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The Chase
Marit Larsen
The Chase
Genres: Pop, Rock
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2008 sophomore album from the Norwegian singer/songwriter and former member of M2M. The Chase features the single 'If A Song Could Get Me You'. EMI.


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All Artists: Marit Larsen
Title: The Chase
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Label: EMI Records
Original Release Date: 1/1/2009
Re-Release Date: 4/21/2009
Album Type: Import
Genres: Pop, Rock
Number of Discs: 1
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Product Description
2008 sophomore album from the Norwegian singer/songwriter and former member of M2M. The Chase features the single 'If A Song Could Get Me You'. EMI.

CD Reviews

Marit is truly touched by Angels!
JB | 04/07/2009
(5 out of 5 stars)

"It truly amazes me that this is the first review given the quality of this album. I have recommended both of her albums to a lot of people here in the states and everyone who has actually been able to get a hold of the CD loves it.

Marit has tapped into something so good and pure with this new album, you can't help but smile when you listen. Joyful, uplifting, beautiful, passionate, honest and fun are just a few words that describe the music. Marit has been doing this a long time and she gets better with every record that comes out. I can only imagine this is because she continues to stay true to herself, writes from the heart and pours every ounce of her being into what she does. They say true beauty comes from within, Marit is without a doubt a beautiful person, inside and out, you can feel it in the music, hear it in her voice and see it in her eyes when she performs.

I walk away from this album inspired and motivated to be a better person, any artist that can do that is truly blessed. I am so proud of Marit, she is doing what she loves and is touching peoples lives along the way.

"Chase" this album down, tell your friends, you will not be dissapointed!

-Scott (USA)"
Marit is a Music Goddess!
R. Long | Maryville, TN | 01/29/2010
(5 out of 5 stars)

"First, Marit Larsen is a music goddess.

Second, this CD has to be the best CD I have heard musically. Its not just the lyrics--its the music itself. This CD could be a musical soundtrack. The music just jumps out at you, often over the lyrics themselves! And oddly enough that can sometimes be a bad thing as it at some parts during the songs drowns Marits beautiful voice out. However, it sends chills up the listeners spine to hear the music performed so dramatically and sincerely. And once again, Marit herself writes 90% of everything on this CD (music and lyrics). Its always such a joy to not only find a beautiful CD, but also a talented musician who writes what they perform.

1. "The Chase" (written by: Marit Larsen) - I adore this song. Not only because it can be easily related to the listener, but its like a roller-coaster musically. Marit experiences every emotion in the song it seems, upset with her (former?) lovers constant here-and-there love, yet unable to let go. She sounds a bit defeated in the end, giving in to say to her lover (in one way or another) that today shes done with it, but who knows about tomorrow, a different decision than in the chorus of the song.
2. "If A Song Could Get Me You" (Marit Larsen, Kåre Vestrheim) - The first single, and hugely successful track from Marit. And its easy to see why. This song is very catchy, yet equally as deep. Marit explains all she would do to get her former lover back after finding her decision to let him go in the first place was wrong, yet "for the best" at the time. You can hear Marits heart breaking in this song, desperate to make her plea heard.
3. "This Is Me, This Is You" (Marit Larsen) - Once again, Marit chooses the best music for every song. This song is deep and almost eerie (musically). Its clearly a 'break up' song, but Marit makes it much more than that. She gets very personal in this song, admitting how devastated she is over the break up. Marit spills out to her lover what they once were, and the thought that its completely gone just like that destroys her. Not only are they not friends or even something like acquaintances, she goes as far to call him a "stranger" and a "riddle".
4. "Ten Steps" (Marit Larsen, Peter Zizzo) - The first 'loveless' song on the CD that has a happy, if you will, feel to it (believing Marits defeated or "lying to herself" state in the end of "The Chase"). Marit seems overly impatient to get out of the relationship and to tell her former lover to his face how she really feels. Apparently a good relationship at the start ("sweet like when I first saw you") has turned bitterly cold and Marit decides to run out on her lover while he is sleeping right next to her. Its unclear what exactly turned it sour, but she puts emphasis on belting out how he broke her heart first.
5. "Steal My Heart" (Marit Larsen) - This song may have to grow on the listener. The music, though original and catchy after time, does not seem to fit the lyrics quite as well as the other songs. As for the lyrics themselves, I would have to say they are the weakest on the CD, if not of all her songs shes written (though not unbearable). Marit gives the song a bit of 'interpret it how you will' spin, but it seems to be similar to "The Chase"--a lover who is not certain with their feelings toward her. And all Marit wants is a clear answer, whatever it may be, because shes tired of hurting.
6. "Is It Love" (Marit Larsen) - Oh, another song the listener could easily relate to. Its love, until an old flame comes back into the picture. Marit seems more frustrated in this song than sad, saying its not too late to just come home and forget the other woman. All it takes is one word from the old flame and he goes running back into her arms, apparently multiple times, and Marit constantly questions "Is it Love?".
7. "Fuel" (Marit Larsen) - The first song on the CD that seems truly happy, all the way through (save the spitefulness of "Ten Steps"). Its also another 'simple' song at first listen, but this song takes on a deeper meaning. You may have to be Marit herself to get the true feeling from this song, but she sings a personal, slow, rhythmic song about all the power she gets from her (assumed) lover. She even goes as far to say she gets the fuel to "stay alive" from this mystery person.
8. "Addicted" (Marit Larsen, Kåre Vestrheim) - A very bouncy, cheesy, sickening, loving song, but I adore it. What is intriguing (yet somewhat frustrating) about this song is how Marit admits shes completely "addicted" to this persons love, yet gives no reason as to why she tries to fight it. Given her other songs on this CD, it leaves this listener to only assume its because of how badly she has been burned before (yet nothing in the song would hint at this). Another somewhat listener-interpretable song.
9. "I've Heard Your Love Songs" (Marit Larsen) - For once on this CD, Marit is not the fragile one. Marit sings to an unidentified man who apparently has had poor luck when it comes to love and all Marit wants is to show him its alright to open up and love again. She relates that she knows how it feels to be unlucky in love, and that he need not worry anymore--she will wait patiently until he loves her.
10. "Fences" (Marit Larsen) - This song is very heavy much like "This is Me This is You", only more so. Another very deep and personal song of Marits, she fights with herself over losing someone. Its never stated as being 'love', but she admits that this time it is her fault, wondering if its time she admitted to herself that she will not get the forgiveness she so desperately wants.

A magical CD that is most definitely worth purchasing. It is not so much like many American CDs you may find, full of bouncy, club-worthy, dance hits, but Marit puts together music that you will find yourself captivated by. There are many songs on this CD that are fun to sing along with while driving around town, but Marit writes what she feels, not what she thinks people want to hear. Its obvious each song is personal to her, but its still an amazing listen for those who know nothing about her. If youre debating whether or not to shell out for a "foreign" CD, I wouldnt wait a second longer. You will wish you had bought this sooner."
Brilliant and Happy
William Hamilton | South Korea | 12/14/2009
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Very few albums I have heard recently so effectively combine good music with well-written lyrics without an enormous, almost industrial production process. Marit Larsen brings this together. With a voice that reminds one of the lead singer from _Sixpence None the Richer_ and a great acoustic pop sensibility, "Chase" is a really nice, fun, and uplifting album (but not in some New Agey sense of the word.)

I actually came across this album after YouTube recommended the song "If A Song Could Get Me You" on my videos, and I decided to buy the entire album. While here in America it's an import, it's worth the extra money."