released lately, Zimmer's score is fun and refreshing. Hans Zimmer's style is apparent in this one, though the techno/heavy guitar influences are *very* new to the Zimmer soundscape in terms of how he uses them. This is definitely not "The Rock" or "The Peacemaker," though it's just as fast and furious.Zimmer's use of Schifrin's theme is quite engaging. I wouldn't bother comparing it to Elfman's attempt, as the scores are quite different - and Elfman *did* do some noteable work. For me, M:I 2 surfaces as the better of the two.Many of the "Gladiator" vocals appear on this disc, which compliment the atmosphere being created. Although Lisa Gerrard is not directly credited for her perfomance (which is still questionable), it's a pretty safe assumption that it is her voice that is heard throughout the score.One interesting observation - the cue, "Seville" (track 3) is the song album's score cut "Nyah" ... with a different twist. The cue heard on the score album runs 4 minutes and 30 seconds, though in more of a raw, less electronic rendition. It seems as if Zimmer spruced up the cue for the song album, which has a bolder guitar performance, heavier percussion, and of course, the added male vocals. The cue heard on the score cd is nice, though I prefer the album version. For those who are wondering, this theme *can* be heard interweaved throughout the entirety of the music on cd. Preceded by this cue is the funky but fun song heard during the party sequence at the beginning, as Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) arrives to locate Nyah. This was not written, nor composed by Zimmer, though the music compliments the rest of the music and provides a nice break before the real intensity begins. Some may not like it... though it adds to the fun if you're in the right mood.All in all, it's a terrific score that belongs along side the Broken Arrow/Crimson Tide/Rock/ Peacemaker variety. It's a definite must have for anyone interested in fast paced, exciting music w/ a pulse-pounding drive packing enough punch to blow anyone out of their seats. Say that five times straight...Get this disc! You won't be sorry."
Hans Zimmer has done it again!
taderfish | Oregon, USA | 07/27/2000
(4 out of 5 stars)

"NOTE: Before purchasing this score, see the movie first, or else the music won't make any sense. This is not classical music.This is another wonderful musical score by Hans Zimmer, one of the essential contributers to soundtrack-scores. This is a pretty darn good album.TRACKS:1-Hijack- An interesting opener to the album. Very sophistocated. 2-Iko-Iko- A very upbeat song. Believe me; it will grow on you. 3-Seville-The best of three flamenco tracks. I find the tap dancing in the backround really neat. 4-Nyah-Another flamenco track. Best to be listened to in a quiet room. 5-M:I Theme- A pretty hard rendition of Lalo Schifrin's original theme song. I personally think that Limp Bizkit's version on the soundtrack is better. Good effort, though. 6-The Heist- Starts out as a powerful flamenco track. Turns into a good groove near the end. 7-Ambrose- A good effort of mixing very heavy orchestral strings with the electronic world. 8-Bio-Techno- Only satisfactory. The album could of done just as good without it. 9-Injection- The best track on the album. It really fits into the injection scene in the film. Very emotional, if you've seen the movie. 10-Bare Island- A very heavy track. Sonds like something that would come out of a Mortal Kombat movie. Bravo!Not enough room to explain the others, but they are very well worked out!"