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Riven: The Soundtrack (Video Game Score)
Robyn Miller
Riven: The Soundtrack (Video Game Score)
Genres: Pop, Rock, Soundtracks
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This is billed as "The Sequel to Myst, the most succesful CD-Rom game of all time" and "contains recently recovered D'NI archaelogical information available only on this CD." Not being an archaeologist--or a Myst afficiana...  more »


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All Artists: Robyn Miller
Title: Riven: The Soundtrack (Video Game Score)
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Label: Virgin Records Us
Original Release Date: 2/24/1998
Release Date: 2/24/1998
Album Type: Soundtrack
Genres: Pop, Rock, Soundtracks
Number of Discs: 1
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UPC: 724384542528

This is billed as "The Sequel to Myst, the most succesful CD-Rom game of all time" and "contains recently recovered D'NI archaelogical information available only on this CD." Not being an archaeologist--or a Myst afficianado--I'm just trying to figure out how to play the game and listen to the disc with only one damn CD-ROM drive; my hands just aren't that quick anymore. Those concerns aside, Miller's brooding, ambient soundwashes do just fine by themselves, though one can't help but discern that this is a genre that hasn't come very far from Eno and Tangerine Dream. --Jerry McCulley

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CD Reviews

Riven: The Soundtrack
Lee DeWald | Nebraska | 01/02/2002
(5 out of 5 stars)

"It is a common saying that a sequel is rarely better than the original. Many people today would simply prefer that there were no such things as sequels, leaving the original to stand proud in all its glory. However, the soundtrack to the ever-popular computer game "Riven" is one such case where the sequel surpasses its predecessor.There is substantial growth in composer Robyn Miller's second effort here. This is made evident in the very first track, which is only a few seconds long. It is the linking sound you hear in the game when you transport from one Age to another. Upon hearing that, the listener knows that there is much added depth to this soundtrack.Not that Miller's work on the "Myst" soundtrack wasn't good. It was good, very good; but his work on the "Riven" soundtrack is better. The themes are more layered - sometimes they are brooding and dark; sometimes they seem surreal and ethereal; and sometimes you swear he was composing for a real live movie.A few of the more notable tracks on the CD are the theme-centered tracks: "Atrus' Theme" in Track 2; "Catherine's Theme" in Track 15; and Gehn's Theme" in Track 18. You will also notice that the songs develop a darker and more foreboding feel as you near the end of the CD. Many songs toward the end start off with a very low hissing note, and it only foreshadows what is to come.As with Miller's "Myst" soundtrack, he incorporates a wide variety of sounds in the "Riven" soundtrack. The thing that amazes me, to be honest, is that everything he composed for both tracks was on a synthesizer. In fact, all three "Myst" soundtracks (the first two by Robyn Miller, and the third by Jack Wall) use a synthesizer in some fashion to achieve the desired effect. I am not typically a fan of this mode of music, but it works great here and I'm glad that all three soundtracks used this approach.This is a definite must-have for all "Myst" and "Riven" enthusiasts. This is one of those soundtracks that is great to sit back and listen to, whether you're on the road or just trying to unwind and relax at home. Robyn Miller goes out with a bang in his final musical effort, and it is one that is not to be missed."
Beautiful, relaxing, and engrossing.
Leon Miller | New Orleans, Louisiana | 11/19/1999
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I'm almost embarrassed by how much I enjoy this music. Whether I want to sit back, unwind with a drink after a long day at work, and just absorb the beautiful sounds, or whether I need background music that will allow me to relax and concentrate on a new project, this music works. It's beautiful, relaxing, and engrossing.It's also a wonderful way to renew, continue, and extend your experience with the game after you've worked completely through it three or four times. As an added bonus, the packaging has high production values, so you get a cool CD case, useful and interesting liner notes, and beautiful illustrations that complement and deepen the game.But the music stands on its own apart from the game. If you enjoy music that will let you momentarily drift away to beautiful, distant worlds, you will love this soundtrack."
More music to chill out by
Michele L. Worley | Kingdom of the Mouse, United States | 11/25/2002
(5 out of 5 stars)

"I'll describe each track in relation to the game, to let people decide for themselves if this CD has what they want. The order of the tracks adheres roughly to a reasonable path through the game, except that "Link" by that reasoning should be further down the list and "Temple" further up. Personally, I think the music over the opening Cyan credit would have been a better opening track, but it isn't included, although otherwise all of Riven's music seems to be present. In fact, some of the tracks are longer versions of music in the game, since here they don't have to be trimmed to fit. :)Despite the name of one track, no dialogue from the game is included, not even any of the speeches from the alternate endings. The effect of the entire CD is very soothing - the music is very good and was composed to help establish Riven's atmosphere."Link" - The brief sliding sound heard when a link book takes the player from one island to another."Atrus' Theme" - After the first few bars, which aren't heard at the beginning of the game, this theme tracks Atrus' first meeting with the player, but does not include his speech."Gateroom" corresponds to the revolving room on Temple Island - the island on which the player first enters Riven."Jungle Totem" begins when the player steps off the stairs to approach the warhk idol on Jungle Island."Survey Island Theme" accompanies the causeway on Survey Island - the outdoor pathway running through the oversized map of Riven."Temple" corresponds to the temple on Temple Island - the complex in which the room at sea level contains wahrk statues, spilled offering bowls, and stained glass windows."Village Entrance Theme" begins when the player enters the blue-lit cavern between the jungle path and the village. (A cave painting of an outsize D'ni figure and smaller human victims can be seen there).Once the player reaches the village jail, "Moeity Caves" accompanies the exploration of the caves. "Moeity Theme" begins once the player solves the puzzle in the Moiety caves, and cycles until the player steps through to the Moiety's hideout. "Boat Ride" plays while the Moiety transport the player to a holding cell, at which point "Moeity Prison" takes over."The Red Cave" is closely related to "Wahrk Room", which accompanies the undersea 'throne' room on Survey Island. (Pressing the correct button on the throne's built-in gadgets will summon a wahrk to the underwater window overlooking the throne.)"Catherine's Prelude" begins as the player first steps from the fire marble onto the causeway leading to Catherine's prison. "Catherine's Theme" is very brief. If the player manages to find and free Catherine, "Catherine's Freedom" is played as she joins you in the elevator and asks to see the book. (It tends to be played over trailer animation advertising the game, as well, having a very dramatic steeple-chasing theme.)If the player solves the fire marble puzzle, "Gehn Speaks" underlies Gehn's first speech. "Gehn's Theme" follows; alternately, it plays in full if the player summons Atreus to Riven before resolving the situation between Gehn and the prison book, continuing through the closing credits."Fissure" - End title theme, if the player has successfully dealt with Gehn before summoning Atreus to Riven."Bonus Track" - Miller notes on the accompanying booklet that while this piece didn't fit any of the visual sequences, he swiped bits of it for several of the tracks that *did* make it into the game."