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On the Front Line
On the Front Line
Genres: Alternative Rock, Pop, Rock
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Their previous LP, "Die Hards", solidified NYC's Casualties as the kings of the current gutter punk movement. Two years of touring with the likes of Bad Religion, The Dropkick Murphys, TSOL, The Bouncing Souls, and the War...  more »


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All Artists: Casualties
Title: On the Front Line
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Label: Side One Dummy
Release Date: 2/17/2004
Album Type: Enhanced
Genres: Alternative Rock, Pop, Rock
Style: Hardcore & Punk
Number of Discs: 1
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UPC: 603967124323


Album Description
Their previous LP, "Die Hards", solidified NYC's Casualties as the kings of the current gutter punk movement. Two years of touring with the likes of Bad Religion, The Dropkick Murphys, TSOL, The Bouncing Souls, and the Warped Tour lifted the band's profile. Now they're ready to leave their scar on the modern punk masses with "On The Front Line" which captures the sonic assault that's been the trademark of their live performances.

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CD Reviews

Finally, A Change of Pace
B-R-Mike M. | Old Lyme, CT USA | 06/05/2004
(4 out of 5 stars)

"This best thing about this album is there are no songs with the word "punk" in the title ("Up the Punks" "For the Punks" "Proud to be Punk" "Punk Rock" "Punks Unite" We get the f**king picture). Anyway, this album is a great breath of fresh air from this band. Going for a more political side with the songs "Criminal Class" and "Unknown Soldier" that become some of their greatest songs. A few problems with this record. Though the songs are more composed and the lyrics are of a more wider range, The Casualties still have flaws. Their singer Jorge is still a screaming jackass and their lyrics are still not very well formed. They still have a long way until they get to the talent that the Virus, Unseen, Lower Class Brats and other street punk bands have.Still, for the Casualties, this is a great achievement. It's like Guttermouth meets The Unseen (I know I'm the only one who thinks that.) I would not highly recommend this, but if you're looking to buy something by The Casualties buy this!"
Great street punk
music listener | 06/04/2005
(5 out of 5 stars)

"These guys arents sellout poser punks. If you notice this cd has about 25 reviews on it. Good charolotte im guessing has about 300. This is unfriendly to most people because of the vocals. American idiot fans hate screaming vocals. These guys know what punk is about. Dont critisize them for how they look, who are you to judge them. All i know is that this is the first band in awhile to remind me of the 80s hardcore scene. These guys are not rich, they play on warped tour because they rock live, and they belive in spreading the scene, which is something no one should critizes. Im at a delema, because it seems that there are casualties fans that are stupid kids who think there all that and so punk. But I know as a fan of punk that casualties are incredible and they are definatly not posers. I wish people would relize that its not the hair and the studded jackets that make the casualties punk, its the attitude. That brings me back to the actual album. The lyrics are miles ahead of any other of their albums. all the lyrics are working class ideal, or comentary on the iraq war. And some of it is actually againts punks who think there so cool with all of there drugs and "punk" ideals. As for Jorge, he continues to be my favorite vocalist in punk. and with better lyrics this could be the casualties best yet. This album is truly a step up from die hards, which was there worst album, because on old casualties albums it was all about the punks as a community and die hards is to much about how they are hardcore PUNX OI OI OI. Well the earlier wons were like PUNX UNITE OI OI OI, which is better. But this has excellent lyrics. Very polictical working class ideals. as for the bass, awsome. By no means a matt freeman (bassist of rancid, best bassist in the world, check out maxwell murder on and out come the wolves!!) but its a diffrent style, ricks is agressive speed picking, and matts is insane technicality. But the bass on Tragedy is awsome, and there is great bass in the intro to brainwash. The guitar is okay. There is some kinda cool guitar solos, nothing to special, but it is a very clean sound and it is much better than the casualties early albums (jake even said he could only strum down on ther first albums). I actually really like the riffs. And as i said before Jorge's got the best vox in punk. and for being sold at best buy, well i didnt see it there, but if it is, well these guys are poor and they need cash. And they dont have totall control of all the locations of where there music is being sold. so to the stupid kids, wise up and relize that punk has nothing to do with your hair, thats just a statement of individuality. and the haters, you obviosly dont like punk to much, so dont dis a style you dont even like in the first place. and keep on rocking casualties."
F*ck the pretty boys
S. Halstead | Albany NY | 08/18/2004
(5 out of 5 stars)

"Some of the most common complaints against The Casualties is that they only sing about being drunk and punk, and that they are too into the fashion side of things. Well, while I certainly had no problem with their music or image before, this CD really cannot be criticised for those same reasons. Without losing any of their energy or anger, they have put out a CD that moves into deeper territory than their others.

Now, don't get me wrong, this is still The Casualties we all know and love (if we have any taste in music that is), they just focus more on class warfare and even politics more than before. Without being knee jerk liberals, they speak out against war and political corruption. But in the end, its all about having fun in a world full of enemies, including those who call themselves "punk" but listen to a bunch of whiney rich kids who sometimes like to copy the fashion of The Casualties without copying the attitude or even bothering to be on an independent label.

I could go into each song, but I think you can listen to the samples and know what you are getting. Lots of shouting, angry sounding but more insightful lyrics than before, and repitition of three cords at very rapid speed. I shouldn't have to justify why I like it, people who dislike have to prove why THEY don't and saying "this isn't punk... I can't understand the words" is not legitimate... I saw people like you at Warped Tour, and I want you to run away so I don't my ass with your Good Charlotte shirts because I think that just might make you cry... then again, keep talking smack about The Casualties, and then sniffle your way out of punk rock so I can enjoy On the Front Line without your bitching"